$1,999.00 with case

In guitar design, details matter. It can be the small things that helps you and your instrument stand out in a crowded field. The ESP E-II Eclipse BB accomplishes this with great-looking thick silver-painted binding on its Black Satin finish. This guitar is more than good looking, though; it offers a set-thru neck joint for excellent playability, and an EMG 60/81 Brushed Chrome pickup set. High-end components on the E-II Eclipse BB include Schaller Straplocks, Gotoh locking tuners, and a Gotoh TOM bridge and tailpiece. Like all instruments in our E-II Series, the Eclipse BB is made in Japan at ESP’s Tokyo factory. Includes hardshell case.

(U.S. Only)
3Pc Maple
Fingerboard Radius
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
22 XJ
Hardware Color
Strap Button
Schaller Straplock
Gotoh Locking
Gotoh TOM & Tailpiece
Neck PU
EMG 60
Bridge PU
EMG 81
Electronics Layout
Vol/Vol/Tone/Toggle Switch
Elixir Nanoweb Light (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.
Stephane L.

What colour is the fret board/neck, black or dark brown?


hello, which is better between the E-II ECLIPSE BB and the E-II ECLIPSE EVERTUNE models

Carl N.

Hey Rafael, either instrument will be of the same quality so it'll depend on the individual player's preferences as to which instrument they would be more comfortable with.

Eugene S.

Hello! I'm searching for exactly this model (or as close as possible) with written ESP logo on the headstock. Could you please help me find the name of that one? Is that one PL ? Also if you can point out the key differences of this model to it's ESP Eclipse Standard equivalent (if it exists). It's an absolute dream guitar, and I can't wait to find it and eventually purchase one. Cheers \m/

Carl N.

Hey Eugene, the E-II line replaced the ESP standard line of previous years.  They're the same instruments with the exception of the logo.  If you wanted one like this with an ESP logo you would have to place an order through the custom shop, though this would increase the price quite a bit.  You can visit your local ESP dealer in order to submit a custom request for a quote.


Any chance this guitar could be offered with a Chrome Evertune and Stainless Steel Frets in the future? 

Love the 22 frets (instead of 24) 

Seymour Duncan options would be great too!! 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Scotty-J, We will note your request and thank you for giving us your feedback. At this time there is no plan for this exact model but we hope that we can offer more variety of models suited for you and other players in the future. I do like your ideas!


Thanks for the reply!

I think there are a lot of musicians out there that rock out with the more "classic" instruments like the "G" style and "F" style and are used to 22 frets, but also would like to stay in tune with the Evertune bridge. 

I retrofit my ESP-LTD EC-401VF with an Evertune about 4-5 years ago and it's my #1 gigging guitar. I put a P-90 in the middle so I can split the bridge and turn on the P-90 for more Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour and funk tones when I need them. I also put Stainless Steel Frets on this guitar. I absolutely love it!

I love a lot of metal bands too but, for my own guitars I like the more classic and vintage looks and vibe... More like The Allman Brothers Band, Clapton. Frampton, Beck, Page, Billy Gibbons, Angus Young and many others!

Just not crazy about the black hardware. 

I'm sure there are other musicians out there that love ESP, but would like a more vintage look than a black hardware heavy metal look. Thanks for listening to the feedback and ideas! Rock on! - Scotty J. 

Todd B. ESP

Hey Scotty J-Rocker, Wow, lots of great info, thanks for sharing your photo and mods performed on your EC-401VF. That's very cool. Have you tried any of our current Eclipse series with Evertune? I'm curious which version you like the feel of (the current EC-1000ET has an "F" Evertune bridge which sits lower to the body). All great feedback, thanks again for sharing.


Hey Todd. Thanks.

I did try the LTD EC-1000. I even bought one. I sold it though. It was the black one with 24 frets with chrome hardware. To be honest, I really wanted the 22 frets and the EC-1000 also felt a bit heavier than my EC-401VF. It was the model before the access heel was added. I did like the "F" style, factory installed chrome Evertune.

I don't mind the "G" style Evertune. My hand rests great on that bridge. I do think that the "F" style factory installed Evertune looks better. 

I wish I had bought the Honeyburst LTD you had with Sweetwater a few years back. I just love the darker Tobacco Burst or Gloss Black better. I still should have bought the Honeyburst with 22 frets! lol 

I hope you guys offer some of these options in the future for musicians who like the playability and modern appointments of the ESP guitars, but like a more 'vintage' look and feel. (22 Frets, Sunburst options, Chrome Hardware, Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio pickups etc...) Stainless Steel frets are great! 

Thanks for listening to the feedback of a gigging musician. That's what I love about ESP/LTD guitars. 

Todd B. ESP

Hey Scotty J, I couldn't ask for much better feedback. Thank you for all your points (which you make a lot of good ones). We appreciate hearing from working musicians like you! Hope we can keep coming out with models that you could consider gigging with in the future.


Thanks Todd! I've been gigging with ESP / LTD guitars for 9 years now. Since 2010. Thanks so much! 

Todd B. ESP

Hey Scotty J, Great to hear that. Thank you too!!

Max M.

Could this one be available in left handed

Todd B. ESP

Hi Max, this is not available in left handed version, but if you are in the US you can contact Xtreme Lefty. They may be able to special order this one.

Here is our dealer locator:

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