James K.

In the case of using a 9 volt Lithium battery, what is the charge port type, where is the charging port located, and does ESP include the charger with the guitar?


Looking at the back you probably need to use a standard 9V battery. The fishman batteries have completely different shapes en connections straight to the battery.

Todd B. ESP

Hi James, For this model we use a standard 9V battery.

If you have any questions not answered on our product page, please contact ESP Customer Service at customerservice@espguitars.com

Tyler G.

Love this guitar but I really don’t know what the difference between this and the LTD version is? Also, in one pic this guitar is gloss and in the other it’s satin. If I ordered it which one would I get and would it have the belly cut or not?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, this E-II version is gloss with a satin back of neck and belly cut. It is built in Japan vs. LTD which is built in Korea or Indonesia.

James K.


My preference would be to have a flip door on the underside to change the battery instead of a flap secured by 2 screws. I think this would last longer. 

Man I cannot wait until this one comes in !!!

My 2 cents worth. Cheers. 

Jim K.

David B.

This is beautiful!! I cant wait to test drive this instrument!

To clarify, does this weigh more compared to the EC-100T Deluxe that is chambered for weight relief? Would is be the same as I see the EC-100T has no waist cut like this model so less wood could mean less weight..?

I'm an ESP and LTD player for life! I love my ESP KH DC! Well done Team!


Todd B. ESP

Hi, Thanks for your comments. The weights will vary slightly from model to model but I would say the weight is rather similar. The E-II has no chambering, but has a waist cut. So it may be a hair heavier but not much. Sorry but we do not list the weight as a spec due to the variations in the weight. Glad you like your ESP and LTD guitars! We love to have you as part of the ESP family!

Loreto C.

Are these available now if I choose to purchase through ESP?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, these are preorder only at this time until we start receiving adequate stock. Please understand that new model releases may be heavily backordered for the the first few months or more of the new year.

Albert C.

 I thought the Full Thickness guitars didn’t have the belly cut. Some do? So what do you call the models without the belly cut?  Thanks 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Albert, Many of them do not have the belly cut but some like this one and like our ESP USA Eclipse have the belly cut. Usually it is the "CUSTOM" versions with the Custom double binding on top and back of body that do not have the belly cuts.