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End of Times

Hey how is everything going? I picked up SLAYER VIP package for the Joint in Las Vegas!

Behemoth, Lamb of God and SLAYER!!!!!! The show is such a great line up. 

If you are able to get a the sound check package near a venue by you get it! it is worth every dollar and more. SLAYER goodies, beer and SLAYER sound check then bitchen show!!

Have a good one.


I've been alright my fellow duder, been making solos and making my music wilder /,,/

Dang dude that sounds badass I hope you meet them all!! I would but Im so tied down to my area right now lol but I hope the best for you when you get there /,,/

End of Times

I wish they would do a behind the music with Faith no More and one with SLAYER!!!!!



They have so much to tell of

End of Times

That glow in the dark picture is so rad.


Thanks mane /,,/

these DR neons sound pretty good themselves too

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

Thanks for the add. Hail from the land of ICE

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/,,/ Just saw GHOUL last night as my first metal show /,,/ Comment