2015 New Guitar/Bass Preview

Back in 1975, when ESP started as a small musical instrument retail store with a little repair shop in the back, no one could have imagined where ESP would be four decades later. But now, in 2015, we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary with one of the most outstanding collections of new guitars and basses in the history of our company. Take a look at the following preview of the guitars and basses we’re bringing to you in the new year.

40th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitars

Since it’s a landmark anniversary year, ESP is introducing five limited-edition models to help commemorate the occasion. The LTD EC-2015 (limited to 300 worldwide), MH-2015 (limited to 300 worldwide), and the 7-string H7-2015 (limited to 200 worldwide) are beautifully detailed guitars with quilted maple tops, ebony fingerboards, real Mother of Pearl inlays, multiple bindings, EMG MetalWorks pickups and See Thru Black Satin finishes. Also, two extremely limited 40th Anniversary ESP Eclipse guitars are being handcrafted, in See Thru Black Sunburst and Tiger Eye finishes. Just 20 guitars are being made in each of the two finishes, making them a serious consideration for players and collectors alike. All limited-edition 40th anniversary models include a special hardshell case and a certificate of authenticity.

ESP/LTD Signature Series Ramps Up

ESP has long been known for the high-caliber musicians who choose our guitars and basses. This year, we’re proud to add a number of new artists to the ESP family, and we also have excellent new and updated models for many of our current ESP artists.

Three new models are being created for ESP artist Gary Holt of the legendary thrash band Exodus. The ESP Gary Holt, LTD GH-600, and LTD GH-200 are all single-cutaway guitars that are accented in distinctive red-colored design details, and feature Floyd Rose tremolos. Another new addition to the ESP artist family, Javier Reyes of respected progmetallers Animals as Leaders, is debuting the LTD JR-608QM and the LTD JR-208. Both are 8- string baritone models at 27” scale. The JR-608QM has high-end design features like neckthru-body construction, and features Reyes’ signature DiMarzio pickups. Also new to the ESP roster, jazz/fusion great Bunny Brunel is introducing the LTD BB-1004QM and LTD BB-1005FLQM. Respectively 4-string and 5-string fretless basses, the basses include neckthru- body construction, quilted maple tops, a special Aguilar pickup set with OBP-3 active preamp, and ebony fingerboard.

A number of current ESP artists have also had additions and updates to their signature instruments. Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind) is debuting four new models: the ESP Gus G/ EC, ESP Gus G/RS, LTD GUS-200, and LTD GUS-200EC. These updated models are now available in Black Satin finish, and feature contrasting white pickup covers. Will Adler of Lamb of God has new additions to his Warbird signature series guitars, including the LTD WA-200 Warbird Distressed and LTD WA-200 White Camo. Respected shredder Andy James helped design the 7-string LTD AJ-7, while new and updated basses are being made available for Frank Bello of Anthrax (the ESP FRANK BELLO, LTD FB-4, 8-string LTD FB-208 and LTD FB-204), War/PHILM bassist Pancho Tomaselli (the redesigned LTD PT-4), and Gabe Crisp (Whitechapel) with the GC-P4.

Finally, other signature series models are returning to LTD’s affordable “200 Series”, including the Kirk Hammett (Metallica) KH-202 and KH-202 Left Handed, Michael Paget (Bullet for My Valentine) MP-200, Tom Araya (Slayer) TA-204, and Stephen Carpenter (Deftones) SC-207 and SC-208.

New Additions to our ESP E-II Series

Last year, we announced a new series: ESP E-II, which replaces the instruments formerly called ESP Standard. E-II guitars and basses are all made at our Tokyo, Japan-based factory. For 2015, we’re proud to announce the E-II Arrow, a guitar with bold, aggressive lines and high-end design considerations and components, including neck-thru-body construction, an alder body with thin U-shaped maple neck, and an ebony fingerboard. It also includes an EMG 81/85 pickup set, and a Floyd Rose Original bridge. We’ve also updated our popular new E-II ST-2 guitars with quilted maple tops. These bolt-on shred machines are offered in four great translucent finishes: See Thru Black, Tiger Eye, Emerald Green, and Reindeer Blue, and include custom DiMarzio pickups and Floyd Rose Original bridge.

Introducing Tombstone: High Quality Acoustic-Electrics

There’s an entire new product series that’s making its debut in 2015. Tombstone is the name of our new acoustic-electric instruments, and they represent a step up in quality and playability compared to any other guitar or bass in their price range. All models incorporate a dovetail set-neck joint for solid and reliable performance with a classic look and feel, and high-quality components like a GraphTech nut and saddle. Each acoustic, with exception to the GL-J2E and A-300E, feature smooth satin finished back of necks for comfortable playing.

Tombstone’s introductory offerings include the A-300E and A-430E, an auditorium shape/size guitar with a solid Sitka spruce tops. The A-300E offers mahogany back and sides in a Black finish, and a B-Band T-35 preamp with onboard tuner. The A-430E has rosewood back and sides in Natural Gloss finish, with a Fishman Isys+ preamp with onboard tuner. 

The Tombstone D-320E and D-430E have a traditional dreadnought shape, and resulting impressive acoustic volume. The D-320E features a solid red cedar top and ovangkol back and sides in Natural Satin finish, while the D-430E offers a solid Sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides in Natural Gloss finish, gold hardware, and a Fishman Isys+ preamp.

For players who like a jumbo-sized acoustic, the J-310E and J-430E are perfect choices. Both guitars have solid Sitka spruce tops. The J-310E offers sapelle back and sides in Natural Satin finish, while the J-430E has rosewood back and sides in Natural Gloss.

The first Signature Series model in the Tombstone brand appropriately goes to George Lynch with the GL-J2E, a jumbo acoustic-electric with a solid Sitka spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, all in Tobacco Sunburst finish. It offers a unique 5-piece maple/walnut neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and a Fishman Presys+ preamp. Tombstone’s first batch of new models also includes, the JB-320E a jumbo-sized bass that offers a solid red cedar top, ovangkol back and sides, and a Fishman Presys+ preamp.

New LTD Baritone 6-Strings, 7-Strings, and 8-Strings

ESP listens to our customers, and if there’s one thing that was requested again and again over the past couple of years, it was for us to add a bigger selection of 27”-scale baritone guitars to our LTD series, as well as more 7-string and 8-string guitars. In 2015, we’re proud to offer more choices in extended range guitars than ever before.

We’re adding six new baritone 27” scale guitars to the LTD line. Let’s start with the standard 6- string models. The MH-401BFM is a monster baritone with neck-thru-body construction, a flamed maple top on its mahogany body, and EMG 81/85 pickups. The V-401B offers set-thru construction and dual EMG 81 pickups for super-egressive tones.

For 7-string players, the EC-407BFM is a 7-string baritone with a great-looking flamed maple top, 24 extra jumbo frets, and and EMG 81-7/707 pickup set. The V-407B is a 27” scale baritone that’s ready for your finest metal moments, with a set neck and a string-thru-body setup. If you’re ready to shred, the MH-417BFM is an awesome choice, with neck-thru-body construction and a great-looking See Thru Black Sunburst on its flamed maple top. If seven strings isn’t quite enough, we’re introducing the 8-string H-408BFM, with set-thru construction and an EMG 808 pickup set.

More New LTDs… Way More

It was our goal in 2015 to offer more choices for more players than ever before in ESP’s history, and with the additions to the LTD series, that achievement was met and then some. In addition to the baritone guitars and Signature Series models already mentioned, we have plenty of killer new LTDs to show you.

The “1000 Series” LTD Deluxe guitars has some amazing new choices. Perhaps topping the list is the special edition M-1000SE with its Floyd Rose bridge and Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates/ Jazz pickup set. This uniquely great-looking guitar also features a flamed maple top in Vintage Natural Satin finish. Another highlight of our new LTD models is the EC-1000ETFM with an ebony fingerboard, flamed maple top, Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickups, and the innovative EverTune constant tension bridge system. The new M-1000 Ebony looks great in gleaming Snow White finish that is contrasted by its ebony fingerboard.

For 2015, we’re also adding a whole new level to the LTD Deluxe models with the “1001 Series”, which add special design considerations and/or hardware and components like EMG’s MetalWorks pickups. These new models include the EC-1001FR, the H-1001FR, the M-1001, the MH-1001NT, and the MH-1001FR.

But that’s not all… far from it. For the first time, the new FRX shape is being made in LTD versions that include the FRX-401 and the 7-string FRX-407. Both models are available in your choice of Black and Snow White. Another new LTD shape is the Arrow-401, an aggressive style with a set-thru neck, EMG 81/85 pickups, and a Floyd Rose bridge that any metal rocker will appreciate.

We also have added a number of new finishes to some of LTD’s most popular shapes, including the EC-401 which looks simply amazing in Charcoal Satin. The M-200 is now being offered in Black Desert Camo. The TE-406 and TE-407 look great in Snow White Satin, and the new TE-406FM offers its flamed maple top in Dark Brown Sunburst Satin finish. The Thinline Series TL-6 now comes in a Spalted Maple top.

Want to Know More?

We’ll be adding detailed specifications on all of our new models for 2015 in the near future here at espguitars.com. However, it’s never too early to notify your authorized ESP dealer or international distributor to let them know you’re interested in checking out one of the great new models. After all, there’s nothing worse than finally choosing the guitar that’s perfect for you, only to find that it’s long gone! Thanks for previewing our 2015 new models, and keep in mind that we still have plenty of other guitars available, with one (or more) guaranteed to match your personal style.