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NOTE: Due to ongoing challenges in the global supply chain, instruments purchased from ShopESP that are not currently in stock may take an extended time frame to be delivered.

Guitars in the LTD 1000 Series are designed to offer the tone, feel, looks and quality that working professional musicians need in an instrument. The MH-1000NT includes premier-class components like LTD locking tuners, a Tonepros locking TOM bridge with string-thru-body, and Seymour Duncan pickups that are direct-mounted to the guitar’s body. Its set-thru three-piece maple neck has a macassar ebony fingerboard with 24XJ frets, and its mahogany body is topped with figured quilted maple with See Thru Purple finish.

Construction Set-Thru
Scale 25.5"
Body Mahogany
Top Quilted Maple
Neck 3Pc Maple
Fingerboard Macassar Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 350mm
Nut Width 42mm
Nut Type Molded
Neck Contour Thin U
Frets/Type 24 XJ
Hardware Color Black
Strap Button Standard
Tuners LTD Locking
Bridge Tonepros Locking TOM w/ String Thru
Neck PU Seymour Duncan Sentient
Bridge PU Seymour Duncan Pegasus
Electronics Passive
Electronics Layout Volume/Tone(Push/Pull)/3-Way Switch
Strings D'Addario XL110 (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
Case Included N
InVase Rocks his MH-1000NT

InVase Rocks his MH-1000NT

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! As we've done a couple of times before, we're featuring a submission by All Access community member Ian Shuirr, who creates music as InVase. The reason is pretty clear from the...
Kevin N.

Any ETA on when this guitar will be arriving in Canada?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, it would be best to contact your distributor in Canada. Here is a link to our distributor page:

Kenneth H.

Will the new production run have stainless steel frets ?

Todd B. ESP

So far, the new 2021 models are the only versions available with stainless frets. Please check back later in the year as we usually release information on the next year's lineup and new models at that time.

Chris F.

Are there any plans to release this guitar, or any others in a greenburst finish? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi, No plans for this finish but we appreciate your suggestion.

Reid C.

Is it possible to custom order this exact guitar with pickup combo with see thru black instead of purple? I'd buy it but would just change the color.

Todd B. ESP

Hi, sorry we do not offer any customizations to the LTD product line so this is not possible.


Yes its possible! Fill out the 'Custom Shop' order form, it'll cost you an arm and fingers but it's possible.

Fiutem F.

What is there to be interested in?

This unfortunate specimen came to me via Indonesia with frets so unseated that they snagged my fingernails on either side of the fretboard. The fretboard was obviously kiln-dried recently, and never oiled. The finish was bled all through the binding on the neck and the headstock. It looked like it was done free-handed as a blemish fix in the factory by a temp employee who did not see himself with much of a future in guitar making.  If this is your idea of quality building, then LTD doesn't have much more of future in guitar making than the aforementioned party who did 'the thing' to this one, and ESP might want to sell those Indonesian factories to Fernandez or BC Rich or Target or Walmart or someone of ~that~ caliber.   They're dragging your brand name down.   Nothing remotely close to this should ever come off of a luthier's desk.   Ever.  

This is absolutely shameful.  If you actually think that you can pass this piece of junk and others just like it off at $1,200 and not get called on it, and 'Inspector 11' is running the QA in that department, then you had better retool your Indonesian plant for wood chipping to turn these shameful miscreants into construction material when you get the returns and chargebacks, because nobody in their right mind is going to tolerate this sort of rubbish at these ridiculously high prices.  This is a flea-market-grade piece of junk.   I don't see how Tokyo can know about this.   This goes against everything that ESP stands for.   

After 20 seconds of abysmal astonishment, I had no choice but to put it back in the box and contact the distributor.    They have thankfully issued me a return label, and I'm sure that this will be coming back to you, as nobody is going to accept this particular unit, and if the rest of them are anything like this, you're going to be getting flooded with them, like all of them.  

ESP touts these as tour-grade guitars, and as an owner of a Custom Hanneman, I took them on their word. This is anything but a tour-grade guitar.  It feels like a plywood cracker jack toy, and with a fit and finish to match.   If you're expecting these Indonesian guitars to do 'the thing' for you, then get ready for some major disappointment; kind of like the disappointment that I had with this defect.

I now have cancelled my order for the new M-HT Arctic Metal, as ESP asserts that the construction of those is on-par with the other 1000 series LTD's. You would have to put an LTD 1000 series in my hand and force me to try it under threat of unenviable violence after this nonsense.

If you need any other help running your company, float me a sponsorship offer.    I was thinking of switching from /guess who/, but not looking like it now.   Maybe I'll try an E2 if I can find a used one.   I shudder to think what the USA ESP's are like if Tokyo isn't watching them too.

I guarantee that nothing like what Inspector 11 let out would happen on my watch.

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