Toni M.

Also an old model that has been available since 2015. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Toni, thanks for your comments. Yes this color has been available outside the USA however we have not released it in the USA until this year. Additionally it has been upgraded with 3 new features: Satin back of neck, EMG 57TW/66TW Pickups, and Black Hardware.

Toni M.

No, it was released in 2015 with black hardware already, black back and neck and 57/66 emgs. All esp EIIs have had black hardware since re rebranding from the standard series in 2013.

Kevin S.

My next axe right there, she's gorgeous!

EMG's, satin neck, and no Floyd!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Kevin, Glad you like it! What's not to love!!??

Barry S.

again another Beautiful guitar I’d buy if it had a Floyd Rose bridge... too many HT on 2021 line...

Fernando J.

There is a floyd version of this guitar.


No Stainless Steel frets on E-II?? Wow... I was so lit to get a new E-II HORIZON NT-II. Now I am actually thinking to skip it.

I am a bit confused since E-II is a higher grade product aimed for professionals, but comes without SS frets. I don't want to get into SS vs nickel sound difference discussion, as it's marginal. What you can't deny is durability of SS vs nickel. 

Can someone enlight me on ESP logic here, why new Ltd's have 24 XJ Stainless Steel frets and E-II series don't?

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or         

Dan G.

If this came in a 7 string baritone version with that Black Cherry finish, I would immediately purchase it.  OOF!

Carl N.

thanks for the insight!