LTD M-1000 Ebony SW Demo by Silas Fernandes

Brazilian guitarist and producer Silas Fernandes rocks out on the LTD M-1000 Ebony SW, a guitar designed for serious shredding with its Floyd Rose bridge, dual EMG 81 pickups, ebony fingerboard, and brilliant Snow White finish.

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Victor Coelho

Silas sempre surpreende positivamente. Parabéns!


Congratulations ESP Guitars USA for recognize the talent of Silas Fernandes ! !

Thiago Felipe Sobral

Silas is one of the greatest guitar player that i had a pleaser to meet and play together!!! He also is great man! The guy who you can count and trust! 

He have a different point of view of another guitar players! He can see behind line of music and catch the best tone, make killers songs!! 

He just deserve all the best thing!! 

Keep rocking my friend and reach all your dreams! 


Ae Unfu! (Thiago F Sobral) 

Gustavo T.

Ae silas,do caralho o/