$2,199.00 with case

Created at the ESP facility in Tokyo, Japan, the ESP E-II Series is our highest-quality factory-produced instrument collection. With the E-II Eclipse EverTune, you get one of the most finely-crafted guitars imaginable, with a unique set of components designed for serious musicians. It features the EverTune constant tension bridge, a fully-mechanical system that keeps your guitar in tune in nearly every imaginable environment, and keeps your intonation perfect at every point on the fingerboard. The E-II Eclipse EverTune also includes a set of phenomenal pickups: a Seymour Duncan Sentient in the neck position for wide dynamic range and excellent articulation, and an aggressive Seymour Duncan Pegasus in the bridge that's highly responsive and harmonically rich. The E-II Eclipse EverTune is a set-thru neck design, with a mahogany body, a one-piece mahogany neck, and an ebony fingerboard with 22 extra-jumbo frets. Top-tier components include a Schaller straplock, Gotoh locking tuners, and a graphite nut. Available in Black Satin finish with multiple binding on the body, neck, and headstock. Includes hardshell case.


1Pc Mahogany
Fingerboard Radius
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
22 XJ
Hardware Color
Strap Button
Schaller Straplock
Gotoh Locking
Evertune (F model)
Neck PU
Seymour Duncan Sentient
Bridge PU
Seymour Duncan Pegasus
Electronics Layout
Vol/Vol/Tone(P/P)/Toggle Switch
Elixir Nanoweb Super Light (.009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042)
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.
Jerry C.

Why are the head stocks on the ESP Eclipse 2 different? Some say E2 and others sat ESP? What is the difference in these two guitars or why is the printed logo on the head stock different?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jerry, We offer 2 different product lines both built and designed by ESP. Esp Original Eclipse is our highest quality version from the ESP Custom Shop while the E-II product line made by ESP is our standard production line produced in Japan. Both are high quality but offered at different price points with the ESP Original the highest available quality.

Joel C.

I keep dreaming of owning one of these bad boys, I had an Eclipse and it was stolen the day I got it, wow, I have been dealing with Cancer for the last decade so I cannot seem to get enough moolah together to buy one, I pray that I can one day get one, the Japan models are amazing the Us one are probably crazy expensive, well God willing, Cancer doesn't care about your age, your income level or feelings, it is no fun at all, Music is the only thing I believe has kept me here, I love to play music, it is the closest thing to magic we have, Thank YOu ESP, you make amazing instruments.

Carl N.

Hope you can get one sometime soon, and good luck with your recovery.

jose p.

me gustaría tener una pero en mi país no hay importación,necesito ayuda humanitaria, quien podría donarme una guitarra aunque fuera de baja gama, lo agredeceria en el alma.

Robert R.

Why would you prefer we buy your cheaper guitars to get a floyd rose? I would think you'd prefer more money. Maybe I want the 12" radius and a fr without breaking the bank.

Carl N.

Hey Robert, thanks for your comment and suggestion!

Michael T.

I'm curious why there are no E-II eclipse models available with a Floyd Rose? I'd love to order one with the FR and SD pickups. I have an M series I had outfitted with JB and SH59 and it's awesome sounding. I have EMG sets in my Arrow and eclipse and while they sound great, I think the attack and overall resonance is better represented especially in your higher end guitars. Unfortunately it's not worth the huge price increase between    E-II and custom models. Hands down these are the finest instruments made at all your price points but general musicians have a hard time justifying or affording the huge price gap between E-II or USA and custom Japan models.

Carl N.

Hey Michael, thanks for sharing your insight, unfortunately no offerings of an E-II Eclipse with a Floyd Rose bridge, but perhaps you would like the EC-1000 version of this, which is much more affordable.

Michael T.

Thanks Carl, but like Robert said I wasn't looking for a cheaper model. I was hoping to upgrade from what I have. Not to take anything away from the 1000 series it's a damn good instrument but for almost double the price I'd have to think an E-II would be heads and shoulders above it. Or are you saying the price difference pretty much only accounts for the name on the headstock?

Carl N.

Hey Michael, once again thanks for your insight.  There are many differences between our E-II and LTD instruments, I could go on all day about the nuance differences between the lines but best way to see the difference for yourself would be to pick one up and play it.

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