January 2015
2015 New Product Preview: See It Now!

2015 marks ESP’s 40th anniversary, and we’re commemorating this landmark year with our most impressive collection of new guitars and basses in our history. You don’t have to wait; check out this special 2015 product preview, and see all of our new ESP, ESP E-II, LTD, Tombstone acoustics, and much more! Learn More
Video: Inside the ESP Custom Shop

For the first time ever, you can look inside of our world-famous ESP Custom Shop in Tokyo, Japan. Watch as our luthiers hand-craft the custom guitar and bass designs of our customers around the world, along with some of the 80+ spectacular “Exhibition Limited” guitars and basses that were created to commemorate our 40th anniversary in 2015!
ESP at NAMM 2015

Yeah, we know: only a lucky few people get to attend the NAMM Show, and if you’re not already going, we can’t help you get in. But for those of you who are attending the United States’ largest trade convention for the music and audio products industry, ESP will be in our usual spot, upstairs in room 213D, and we have amazing live performances throughout the show that include Alex Skolnick, George Lynch, Gary Holt, Javier Reyes, Frank Bello, and more!


Learn More
40th Anniversary “Exhibition Limited” Instruments

What happens when some of the world’s most skilled and passionate guitar builders are given carte blanche to create their very best designs? The result is clear with ESP’s 40th Anniversary “Exhibition Limited” collection. Only one of each guitar or bass has been created at the ESP Custom Shop in Tokyo, Japan. Each instrument is completely unique, blending art and functionality into a truly spectacular piece. And yes, for collectors and players alike, they are available for sale. Check out our gallery of more than 80 instruments in the “Exhibition Limited” collection, and contact your ESP dealer if you find you can’t live without one!
Creating an ESP Custom: “Rinne (Transmigration)”

Masao Ohmuro is a master luthier at the ESP Custom Shop, and he has been responsible for some of the most amazing works of guitar art that the world has ever seen. In this slideshow video, you can watch the creation of a masterpiece that Ohmuro calls “Rinne (Transmigration)”, from the initial sketches to the final instrument.
Demo Video: ESP E-II Mystique

ESP E-II is our series of guitars made in the ESP factory in Japan, replacing the series formerly called “ESP Standard”. In this informative video, UK-based artist and composer Pat Heath gives you all the details of the ESP E-II Mystique FR, and then performs his song "Electromagnetism" on it. Enjoy!
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