ESP, LTD, and takamine acoustic guitars
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
ESP, EMG Pickups, mesa boogie, ernie ball strings, khdk, and khdk ghoul screamer
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Tony Iommi, Dave Mustaine, Zakk Wylde, Dimebag Darrel Abbott, Pepper J. Keenan, and Jerry Cantrell
About me:

“The universe speaks. Not in whispers, or groans...but within...Always Within. Live in the moment, appreciate and understand the gift. It is ours for a dream. There are no limitation. Live intense, inspire and innovate. Live once, live forever.”  

- Peter Pallis of AnAkA 

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AnAkA – THE ULTIMATE RETURN – The Theme Music Created for WWE Hall of

Famer, The Ultimate Return used for his ring return in 2008. 







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ANAKA Biography:

Intense. Brutal. Uncompromising. Just a few words to describe the sound and presence of

Brooklyn, New York Metal ensemble AnAkA. Since its inception in late 2000, Peter Pallis

(founder, songwriter and originator) of AnAkA has lead the bands ground breaking charge as

they’ve left a blistering mark on the Heavy Metal genre worldwide. Their first full length record

release off Godsend Records in 2004, "Rust & Jade", proved so as it received outstanding praise

from music fans around the world as well as major label representatives. AnAkA followed that

with another mammoth release in 2009 titled "The Glorified Crusade". The record made a

crushing impact on Hard Rock radio in August of that year by achieving Top 20 positions on

both FMQB Commercial Metal Radio and CMJ Loud Rock charts.


This catapulted AnAkA to many sold-out performances at renowned venues in Nikon Jones

Beach Theatre, Webster Hall's Grand Ballroom, Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theatre, Highline

Ballroom, Bowery Ballroom, Starland Ballroom, Knitting Factory, Santos Party House, Count

Basie Theatre, Saint Vitus, Stage 48, 89 North Music Venue, Don Hill's, The Continental,

The Bitter End, L’amours and CBGB's. To date, AnAkA has opened for such acts as Korn,

Zakk Wylde's Zakk Sabbath, Avenge Sevenfold, Trivium, Asking Alexandria, Five Finger Death Punch,

Doyle of The Misfits, Disturbed, Shadows Fall, Jasta, Otep, Unearth, Ill Nino, Fozzy, Diamond Head,

Lordi, and Life of Agony.


In September 2007, AnAkA's biggest impact at that time was the music video release of the Rust

& Jade title track. Directed by Kevin J. Custer (Testament, Hatebreed, Overkill, Madball, Lacuna

Coil, etc.), Rust & Jade received airplay in several international markets including MTV Latino,

covering every country in South America and Central America, and portions of the United States

in Florida, Texas and California. The video was also featured on Music Choice's Video On

Demand Rock channel in April 2008.


AnAkA's skills and success are not only revered in the music scene. In June 2008, ANAKA was

given the honor to create the theme music for former World Wrestling Federation Champion The

Ultimate Warrior in his return to the ring in Barcelona, Spain. The theme music track was aptly

entitled The Ultimate Return.


AnAkA once more had Kevin J. Custer on board to direct the first video off "The Glorified

Crusade", Erase. Erase hit national and international television and internet stations with full

force in the Spring/Summer of 2010. It received astounding praise by being the #1 most viewed

video in May 2010 on MTVMusic. The video also collected hundreds of thousands of views on

Music Choice, VH1, MTV Latino and many other outlets.


In May of 2011, AnAkA re-released a 10 Year Anniversary, Remixed/Remastered, Special

Edition version of their very first studio release; "Down Devil's Road" (original recorded in

2001). They then fearlessly reveled in the unknown releasing their "Into The Great Unknown

'The Acoustic Sessions'" Album in January of 2012.


On November 7th, 2014 AnAkA proudly announced the first release off of the bands upcoming

fifth studio album. This first single entitled "The Father Time Trilogy" features a performance by

the Ultimate one himself, Warrior! This epic release is a tribute to the memory of Peter’s late

great friend, mentor, and longtime AnAkA supporter, the legendary hall of fame, professional

wrestler and champion... The Ultimate Warrior. Warrior performs spoken word on this epic



"Warrior was my childhood hero, and eventual great friend and mentor. Our connection and how

it all came to be was truly a rare and amazing gift in my life. This song is about honoring him,

what he believed, and how he lived his powerful life. I will carry him with me always." – Peter

Pallis of AnAkA.


In February of 2015 AnAkA released their highly anticipated new full length album "THE

UNWAVERING" after once again working with their long time producer The Jerry Farley. 

This latest incarnation in the evolution and upbringing of the ANAKA sound

is the heaviest/thrashiest album the band has ever done. "The Unwavering" is the band fifth full

length studio album release. Upon the album's first week released to radio it quickly charted at

the #1 most added album, and peaked at #11 on the CMJ radio charts across the nation.

In February of 2016 AnAkA latest music video DEATHBORN from “The Unwavering” album

once again directed by Kevin J. Custer was picked up by MTV, VH1 & CMT. Peter Pallis also

reached another powerful milestone being signed to an ESP Guitar Endorsement.

“It is truly an honor proudly carrying the banner of ESP Guitars. ESP make the greatest guitars on

the planet. They have been the corner stone instrument of many of the great musicians that inspired us and

helped pave the way. Honoring our forefather is extremely important to us.” – Peter Pallis of AnAkA

is endorsed by ESP Guitars.


As of May of 2016 Peter Pallis of ANAKA is now a proud part of Kirk Hammett of Metallica's

KHDK Guitar Pedal Company family!  MASSIVE thanks go out to David, Kirk and all the great people

at KHDK for this amazing endorsement. It's a true honor!  Weapon of Choice: The KHDK Ghoul Screamer


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