Is there a possibility for this model to be released with an Evertune bridge? Pickups and finish are awesome however l am not a big fan of hipshot bridges. Thanks!

Charlie H.

This. Slap an evertune on it and it would be perfect.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Charlie, thanks for that suggestion.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Yigitke3, Currently there is no plan for this model with Evertune but it could be something we consider. Thanks for your suggestion.

Cleetus Awreetus-Awrightus

Glorious. Would be nice to have an RRP, but it's probably outside my price range anyway 

Stacey D.

Finish is beautiful! For the love of God please make a 6-string model! 

Todd B. ESP

hi Stacey, thanks for your suggestion.

Brian Carroll

ESP constantly coming out with fire! I swear guys, I might sell my soul for some of these beauts.