Rob D.

I just received this snow white yesterday and I have to say it is one of the best necks I have played, maybe ever. I own PRS Custom 24, a couple Les Paul Custom shop, Fender Strat and Ibanez's, for the money, this can't be beat. The neck is superb, the body, thick and a little heavier than my Les Pauls but the sound is beefy as well. I have been using EMG pups since the very early 90's, first 81/85, then 81x/85x, then the 57/66 combo loaded into my main guitars, so I was very happy to see that the 57/66 combo are installed from the factory, but better yet, that it is the TW models for coil tap to single coil. I am very happy I bought this guitar. It is quickly becoming my favorite gig axe.

Carl N.

Hey Rob, glad you're enjoying your new LTD and thank you for leaving your feedback!!

Aris M.

Hello there i would like to know the weight of the guitar ,difference in weight with the non full thickness models ec1000 and if you recomend it for heavy sounds (as its champered) compare to the more solid ec1000 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Aris, each model can vary in weight so there is not a standard weight. It can be approximately 9.5lbs for the full thickness versions and approximately 8.5lbs for the standard thickness. The chambering in the full thickness models is done for weight relief. It is not intended to affect the sounds. Either version of our Eclipse body would be good for heavy sounds. However keep in mind the type of music or sounds you are going for - pickups will make a big difference as well.

Michael A.

Is there any place I can find the full length and body thickness of this guitar? I'm looking and planning which will be the case or gig bag and I want to make sure that will fit. Thanks

Todd B. ESP

Hi Michael, The full thickness of the body is 60mm but that does not include the parts. The length of the body is 440mm. If you need any more info please email our customer service team at . Hope that helps.

Michael A.

Thank you, Todd!!!

Todd B. ESP

Sure Michael!

Khalid L.

Is this a satin finish or gloss ?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Khalid, this is a gloss finish.


I LOVE MY SNOW WHITE!.... I can't say enough good things about this guitar, mostly the new Twin pickups with duel mode coil tapping. Forget 81/60's I have a E-II BB with the 81/60's and I am waiting impatiently for EMG to release the Twin 57/66TW's separately... I am going to swap out the 81/60's and drop in the Twins for the E-II BB. YEAH! the Twin pickups are that versatile and packed full of high gain with clarity. Combine that with an LP style body and classic bell tone sound of an LP but with the versatility to mimic a single coil hard tail....It's revolutionary.

I was a bit skeptical about the no contour body style which ESP is famous for contouring the body by the neck and top of the body... but after playing on this axe a while I understand why they did this and it has a more classic feel to it. I still prefer my E-II BB guitars neck / body style weight and feel... it fits me like a glove so I am impatiently waiting for EMG to release the Twins but for now if you want to try the 57/66TW's this is the first production model including them and they are by far the best pickups I have ever used.

I use an iRig stomp with the Tonebridge application running through a JBL party box and I get my tabs from Ultimate guitar tabs.. That combination leaves me speechless!... I can't believe how much TONE! plays a major role in the way you play a song and what a great feeling I get when I lock down the proper tone. I didn't know what I was missing when I was using my E-II BB with 81/60's with the same set up.... UNTIL I plugged in the SNOW WHITE with 57/60TW's HOLLY $#!T night and day difference! and with just a few flicks of a toggle, a push or pull of a tone knob and I can dial in any tone with extreme accuracy especially with the set up I mentioned above.

I have become a better guitar player believe it or not since having this set up... and I will never use another set of pickups or other brand of guitars ever again so long as EMG and ESP continue to produce like they have been.

On a critical note 

THESE ARE MINOR COSMETIC!....I will say that the bone nut was a bit sharp on mine for throwing my hand up to the first position using the last three fingers to make an open chord with leaving my first finger open and sliding back down into a bar chord.. etc.. so I filed in down a bit to round it off the edges for a worn in feel :-) 

As far as the frets, I had a few sticking up I need to work on but not enough to cut through when plugged in but they rock ever so slightly but a quick sanding block and polish is all they need. This is usually the case for the 16th fret where the neck meets the body on an LP.. why this one always pops up I dunno but its usually the case on many LP's from my experience. The last critical thing is that on the last fret / board and binding, I noticed the fret board looked a bit dried out and the binding had been shaved / filed and slightly chewed up when trying to get the board flush with the binding and they used a fretboard filler to mask the imperfections. These are all minor cosmetic issues for the most part, easy enough to resolve and gives me an excuse to tinker around with the new guitar. I think the rush to get the new 57/60TW's into a production guitar may have played a factor in all these minor issues but overall I am satisfied.. 

I will end with saying that the finish on the SNOW WHITE was one of the most flawless mirrored finished I ever seen on a guitar, there was no fisheyes or imperfections at all... it was the best clear coat job on a guitar I have ever seen, the white might have helped but it was mirror clear I was really impressed.

Overall this is well worth the money and the Twin pickups make this guitar my primary guitar now.... I highly recommend this guitar!

Todd B. ESP

Hey AzulJay, Wow, what an incredible review! Thank you for posting all your detailed comments here, even the negative comments, as they all help us do our job better and try to improve quality and offer our customers a guitar that they will love. Your comments about the EMG are great to hear. Not enough people have tried these new pickups out but they are really awesome and hope that more people will try them!

Nick Y.

I have this guitar as well and it’s phenomenal for the price, flawless finish , very impressed with the Indonesian luthiers .. the tone is very beefy and woody with that ringy, chewyness that you get with that “Other” overpriced brand ..

Todd B. ESP

Hi Nick, Thanks for your descriptive review and for your kind remarks. I'm glad to hear you like your instruments and thanks for sharing your photo. Looks like a nice collection!