Kevin J.

The best looking "V" shaped axe I've ever seen!! I love it!

Kevin S.

I've been the lucky owner of this guitar for almost 5 years now. I call it "the big dog". Meanest mid range tone of any guitar I've ever heard. It's better than nice! The natural finish is what attracted me to it as well as the absence of inlays except the 12th fret which is the God Forbid logo. Just a unique, simple, and beautiful instrument. 

Patrick Cruz

nice 7 strings

Mike D.

really nice, i just wish would add a folding leg rest (like steinberg's have)so you can record sitting down for studio purposes. I own a v-307 matt black and placing the horns between your legs really extends the neck further out then necessary.

Kevin S.

You're right, it's more of a stand up and play kinda guitar. The strap button basically impales my leg after five minutes if I sit down and play it. 

Eet Fuk

Really nice one!!! The natural finish balances its extreme V-shape... a must-have for me!

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