Barry H.

Long time Charvel user.  Bought the Eclipse 87 NT turquoise as it was the spec I wanted.  Great guitar. Love some more of these in the line.  Turquoise or even Pearl Pink.  
and like others have said, a single coil one would be good.   Hot Rails set? 
Would your custom shop do a carve top TE like this?

Carl N.

The custom shop can make nearly any instrument you dream up.  Thanks for the recommendation though these models were spec'd in line with how they were produced in 1987, no single coils on these back then so none on them now.

Adrian M.

Lovely guitar, awesome sound.

Really sold on it.

Would love to get one with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail single coil in the neck position (like the Mirage Deluxe '87').

That would be a dream configuration for me. One can only dream no?


Carl N.

Being a production model this will only come configured as shown, though our custom shop could handle nearly any request you throw at them

Adrian M.

Hi Carl N.

Thanks for your answer.

So i could ask for this model (ECLIPSE '87 in Peal white) in this exact configuration except the neck pickup (swapped for a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail single coil) to be built for me?

If so, how do I go about that please?




Levi M.

Would absolutely love this guitar in the turquoise finish. Any chance we'll get it soon? Or do I need to custom order?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Levi, currently we're not offering the Turquoise in this configuration. It's not available as an option but we could release it in the future. ESP Custom shop (custom order) is always an option but it's quite a bit more expensive.

Martin M.

I agree. If you guys were making the turquoise with a floyd i would of already bought one. Please do this colour with a floyd. Great work doing these 87 series guitars though. Awesome to see these classics back!

Eric W.

Yes please.