Been playing my new ESP TE-407 for a week, and I love it. Such a beautiful piece of work. - updated
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Hannibal and american horror story
Con Air
Between The Buried and me, dillinger escape plan, darkest hour, unearth, and straylight run
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jackson guitars, Fender guitars, and boss pedals
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Kris Norris
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Guitarist for 'Objects' and 'Gimme Danger'

Horror fanatic

Pizza expert


Alexander G.

hey chris ! thanks for the friend request.. keep rockin  !

Chris W.

Yeah man! I've been finding people active on this site, because I think it's a great concept, but not enough people are taking advantage of it! 



Alexander G.

i agree !.. especially if these other players on here are die hard esp players.. come on now.. what models do you play brotha ?

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I am in a metalcore-style band based in/around Los Angeles, and we are in need of a bassist and a vocalist...    Email if interested!  ......MORE »
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I find the 30 separate polls about which 'Big 4' band you like more to be the biggest call for attention. ......MORE »
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Lol, maybe Roady. Man all that spam was annoying! Glad it's gone!......MORE »