The official ESP hard shell form fit case. Fits all 6-string and 7-string ESP and E-II Eclipse and LTD EC series guitars, including both right- and left-hand models. Other compatible guitars include the ESP and LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross, the ESP Kirk Hammett DC and LTD KH DC, the ESP Alex Skolnick and LTD AS-1 series, the Ben Burnley BB-600, the ESP Gary Holt EC and LTD GH-600 and GH-200, the LTD Neil Westfall NW-44, the LTD Nergal-6, the Ted Aguilar TED-600, the ESP Will Adler and LTD WA series, the ESP Jeff Hanneman EC and LTD JH-600 EC,  the ESP RZK-II, the LTD Gus 600 EC, and the LTD MKH-7.

(U.S. Only)
Charles C.

Will this fit an ec-10?

Carl N.

Hey Charles, this fits all 6-string and 7-string ESP and E-II Eclipse and LTD EC series guitars.  Only ones that will not fit will be baritone and 8 string models.

Gabriel G.

Would an LTD EC-1007 ET fit in this type of case?

Carl N.

Hey Gabriel, yes this will fit all standard scale length six and seven string eclipse instruments.

Josiah Quah

Is it normal that the case does not close fully when a full thickness model is being stored? I seem to have to apply a little pressure on the top of the case for it to close fully

Carl N.

Hey Josiah, our cases are fairly tight when new, it may take a few uses for your case to settle with your instrument.  Also be sure the guitar is seated completely before closing, easiest to put the treble side of the instrument in first then press the bass side into the form of the foam.

Josiah Quah

Hi there. Will these fit the full thickness Eclipses too?


Carl N.

Hey Josiah, yes this will fit full thickness Eclipses as well.

Tibor T.

Hi Todd, Will this case fit the LTD ZH EC-7B bariton modell? Thanks.

Carl N.

Hey Tibor, you'll need the CECXLFF case for your baritone.

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