ltd m-300fm and ltd mh-400
guitar, reading, and sci-fi
game of thrones, breaking bad, archer, sons of anarchy, gravity falls, and gravity falls
kickass, the raid: redemption, ip man, pulp fiction, saving private ryan, and saving private ryan
Protest the Hero, iron maiden, between the buried and me, Jason Becker, and Jason Becker
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Peavey 3120, Boss Pedals, Raw Dog, Raw Dog: Brain Guitar Picks, and Raw Dog: Brain Guitar Picks
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Paul Gilbert
About me:
Metal/Rock guitarists. Currently playing in a progressive metal band.
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Seems easy to impale yourself while playing. ......MORE »
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Initially set my Url to /guitars but then I realized everytime I tried to view my profile, it would just take me to the products page. ......MORE »
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