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Tombstone hard shell form fit case. Fits all ESP Horizon, M Series and LTD M, H, MH series guitar models except 7 String Baritone and 8 String models.

Gorf  B.

Does this fit the 6 string baritone model ESP LTD MH-400B? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi, This case may be a little too tight as it was designed for a regular scale instrument however it might fit. Would you please reach out to our customer service team and they can double check the fit of this instrument for you?  Here is their email:

Aluko  A.

Thank you for your help. I've seen a dealer in Accra Ghana. Am still waiting for their reply about my enquiry

Aluko  A.

There's no Esp dealer in my country (Nigeria), is there another way I could get it sort of ordering it online? 

Am a die hard fan of Esp guitars I really need to get mine. Thanks in advance

Carl N.

Perhaps the next closest distributor might be of assistance to your region, otherwise some of our dealers ship internationally, you may want to see what dealers are available for shipping within your country.

Aluko  A.

How much for it please, I really want this

Carl N.

Pricing is available on our site for customers viewing within the U.S.  if you are outside of the U.S. it would be best to visit your local ESP dealer or distributor for pricing and availability in your region.

Scott K.

Will this MH Tombstone Case Fit the Left Handed Kirk Hammett Demonology Guitar?

Thank you!

Carl N.

This will only fit right handed H/M/MH models

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