Muhammad F.

Hi. I just bought a ec 256 fm cobalt blue. And it's made in China. And it doesn’t have the “ec 256” on hr 12th fret. While my ec 256 lemon drop from Vietnam has it. Is it normal? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Muhammad, Yes this is normal. In the past we put our model name inside a block at the 12th fret. Last year we changed this and so now all our guitars have the model name on the truss rod cover and not on the 12th fret.


Are the pickups ceramic or alnico? If alnico, which magnet type (2, 5, etc)?

Todd B. ESP

Hello Kingrazor, These pickups are ceramic.

Agustin B.

Hi, I would love to buy this guitar but I live in Argentina and buying a guitar here is like hell. Could you help me to find a store to buy it at it's original price?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Agustin, Sorry to hear this. Please contact your nearest distributor to  help you locate the instrument you are looking for.

Here is a link to our distributor page:

Nuno Doellinger


Any thoughts about upgrading this guitar with SD 59/JB set? It will follow up the pickups upgrade?

I am thinking to buy this guitar for that propose.

Thank you in advance

Todd B. ESP

Hi Nuno,

This model has a specific price point and if we upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncan, it would increase the cost quite a bit. We currently only offer SD pickups in 400 series and higher models. Many users will purchase a guitar like the EC-256 then change the pickups to SD or EMG on their own. But it is not something we plan to offer in the 200 series.

Rick W.

I bought this guitar a few months back and I must say I love it more than my prs. Looks great, sounds amazing and plays like a dream

Todd B. ESP

Hi Rick, Thanks for your comments. We're so glad you love your new guitar!