Ték Máté

This guitar is simply amazing. The only problem is the bridge gets a little dirty from my hand. I’d definetly get another one if it was stolen.

Suen S.

Could you make this model in Snow White Satin?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Suen, We have not offered this model in Snow White Satin before. That sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.

mad son

I love my 417 I would never part with it.although it is white now with white emgs.i think it looks better.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Mad, That sounds cool. Glad you like it.


Does this come in a baritone 27 " version?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Marcus, WE do not currently offer a baritone version of this guitar. We previously offered the MH-417B FM STBLKSB, which was a 27" baritone scale with flame maple top and see thru black sunburst finish. IT was discontinued for last year but you may still be able to find one at a store.