Fiutem F.

This came today, and it's absolute junk.   

The frets are not set.   There is bleeding onto the binding.   Whoever '11' is?  They are drawing a salary and not doing a job.

I'm cancelling my order for the M-HT Arctic Metal.   If it's anything like this, I don't even want to waste the time opening the box.

What an amazing, brutal disappointment.  

This thing is a piece of garbage.   I hope that Sam Ash doesn't give me a hard time taking it back.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Fiutem, Sorry to hear you were disappointed with the guitar. Would you please reach out to our customer service team at ? They may be able to assist you if you are still interested in this guitar. We also respect your decision as well if you decide not to keep the instrument.

Mark F.

I have an M-HT Arctic on order and just ordered this one on Reverb at a great price.   The reviews are raving, and this finish is incredible.

I have a Kiso Hanneman, and eagerly await the arrival of both of these.   I plan to use them in tandem with an '05 SLSMG for a rock/country/punk fusion project.

I guess it's time to start making some decisions - another guitar rack, or...?

Todd B. ESP

Hey Mark, sounds like you have a great collection!

Brett N.

I'm a older guy, lean more to the very heavy, darker music. And more of a rythm/power chord guy. I just picked up mint used MH1000 and am literally blown away. Such a lovely instrument. Top notch job on this guitar!!!! A message to the young guns: dont waste your time trying to find "the guitar". You most likely will end up losing tons of money. I've had tons of different guitars. Seriously!!! Only to find out this thousand dollar guitar will pull off EVERY tone you need. Maybe having a second one with a floyd and emgs. You're done. Easy peasy!!!! Esp Ltd, I thank ya!!!!

Carl N.

glad you're enjoying it and thanks for the insight!!

Rick G.

I love the MH-1000NT. I have two, a see through red and a see through blue. For me it's almost the perfect guitar. I'm hoping one day ESP comes out with an all black version of this guitar so I can get a third one. Any possibility of that in the near future?

Carl N.

Hey Rick, perhaps you would like this MH-1001 or maybe you're ready to configure your own ESP U.S.A.

JAck R.

why is it that this guitar dosent have emgs and the see through black one does, I was considering this guitar but it doesnt have active pickups and thats a deal breaker

Carl N.

Hey Jack, every musician prefers a different setup on their instrument and while we try to make every possible option available, at times this is not feasible.  If it is an consolation, the Seymour Duncan Pegasus and Sentient pickups are a very aggressive set of pickups made for extended range players, you might actually enjoy them.  If not, swapping pickups is a very common place practice for musicians, having EMGs installed would not be very difficult as their solderless systems make it easy for professionals and amateurs to install.