LTD B-254 and LTD f-415
jeep, offroading, and bass
mythbusters and american pickers
apocalyse now
Rock, melodic metal, Chthonic, nightwish, and afi
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Peavy and Peavy
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Doris Yeh
About me:

simple guy, with simple pleasures. GUITARS!!!!!!

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James S.

James S. voted on the poll Favourite band outof these 4? (not the big 4)

James S. voted System Of A Down
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James S.

James S. posted a comment on the poll What is your favorite guitarmodel of these 3 brands? 1. ESP/LTD 2. Gibson 3. Jackson

ESP of course, but LTD is a great budget option. I like to play for me as a hobby, so LTD works just fine......MORE »
James S.

James S. posted a comment on the poll Which summer addition to the lineup is your favorite?

I would change the pick ups out, but i love the EC KOA......MORE »