michael g.

Hey guy's I see price increase, now includes case that's great I have this guitar it deserves case .


Todd B. ESP

Hi Michael, Yes, that's the reason for price increase.

Angel S.

would you guys consider a Pinky or Blacky reissue?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Angel, We did the "Pinky" before as a special edition run and so it probably isn't something we will release again. However we could release one of his other colors that we haven't yet released.

Vicio Starbreaker

Hey angel S. I did meet and greet with CoB in April and asked alexi if he would ever release a different sig guitar maybe in purple (my fave color) since hexed was in the same color and purple seems to be hot at the moment as well...his response was that hes working with esp on something and to look forward to it

Attila S.

What's the different between the Macassar Ebony and the ebony? They have got different sound? Or simply color or marking?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Attilia, It is mainly the look that is slightly different. Generally all ebony is darker in color and dense wood. Macassar Ebony is an ebony we have started to use more and more for our LTD products because of its wide availability. Macassar ebony will have some dark brown streaks sometimes and looks really beautiful.

Javier H.

Is there a version without the skull? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Javier, Currently this is the only version we offer. But we have offered different versions in the past and those did not have the skull. Those versions were Alex-600 Scythe, Blacky, and SE (Special Edition).

Mike A.

Would you consider offering a left handed version of the alexi-600s?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Mike, We offer LH models occasionally, but not constantly. This model Alexi-600 Greeny was offered in LH about 3 years ago, but since then we have not made them again in LH.