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Brought this guitar used off Ebay for £500 and from the looks of the hardwear and such, as well as the cae it came in, it's had a well loved and played life. So, let's see how it arrived and how well it's held up to it's privious owner.

First Impressions:
The guitar arrived in it's case (not an offical ESP) fairly well packed and seemed promising. Upon taking it out of it's first box however i was slightly startled to find two of the four locks were missing their hinges and so were doing nothing. However, upon undoing the two remaining locks and opening the case i was glad to comfirm the case had done it's job and the damage to the locks had saved the guitar.
The guitar itself had taken very little damage over time, a suprise considering it's a V and the points almost always chip. The hardwear is a bit rusty but still works flawlessly/


After set up:Wow, this thing blows me away, after slapping on a set of Erine Ball Hybrids (9-46) the guitar is playing like a dream, the only issue I had was that the low E saddle had been cut extreamly high, so high in fact that the string had a tendancy to pop out of the saddle during fast sections, a quick call to my local music store though and it was sorted for free as it was such a minor job.


Sound:The MP-600 comes stock with two EMG pickups; an 81 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck, classic heavy metal PU configeration and it dosn't disapoint! This thing sounds like a tank coming at you very fast all guns blazing on the high gain channel but despite EMG's getting the rag for having sub-standered cleans, these do give a nice set of them if you back of the volume on your guitar slightly.

Wow, is all I could say to this. Having switched to ESP from Ibanez because the marketing department of the latter compony appears to be full of spanners i was kinda worried that I'd never feel a neck as nice to play as the famed Wizard. boy was I wrong! the Thin U conture of the MP-600 is just amazing, not quite up their with the origial wizard but pound for pound it equals the Wizard II with flying colours! The ONLY complaint I have is the glossed back being sticky when your hands sweet but it's better then most glossed necks I've encountered and for those like me who know a little about building and modifing gutiars, a little bit 1000 grit wet/dry will sort the gloss out no problem.

A Stunning instrument I'm really sad to see discontinued, however it has hooked me on ESP guitars and I expect to see many more of them finding their way into my collection of guitars.