Conor H.

I bought this guitar however mine is a little different. It has a different twelfth fret inlay and it says the model on the truss rod cover. Why is this? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Conor, We have made a running change this year on all our products and so we have been removing the old 12th fret model name block and replacing it with a standard inlay. Now the model name is on the truss rod cover. You have the most recent version. Our website has been updated for brand new models to reflect this change, but for existing models, we have been working on updating them and they will have updated photos over the next month or so.

Miguel G.

Are you guys gonna start removing the 12th fret logo on esp-II models as welll???

Todd B. ESP

Hi Miguel, There is no plan to remove the logo at 12th fret for E-II but that could change in the future.

Jonno A.

what gauge are the original strings, i need new strings and i wanted to get the same gauge as these strings

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jonno, We use Daddario XL110-7 (10~59) set for this model.

Ték Máté

This guitar is simply amazing. The only problem is the bridge gets a little dirty from my hand. I’d definetly get another one if it was stolen.

Suen S.

Could you make this model in Snow White Satin?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Suen, We have not offered this model in Snow White Satin before. That sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.

mad son

I love my 417 I would never part with it.although it is white now with white emgs.i think it looks better.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Mad, That sounds cool. Glad you like it.