$1,570.00 $1,149.00 with case

Kirk’s latest signature model is the LTD KH-WZ White Zombie, a reproduction of Kirk’s own guitar featuring artwork from the classic Bela Lugosi horror film of the same name. It features an alder body, maple neck, pau ferro fingerboard with bat and spider inlays, a Floyd Rose bridge, and EMG active pickups. Each guitar includes a custom graphic form fitted case from the Tombstone Case Company.

Bela Lugosi name and likeness © and ™ 2014 Bela G. Lugosi, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

(U.S. Only)
3Pc Maple
Pau Ferro
Fingerboard Radius
Black w/ WHITE ZOMBIE Graphic
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
24 XJ
Hardware Color
Strap Button
Floyd Rose
Neck PU
EMG KH Bone Breaker
Bridge PU
EMG KH Bone Breaker
Electronics Layout
Vol/Tone/3-Way Switch
Case Included
Y (US Only)
Prices and specifications subject to change.

Hey, ESP I wanted to ask if you guys are going to do this in a Neck-thru model and put on a KH-2 model?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Hunter, There are no plans to make this a neck thru model currently.


The picture you are now using looks like the WZ comes with the Bone breaker set. Is this correct? The specification underneath says the pickups are both EMG 81s. One of them must be wrong.

Todd B. ESP

Hey Sephiroth, Thanks for pointing that out! Yes Bone Breakers are on all KH models except his KH-2 Vintage (since it's a replica of his old guitar). We'll update our site.

James Maylam

Hi ESP, any chance you will make a lefty version of this?

Todd B. ESP

Hi James, There is currently no plan to make this model in LH configuration.


At first, I was a little hesitant on the buy due to being an 'LTD' until I researched and read the great reviews. Don't let the 'LTD' fool you. This axe is rock solid. First thing I noticed when I picked this up is the great feel of the slim-tapered neck and the weight which a little heavier than a Strat I believe due to the neck & Floyd Rose.  Never had a 24-fret neck so it's fast and fun to play.  If you love the feel of Strat-style bodies, you will love this. Not one flaw with these frets-no sharp edges.  I inspected the superb art work and craftsmanship, finding only 1 tiny flaw.  At the end of the neck (by the neck pick up), the edge is shaved off about a 1/4 inch appearing that someone got to excited with the sander.  I'm sure this is fixable if you have the courage to DIY on your guitar but I can live with it.  Next, I couldn't wait to try the Floyd Rose-my first one. It's sensitive compared to my SG's Bigsby so it doesn't take much to get a good effect which is good. The locking nut works superbly and the fine tuners are awesome, no problem with palm muting, as well!  The tremolo arm can be left loose or tightened down, out of your way.  Not sure why Kirk's axe has an 81 and a 60 pick up but I can definitely tell the difference between the neck and bridge and both 81s really growl so I have no disappointment!  These EMGs sound great having that neck, bridge and combined tone that you expect from humbuckers...Included with the LTD is an extra tremelo spring and 3 allen wrenches for the Floyd Rose....The Case: This is the first axe used to debut the Tombstone case!  It has a gray fur lining and a snug fit to allow your Zombie to rest in peace.  The large compartment allows plenty of room for the wrenches, spring, picks, cord, sheet music, etc. No flaws with the outside decor skin, latches, hinges or handle. It also comes with a key...Bottom line: This is not just for the KH/Metallica/Metal fan.  I recommend this to anyone who plays all styles of music, loves Strats, monsters, Dracula & the walking dead!...UPDATE: Forgot to mention the top strap button: If you look closely, the top strap button is angled more downward due to the upper bout being more curved so this adds strap security...Thx, ESP!...

Todd B. ESP

Hi John, Thanks for your excellent review. We're thrilled by your comments!

Simon S.

How much longer will this model be for sale for? Thank you 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Simon, We can't say for certain how much longer this model will be available however there are no current plans to discontinue this model.