$1,299.00 with case

Updated for 2018 with a killer new Green Sparkle finish, the LTD SCT-607B is an extraordinary guitar designed by innovative player Stephen Carpenter of Deftones. The SCT-607B starts with a rather traditional shape, but then takes an abrupt turn into one of the most powerful guitars available for contemporary music styles. It's a seven-string guitar, with neck-thru-body construction at 27" baritone scale. That means this instrument can handle extremely low tunings, while still maintaining the string tension needed for expressive playing and excellent tones. It offers a comfortable alder body and a three-piece maple neck, with an unadorned ebony fingerboard. Components on the LTD SCT-607B include a TonePros locking TOM bridge with string-thru-body design for excellent sustain, and a pair of versatile Fishman Fluence® SRC Signature active pickups. Each pickup has multiple voicings; use the push-pull control on the volume knob to select the one you want. On the middle alnico pickup, push down for “Modern Active” tone or pull up for “Modern Passive Attack”. On the bridge ceramic pickup, push down for “Modern Passive Attack” tone or pull up for “Modern Active” voicing. This model utilizes a standard 9V battery.

(U.S. Only)
27" Baritone
3Pc Maple
Macassar Ebony
Fingerboard Radius
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
24 XJ
Hardware Color
Strap Button
LTD Locking
Tonepros Locking TOM w/ String Thru
Middle PU
Fishman Fluence SRC Signature
Bridge PU
Fishman Fluence SRC Signature
Electronics Layout
Volume(Push/Pull)/Tone/3-Way Switch
D'Addario XL110-7 (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046/.059)
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.
Adam Q.

Looking into buying a used SCT-607B. Any advice on serial numbers, or what to look for to verify authenticity?

Carl N.

Hey Adam, if you need a hand identifying an instrument our customer service team can help with that, though they can't concretely verify an instrument without seeing it firsthand.  They can be reached at

Stanislav K.

What is the best tuning for this guitar on the "out of the box" strings?

Carl N.

Hey Stanislav, this will be tuned standard from the factory, you can see all of our instrument's tunings and gauges from our FAQ section.

Brandon P.

Where can I order a pick guard for the older black model? Warmoth offers a T-style 7 string option but I’m not sure if it will fit. Thanks!

Carl N.

Hey Brandon, best bet would be to use your current pickguard as a template for a luthier to produce a replacement for you.  You could always try the one from Warmoth but their specs could differ from what is used on this instrument.

Joseph  R.

Does anyone know where the signature models are made now? 

Carl N.

Hey Joseph, we currently produce this model in Korea. However, we constantly monitor production standards at our various factories in Asia where we produce LTD models. Should we determine that a certain facility is capable of manufacturing an instrument to ESP's required standard or better, we may decide to shift production, or in some cases share production of a model, wherever that factory may be located.  This instrument should be of excellent quality regardless of where it's made.

Joseph  R.

Man oh man, I wish this was still available in black

Carl N.

Hey Joseph, we still produce the ESP version in black 



So I don't really understand what a baritone is exactly. I see that it's a longer scale length, so will it be harder to play fast/ shred on this? Like are the frets drastically bigger and I have to stretch more? I'm a huge Deftones fan, but I know Stephen isn't that much of a shred kind of guy. So I'm a bit worried about buying this and not being able to do my usual stuff. My main guitar for reference is an EC-1000 Koa and it plays like a dream, but it has a 24.75" scale length. 

Thank you,


Todd B. ESP

Hi Miguel, Yes, baritone refers to the scale length. For this model it has a 27" baritone scale length. This means that from the nut to the scale line (intonation point on bridge), it measures 27". Now compare that to your current EC-1000. It is 2.25" longer. So if you use the same string gauge and same tuning as your EC-1000, the strings will have more tension. The frets are not affected. There is only more space between each fret. So the main difference is the tension. For Stephen, I know he likes using the baritones because he uses a lot of drop tunings for 7 and 8 string guitars. So he is tuning down from standard usually. This longer scale length helps keep the strings tight and sound good. I would say that you can make some adjustments either with tuning (by tuning down) or with string gauge (by using lighter strings) that can make the guitar feel right to you. For example if you want the huge sounding low end but you also want to be able to play leads on the high strings then I would recommend using a hybrid set with 9 gauge strings up top and the regular strings from a 10 gauge set on the bottom. Hope that helps.


Thank you very much. I am usually a whole step down so that's a relief. I plan on purchasing this next month and I'm very excited. 

Todd B. ESP

Hey JC M, That sounds like a good plan. I think it will work out for you. Glad to hear you're going to give this guitar a shot. Please let me know what you think after you get this guitar!

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