Tony F.

Will the frx fit in this case?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Tony, No, the FRX shape is different than our "F" series shape. It will not fit this case.

James S.

Does this fit both F body basses and guitars ? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi James, No this case only fits our F series guitars, not the basses.

Deron B.

will this fit Fender style, like a Strat?  I have the Michael Wilton LE LTD which recommends the ST-TE case, but I'd love to have the tombstone that matches

Todd B. ESP

Hi Deron, The "F" in this case stands for our F-series shape, which currently we don't make many of any more. But it is a really radically altered double cutaway shape. Check out a link here to the model: Unfortunately we don't have a Tombstone case that will fit a Strat style shape. It is possible you could hammer out the interior to make it fit, but we don't recommend that.