You can extend your range without adding strings. ESP's Chris Cannella shows (and plays) the new LTD MH-401B FM, a neck-thru-body 6-string 27" baritone that offers great feel and articulation while plunging the depths of downtuning. 

  • scott s.

    What amp are you playing thru?

  • EdFitzz

    It really bugs me when people call baritones extended range. They're not extended they're just lowered you get the same amount of notes you just sacrifice high ones for low ones. 

    • Jeff K.

      Ed, what you're saying is accurate, but in practice, more people express a need to extend the low-frequency range of their guitars as opposed to the highest notes. This is due to both the range of human hearing and a hard-to-define aspect of what is pleasing to most people's ears. It's rare that anyone expresses a need to us for reaching notes beyond the second octave above a high E, which is what any 24-fret standard guitar can do. Therefore, we're still fine on grouping our 6-string baritones with our other extended range guitars. Thanks for the comment.