The official ESP hard shell form fit case. Fits all 6-string and 7-string ESP and E-II Eclipse and LTD EC series guitars, including both right- and left-hand models. Other compatible guitars include the ESP and LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross, the ESP Kirk Hammett DC and LTD KH DC, the ESP Alex Skolnick and LTD AS-1 series, the Ben Burnley BB-600, the ESP Gary Holt EC and LTD GH-600 and GH-200, the LTD Neil Westfall NW-44, the LTD Nergal-6, the Ted Aguilar TED-600, the ESP Will Adler and LTD WA series, the ESP Jeff Hanneman EC and LTD JH-600 EC,  the ESP RZK-II, the LTD Gus 600 EC, and the LTD MKH-7.

(U.S. Only)
Tibor T.

Hi Todd, Will this case fit the LTD ZH EC-7B bariton modell? Thanks.

Carl N.

Hey Tibor, you'll need the CECXLFF case for your baritone.

Lupe R.

If I order this with the EC 1000, will it be shipped in it? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Lupe, Yes if you order them together on the same order the guitar will ship in the case.


Hi, what does the inside look like? Is there space to store stuff, e.g. emergency strings, strap, picks etc.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Yabbie, Here's what it looks like inside, it's pretty standard size. There's a compartment under the neck that could hold a couple small things like a strap, strings and a tuner for example.


Cool thanks, are these available in Australian stores or are these only available through ordering and shipping? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi, yes they should be available but depends on what your local distributor carries. I would contact your distributor or local dealer.


Hello. Will this case fit EC-1000 lefthanded model? Thanks.

Todd B. ESP

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Yes all LH EC models will fit fine in the regular case because the body shape is equilateral.