what is the maximum string gauge supported

Todd B. ESP

Hi bucky, We've never seen anyone try any string gauge that didn't work. If you select a reasonable gauge it should be fine. It really depends on the tuning you are going for. currently we use 59 - 10 gauge. You could put something up to a 75 or 80 gauge but I would only recommend thicker gauges if you are tuning down more than standard. Also keep in mind you will need to have the nut string slots filed out to fit the larger strings and you will have to adjust the neck truss rod and action/bridge & intonation.

Colin Groove

Will the black LTD version ever come back?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Colin, Not sure but it's a possibility. Not sure how long the sparkle versions will be available. Thanks for your comment.

Michael H.

Hi, may I ask if this is made in Korea? Thank you!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Michael, Yes this model is currently made in Korea.

Jeff H.


Can we please get the dimensions of the Thin U Neck?  What is the depth of the neck at the first fret?  


Todd B. ESP

Hi JEff, The Thin U for a 7 string baritone will be 21mm thick at 1F and 23mm at 12F. It is slightly thicker than the 6 string version which is 20mm/22mm.

Brad H.

Not sure this site is correct when it says: "On the bridge ceramic pickup, push down for “Modern Passive Attack” tone or pull up for “Modern Active” voicing.". Mine seems to be more aggressive when the push/pull is pushed down on the bridge pickup so I would associate this with active mode not passive. This would make more sense to me anyway to have it active my default when the push/pull is pushed in. Maybe I am wrong?

Also in case anyone else is wondering mine weighs about 10lbs and the fretboard is about 1 inch longer than the SC-20, which weighs about 8lbs.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Brad, sorry for the late reply. Thank you for pointing this out. After checking into this with Fishman, it looks like our description should be updated as you described. In the down position (Voice 1) it should be "Modern Active" for both pickups, and in the up position (Voice 2) it should be "Modern Passive Attack". Thanks again for pointing this out and we will update our site accordingly.