LTD TL-6 Demo by Pat Heath

UK-based guitar player Pat Heath picks up the LTD Thinline TL-6, and it inspires him to write a whole new composition. Enjoy a thorough walkthrough of this chambered guitar's numerous high-quality features, as well as a complete performance of Pat's song "Luminescence".

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CJ Grimm

I think I need a new acoustic...


Very Nice Sounding Axe....Im going to have to check more about this Axe....


Gives the Taylor T5z a run for its money and at a fraction of the price - any plans for a nylon-strung edition?  Connections - 1/f4" jack, XLR or both?


Buen sonido, claro y con un buen atake, exelente!!!!

Rick D.

I have recently purchased a LTD TL-12, an electric/acoustic 12 string guitar. What can I say... it's the best feeling, best sounding all around best 12 string I have ever played. I've been playing guitar for over 35 years now and this TL-12 blasts all the 12 strings I have ever played. Thanks ESP, for another great guitar. That now makes 3 LTD guitars and 2 LTD basses in my collection... and I have my eye on more for my collection. Once again... Thanks ESP!!!