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Michael O.

These guitars are pimping, and I'm proud to have an LTD Pinky! After years of detailing cars in Bakersfield, my customer gifted me an LTD Pinky! Although it was an expensive gift, he does own three exotic cars... we've detailed his Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren for the last 15 years. If you're in Southern California, then hire our team for auto detailing in Bakersfield, California! We've been blessed with a sweet guitar, and we're giving it away through a sweepstakes of new customers by the end of 2020. Goodluck!


ESP a Luthier I have to say you guys have amazing prices for the quality of products you are building.

i’d pick you over any recent Gibson models.


Patrick S.

Is the Alexi Laiho Pinky still in production? I’d really like to get my hands on one for a gift for my brother.

Vicio Starbreaker

yea ive seen one on ebay from the custom shop it goes for $5500 im lucky to own an ltd pinky

Nick S.

Is the Evertune bridge an available custom shop option? Didnt notice it in any of the pics

Caleb Van Wyk

my custom shop is gonna have an evertune on it!

ESP Freak

Wait scratch that...I have two Japanese built and one USA built..? What was I thinking?

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