ESP 40th Anniversary Artist Shout-Outs

A few of our friends sent us video messages for our 40th anniversary, being celebrated in 2015. Here's James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Gary Holt, Tom Araya, Alex Skolnick, Fred LeClercq, Michael Wilton, Gus G, Javier Reyes, Will Adler, Max Cavalera, Ben Weinman, George Lynch, Andy James, Michael Paget, and many more great pals wishing us a happy 40th. Enjoy!

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HAPPY 40TH ESP! Bought my first one back in 1991 and 25 years later still playing ESP!

arran w.

I Love it!! Starts With Metallica Ends With Metallica the way it should be!

Daniel F.

hell yeah!

Josh S.

Happy 40th Anniversary. I am proud to wear my ESP shirts and play my ESP Eclipse's on stage and in the studio. I appreciate everything you do and helping out metal bands.



That was long! Happy Birthday

Iliana B.

awesome, love it!


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