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As one of the most innovative and versatile guitars in the LTD Deluxe Series, the EC-1000 PIEZO is our first model to include both standard magnetic pickups as well as a completely separate piezo pickup system. Piezo pickups create a very different sound from typical magnetic pickups, offering excellent articulate, acoustic-like tones. With the EC-1000 PIEZO, you can use the mini toggle switch to select between the standard pickup set -- the excellent  Seymour Duncan ’59 and JB -- and a Fishman Powerbridge and Tailpiece, or even combine them both. This level of sonic flexibility continues to the guitar's dual output jacks, allowing you to route the pickups to different combinations of amplifiers or interfaces onstage for live performances or in the studio for recording sessions. The EC-1000 PIEZO offers a great-looking quilted maple top on its mahogany body, and is available in See Thru Blue and See Thru Black finishes.


Construction Set-Thru
Scale 24.75"
Body Mahogany
Neck 3Pc Mahogany
Fingerboard Pau Ferro
Fingerboard Radius 350mm
Nut Width 42mm
Nut Type Molded
Neck Contour Thin U
Frets/Type 24 XJ
Hardware Color Black
Strap Button Standard
Tuners LTD Locking
Bridge Fishman Powerbridge TOM & Tailpiece
Neck PU Seymour Duncan '59
Bridge PU Seymour Duncan JB
Electronics Active
Electronics Layout Volume/Tone(Push/Pull)/Volume(Piezo)/Mini Toggle(Source Selection)/Toggle Switch/2 Output Jacks
Strings D'Addario XL110 (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
Case Included N
LTD EC-1000 PIEZO Demo by Chris Cannella

LTD EC-1000 PIEZO Demo by Chris Cannella

ESP's Chris Cannella takes you through the details of one of the most flexible guitars in the LTD Deluxe Series: the EC-1000 PIEZO. Available in both See Thru Blue and See Thru Black finishes, the EC-1000P features two kinds...
EC-1000 Piezo Demo from Sweetwater Sound

EC-1000 Piezo Demo from Sweetwater Sound

It was a chilly day when we sent Chris Cannella over to Ft. Wayne, IN, where instrument and audio gear dealer Sweetwater Sound is located, so he could help to show off the exciting new EC-1000 Piezo while trying not to freeze...
LTD Deluxe EC-1000 Piezo Demo by Cameron Stucky

LTD Deluxe EC-1000 Piezo Demo by Cameron Stucky

The LTD Deluxe EC-1000 Piezo is one of the most innovative and versatile guitars ESP has ever made. Not only does it feature two types of pickups -- the excellent Seymour Duncan ’59 and JB and a Fishman Powerbridge piezo...
Lisandro G.

Hello I’m still having the problem with my ESP LTD EC-1000 Piezo it is making a lot of buzzing and noises when I select the piezo pickup a technician already checked it and it’s a preamp factory issue. I’m not satisfied with this guitar, it is expensive and not working well. How can I get support From the ESP lifetime warranty?. Thank you.

Carl N.

you may contact our customer support team at or use the contact support links on our site.

Lisandro G.

Hello, I just bought this ESP LTD EC-1000 Piezo - See Thru Black guitar and I have a problem with the battery, it runs out quickly and when I use the Piezo Pickup after a while it starts to make a lot of noise and forces me to change again the battery, besides this my knobs are not push pull and I cannot activate the single coil option. Am I doing something wrong?

Carl N.

Hey Lisandro, perhaps you are leaving this plugged in while not in use, also this may have been produced prior to when push/pull was standard equipment.  You'll want to reach out to our service department if you need further assistance with this, they can be reached at

Norbert B.

Do you expect to release this model with ebony fretboard in the future ?

I like everything in this guitar except the Pau Ferro fretboard,

Thank you in advance for you answer

Carl N.

Hey Norbert, no plans at the moment.

Amirreza U.


Almost 2 months ago i've bought my EC1000p guitar. Recently i can hear some differences between Jack2(Mag) and Jack1(Mag/Piezo) while it is switched to "Mag only" .less gain and muddy sound while using Jack 1. why is that?Could it be the battery?

Carl N.

Hey Amirreza, first assumption would be the battery.  Be sure not to leave this plugged in while you are not using it, the jack acts as an on/off switch for the battery.  If you need further assistance with this you may reach out to our customer service department at

Arman H.

Hi, I've got my ltd EC1000p several months ago and everything was working fine. but the other day when I plugged my guitar in JACK 1 with mono cable the magnetic pickup didn't work. when I use the mag/piezo selector only piezo pickup have sound. It means I don't have the blend of both magnetic and piezo right now. please help me with this. what could be the problem?

it is good to know that when I use JACK 2 the magnetic pickups work fine and when I use a stereo cable in JACK 1, just piezo pick up have sound and nothing is coming out of magnetic pickups.

appreciate any help or idea on this.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Arman, Did you try changing the battery? That is always the first thing to check. If it's not that, then I would suggest checking the output jack wiring and making sure that something did not break or move. It is common for example if the jack gets loose it could turn or spin and one of the wires or contacts could break or touch something and cause the output to be lost. If you need further help please contact your dealer or our customer service team at 

Arman H.


Thanks for the help. I changed the battery and it solved the problem. the old battery had around 6V in it instead of 9V.

Thanks again for the reply.

Todd B. ESP

Hey Arman, Glad to hear that! One tip I can give you is to unplug your cable when not in use, because it will drain the battery slowly. Usually batteries will last a long time, maybe a year or 6 months, but once the voltage gets much lower than 9V it should be replaced. Sometimes you will hear a distorted sound or "fuzzy" sound and it could be the battery is getting too weak.

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