So on Trade Me (its like Ebay but just for NZ) There's an LTD H-101 FM with emgs going for $380. I rly rly want it. Here's a link, for your clicking pleasure: - updated
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anything that works and Epiphone Explorer GT
stuff i guess...
Csi, Regular, regular show, and Family Guy
Marvel movies, DC movies, and Anything with guns or explosions rly
Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash, Punk, and Alternative
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Marshall vs265 and Line 6 Pocket Pod
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
kirk hammet, dave murray, chris zoupa, and Guthrie Govan
About me:

My full name sounds quite formal and sophisticated. I'm anything but formal and sophisticated.

Marcos B.

Hey Jacob, what's up?

Sorry disturbing you man, but can u send a like my ESP Custom Model, please?


If u have a custom model send me and I'll be happy in like them too.



Jacob (ThatReallyBlondeGuy) Lawrence

So i'm quite a noobie guitarist... can i have any advice from the people of Esp Guitars?

Jacob (ThatReallyBlondeGuy) Lawrence

Whatup doodz n' doodettez

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