The first look into ESP's new ESP USA factory, located in North Hollywood, CA. See how our new ESP USA models are built by hand by our experienced luthiers. Music by KXM, featuring George Lynch. More info on ESP USA:

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I would like a longer more in depth video.

Patrick E.

  • "H A N D S" ...... I see fine woods and materials the hands in motion of the Luhtiers, Cali USA Born &  Bred Creations Bound for All Points World Wide.."HAND MADE "IN THE U.S.A.!!!

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

This is so cool. I wanna learn to make this


Richard Camps Matos

It's awesome to see how these incredible guitars are made, the unbelievable attention to detail. The beautiful end product. It's just amazing. ESP definitely the kings. 

Ron A.

Cool video.  I've been waiting to see something like that from ESP.  Now I want to save for a ESP USA model.

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