John H.

Can I purchase a custom version of this guitar? Different color? Different pickups? With the case? I sent an email in to support with some questions and a picture of my ESP from the late 90's. This looks very similar to mine, almost identical. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi John, Our custom shop can build practically anything you dream up, so the answer is yes we can build that. However please understand that ESP Custom Shop has a much higher price structure than our E-II factory models. If you are truly interested please contact any authorized ESP Dealer who can help you arrange an order through ESP.

Andrew L.

Where is the Snow White version? Has it been discontinued? It was so beautiful I wish I could have afforded one sooner. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Andrew, yes it was discontinued this year, but you may be able to find dealers that still have it in stock.


один из моих лучших музыкальных инструментов. невероятно комфортно и звучит убийственно!

Betun Hernandez

La mejor compra que he hecho en mi vida ... espectacular guitarra en cada uno de sus detalles me siento muy satisfecho!!!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Betun, Thank you! Gracias!

Chris  C.

love it.

Todd B. ESP

Thank you Chris!