Stephen K.

I bought this guitar a week ago (Previous gen - Dark back and Schaller Hannes Bridge Model). It's really good guitar but I can't find correct information of 5-way switch. I think position 1 is bridge hum, 3 is two hum, 5 is neck hum. Could you tell me about 2 and 4 positon? 

Carl N.

Hey Stephen, we show the switching pattern of this within our owner's manual, page 9

george p.

Any plans for a six string version of this?

Carl N.

Hey George, not currently as Javier does not play six string guitars typically.

Karim C.

What material are the frets? Are they stainless steel? I just bought a 2018 model and have to get the frets levelled. I need to know before I have someone work on my guitar! Besides needing a setup, the guitar is fantastic!

Carl N.

Hey Karim, unless specified otherwise all frets will be nickel/silver.