Alexi Tribute Display

"We're the Hate Crew / We Stand and We Won't Fall"

In 2002, ESP got to know an up-and-coming guitar player from Finland named Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho. He was only in his early twenties at the time, but had already established himself in the underground of heavy metal as one of the most impressive players we’d seen in many years. His unique combination of melodic, neo-classical lead lines with pure blazing speed made him stand out like a shining beacon in a stormy sea of fellow guitarists. By 2006, Alexi had joined ESP’s exclusive roster of Signature Series artists, and right from the start, his collection of ESP and LTD signature models became some of our top sellers. But more importantly, we began to appreciate Alexi not only as a premier-level guitar innovator — having won numerous awards and top reader’s poll spots for his incredible shredding — but also as a person. This thoughtful, loyal, and soft-spoken man became our great friend over the years, and any time we were able to work with him… on the design of a new signature guitar, or helping to support the release of music by his band Children of Bodom… it was a true pleasure.

When Alexi passed away at the very end of 2020, we knew that many people in the world of metal music would share our feelings of sadness and loss. We are very grateful for our time spent as Alexi’s guitar endorsement partner, and as his friend. We’ve invited everyone to share their own thoughts and memories of Alexi Laiho, which you’ll find below. If you’d like to contribute your own words and pics in memory of Alexi, we welcome you to do so.


Couce Ekh


Valtteri Lehtonen

I was instantly captivated by the primal energy and thunderous precision of Children of Bodom as an 8-year-old when my brother bought Follow the Reaper back when the album was brand new. I found it hilarious when my elementary school teacher called their music satanic. Later on Alexi was a huge influence as I started to learn the chops with my own guitar playing and he continues to inspire me heavily to this day. His music has also helped me tremendously over the years when I've been dealing with any kind of negative feelings or events in my life. I saw Children of Bodom live five times and it always proved to be a total blast! I want to thank Alexi and Children of Bodom as a whole for their lasting positive and inspiring influence on me, the Finnish people, the world and all of music. Rest in Peace.


Never tired of these melodic riffs, still in awe in front of his technique.
He cuddled my youth with his Music.
Thank you Alexi.


Incredible to see how so many people loved him and this band...

COB was a big part of my teenage years... I had so much anger, frustration and sadness at that time, and COB and Alexi's lyrics and powerful music trully helped me! Now, I am still feeling a lot of sadness, and his music keeps helping me. Thank you so much for this!

I have only seen him once live, but I will always remember it!

A true guitar hero has left us, but he will not be forgotten.

The faint blaze of the candle of my life
Slowly dying like a fire in a pouring rain
No sparks of hope inside
No shooting stars on my sky
On broken wings, no flying high


I've discovered COB when I was 12/13.The first song I found accidentaly was "Angels Don't Kill" that surprised me, how good keyboard/electronic themes can fit into metal music. It was only the first band that I enjoyed and still enjoy every song. Also, I attended in their "Halo of Blood" tour when I was 13. I still remember that they played "Towards Dead End" which was the only song I didn't recognized during the concert. Looks like big artists often have big internal problems, sadly.


Months have passed and I still haven’t been able to comprehend that he’s gone. Alexi sung from our hearts. His songs are full of honesty and that may be one of the main reasons I love them so much. They always help me when I get sad, depressed, or disillusioned as if I was told that I’m not alone in this world because there is someone out there who truly undertands how I feel. It’s like a really deep conversation, worth 10 sessions with a therapist. Even those lyrics some would consider depressing can be heartwarming and liberating for me…
The sound is something of it’s own class, incomparable to anything else, perfectly matching the messages carried within, creating something unique, an unforgettable experience, memories that never fade.
Behind all the glory and fame there was a modest, free and easy guy, without conciet. He was not only a great musician but a genuinely kind person too. We’ll remember him forever.


Alexi man... Children of Bodom... I remember been 14 and my friend showing me CoB Downfall at the time and and listening to one of the amazing Melodic Guitar and Keyboard solos I had ever heard... just to later listen to follow the reaper and realize every single song was as amazing. It personally shaped a lot of what I wanted to be like as a guitar player and influenced my choices in music from that point forward. I remember in 2017 I was living in Boise, ID for college and them announced a concert at the complex in SLC, as a broke college student with no money driving 12 hrs in one noght, spending 100$ on gas plus a shirt and ticket was probably not a good idea but DAMNNNN I’M GLAD I DID because it would be the only time I would see CoB live, I even got his ESP bracelet and one of the picks at the end. Today I’m still trying to convince my wife after you but she doesn’t like it but I will make it happen man. Thanks for all the good time and music you shared with us.

Fernando Molina

I listen to his music since 2009 when I was 12 years old... Thanks for being there in difficult times, all the Mexican fans will miss Alexi so much. Thanks for all the great music you made.

Mikko Pylkkö

I remember when I heard Children of Bodom first time in junior high school - it totally changed my life. I was amazed by how someone can play so fast yet so beautifully and make such aggressive and melodically music.

Hearing Alexi playing got me really into guitar playing and metal music. I had already played a few year classical guitar, but I lacked motivation. After getting to know COB I didn't need to search for motivation anymore. Alexi was my hero.

The attached photo is a photo I took of Alexi from the last Children of Bodom show in Helsinki Ice Hall December 2019.

I photographed COB about ten times, I gathered all the photos to my website:


Era el año 2002, por aquel entonces tenía 15 años y recientemente había comenzado a descubrir el metal.
Pero hubo una tarde en particular cuando recuerdo haber comprado un disco que el vendedor me sugirió en base a lo que yo tan avidamnente buscaba. Era un CD con una portada en tono rojo intenso y con un protagonista que extendía su mano en un gesto solemne invitandome a escucharlo.
Lo adquirí inmediatamente y lo lleve a casa, lo coloque en el reproductor me coloque los audifonos y me permiti estallarme los tímpanos con el volumen maximo (asi debe escucharse siempre el metal) quedándome atónito.
Era increíble, como podia existir una banda que tocara asi!!!; escuche por completo el material con una duración aprox de 30 minutos y volví a escucharlo en ese mismo día al rededor de una 10 veces seguidas.
Todas las canciones eran insuperables, perfectas, magistrales y únicas (y dentro de todas he de decir que mi canción favorita es touch like angel of death, la cual escuchaba 3 o más veces dentro de la reproducción total del disco) y estuve haciendolo de esta forma todos los días al regresar del colegio durante 3 meses consecutivos.
Fue tal el impacto que causó en mí la música de la banda, que comencé a buscar más información de la misma (aún siendo muy escasa ya que por esos días apenas y comenzaba el internet en mi país y desafortunadamente en mi pais era muy difícil encontrar mercancía del genero metal), hasta que un dia sintonizando un programa de radio (de los pocos espacios que hubieron para el tema en su momento como hoy día continúa sucediendo) me sucede una coincidencia fortuita y así durante casi 2 horas escuché de esta banda, el origen del nombre, genero de metal, procedencia, discografia. Con más ansias comencé entonces la caceria de todos aquellos discos; llegaron primero el hatebreeder, luego el tokyo warhearts... cada vez motivando más mi interés por la banda.

¿Que senti en aquel momento cuando los escuché por primera vez? y
¿Que siento cada vez que escucho Children of Bodom hoy a mis 33 años?.
Fuerza, corage, valor (ya que recién he pasado por un proceso de cancer) porque me permito durante el tiempo que sea al escucharlos, olvidar toda la porquería que existe en este mundo y recordar nuevamente con agrado mi adolescencia, conciertos y amigos que hemos hecho a largo de los años por medio de esta (increíble) música, amigos que están y otros que ya no.

Todo esto es para mí el significado de Children of Bodom y alexi Laiho. Siempre seran parte de mi identidad y forma de verlo todo. Y me siento consternado profundamente por la pérdida no solamente de un excelente músico sino también un amigo, (porque aunque muchos no pudimos conocerte en persona) creo hablar en nombre de todos los que a lo largo de los años crecimos escuchamos tu música y nos acompañó aún en momentos difíciles.

Gracias Alexi Laiho
(larga vida al METAL hoy y siempre)


I first heard children of bodom when I was about 13 years old I think. He was one of those guys our whole generation of guitarists and metal heads grew up idolizing. He made me want to pick up the guitar. He made me wanna try harder and get better. He’s one of the reasons I discovered esp in the first place. Alexi was metal, he was music, he was inspiration and hope that we could all push ourselves to do more, be better. He is a legend. I think of Alexi like I think of legends like dimebag. Larger than life, a father of a metal generation. We won’t forget you. We are so thankful your music lives on.

Stéphane Couture

A funny ans joyful shred. I regret not knowing more about hum. But I know of His blistering solos


My best 10+ live experiences, Of over a hundred mosh pits. My reason for playing guitar, and I'm good mother fucker!

Laiho is God
(no disrespect to motörhead fans)


I saw Children of Bodom in Louisville Kentucky on Gigantour 2008. When Bodom played their classic track "In Your Face" the audience broke the barricade and the show was stopped. The band returned to the stage, but I had never seen an audience this intense before. On an already amazing lineup, Bodom was the best band of the day. Been a fan ever since. RIP Alexi.

Samee Ahmed

Given how much of an influence he had on my taste in music (which consists almost entirely death metal style metal music) I ended up writing a large blog post on how I even got to this point and my experiences in finding his music, listening to it, and finally getting to see him and the band live.


Finland, and the whole world, lost great guitar player. I feel sad, of course, but my my 13 yo son (in pic) took it quite heavily too. But as you can see, Alexi's legacy lives on with his music and with these young and upcoming guitarists influenced by Alexi. R.I.P.

Brian Sims

I met Alexi at the Charlotte NC VIP meet and greet in 2019. I was in awe when I met him, which usually doesn't happen to me when and if I meet my heroes. He said "Hi man", I said "you're Alexi Laiho" and he shook my hand and said "cool man" that was it.

Jeff Novak

I saw COB on the Unholy Alliance tour, they tore it up as always, this awesome shredder really turned me on to technical metal and complicated riffage, there isn’t a song I don’t like from them, the man was just plain awesome and before his time!!! I’m really going to miss him!!! When I saw the guitar he was playing, I wanted to add it to my collection, I’ve wanted one for years and years, one day there will be one for me!!! I will truly miss this awesome, technical shredder, there will never be another one like him...


Farewell to a true guitar hero. Tavastia, Helsinki 24.10.2020.

Dan B

First Children Of Bodom show I saw was the headliner at Bloodstock 2004.

This was when the festival was still indoors and not yet open air.

Alexi’s playing was technically brilliant, full of character, flair and attitude - all delivered with a rockstar performance to match!

I found this set list from the main stage in a box of my old gig memorabilia a few weeks ago and thought I’d share for those that would like to see as it’s in great condition still.

This must have been around the time Hate Crew Deathroll was released.

Rest In Peace Alexi


I’d gone to only two Children of Bodom shows. Both were an amazing experience. It was the first concert I’ve ever went to! Inspired me at a young age to get into guitar.

To this day, CoB remains my favorite band.

The last North American tour was really quite special. Although Alexi seemed fragile, he still put on an amazing show. I was a bit older so I didn’t mosh my way to the front row, but at the end of the show, he threw his pick in the back and it randomly hit my hand. Fucking awesome.

Rest easy Alexi.


Alexi was the reason I really learned how to play the guitar. The musical influence this guy had on me was huge.

Rest in peace.

Shane Sarpy


In my opinion, you were the best guitar player to ever strap on the instrument. You were an inspiration to so many and, as such, your memory will live on forever. Not only in your own music, but in the music of future generations to which you were an inspiration.

RIP Alexi

Angel Gabriel

Made this A3 frame in memory of Alexi Laiho and Children Of Bodom. I can’t believe he’s gone, but his music lives on.
RIP Wild Child.

Rick Simmons

This picture says it all,


Children of Bodom found me at a time in my youth which was embroiled in a lot of turmoil and was one of the bands that really embodied surviving those years. My group of friends all wanted to be Alexi and many nights I fell asleep with their live DVD playing in the background at my friend’s house. We started a band that like many bands led to nowhere and comprised more of gaming than practicing our instruments but it was part of the catalyst that has continued in my passion of music and guitar playing.

I am thankful I got to see COB live over the years and for the peace that their music provided me while I was younger.

I didn’t really follow the band post halo of blood but coming back and revisiting Hexed and the more recent material I am glad to see they didn’t diminish. As difficult as it was to come to terms with his passing his legacy has inspired me further to continue playing, learning, and loving guitar every day.

RIP Alexi, you will be sorely missed.


I remember discovering Alexi and CoB when I was about 16 years old, a little after "Hate Crew Deathroll" was released. I was immediately impressed and inspired by his playing and songwriting, and even began to smoke Lucky Strikes per his suggestion.

His playing inspired me to practice my sweep arpeggios to the point of it being obnoxious, and it made me a much better player. Having inspirations like him to look to has provided younger generations of guitarists with more technical ability than any prior.

CoB's music empowered me to fight through difficult times and enhanced the good times. Alexi will be missed but his contributions are immortalized in his music.

Kenneth Reinholdtsen

When i realized you playen like that while singing. You made me want to give up playing.
Such a tallent.
I learned a lot from your videos. And will miss your playing. Thankfully you are imortialised on the internett and my record collection

We're the Hate Crew, we stand and we won't fall
We're all for none and none for all
And now we all stand for you

COBHC 4ever


Saw COB live a couple of times which I’ll never forget. Amazing band both on records and on the stage. They where a big part of my late teenage years and ever since.
He will be missed, but the legacy will live on. Rest in peace!


Once I learned how to play songs they were one of my fav bands to cover. COBHC RIP Alexi


I lived in small town in Finland but there was known bar where small finnish bands came to play. I think it was 1998 when we were on recess from school, like junior high-school, and bar was close-by and we saw bunch off hangovered dudes pushing guitar cabs. We noticed they were COB but nobody of us kids didnt really care for them back then and someone threw a snowball at them. Dudes were like "Perkele" and we ran off.


I’ll never forget the feeling when i got Follow the Reaper CD on my hands in 2000, rushed home and listened to the album on repeat, just fucking staring at the CD player in awe. Bodom definitely affected mine and many of my friends life when we were in the teens. Last november, after a really long break from the guitar, got myself an SV standard and started ripping bodom again. Amazing how one can have Alexi’s influence in muscle memory after such a long break, think i was away from the scene for 15 years. Will sorely miss the man but appears part of him is my blood (or muscles) and im sure its the same for many out there. Rest in peace buddy and greetings from Vuosaari to the Hate Crew Family

Dylan Hardina

Alexi was one of the first guitarists I heard in high school that was apart of the “screaming bands” as I called them at the time. I didn’t properly get into COB until several years later. But even before that I could see as a young player how incredible he was as musician in a technical sense. More importantly, how incredible he was as a songwriter and his sense of melody and sound crafting. Alexi was, for people in my age group, a defining musician who even if you didn’t quite know him or liked the style, you knew of him. I never had the chance to see him live with any of the groups he was with, but it’s a great feeling to have been able to still grow up around his influence and be alive in the time he was. On top of that, he seemed by all accounts to be a kind and thoughtful human being. He left an incredible legacy, and there was only one Alexi.

RIP WildChild, and thank you for everything.

林世堂 Aro

在我人生的各方面都被COB影響著,高興的時候聽、不爽的時候聽、悲傷的時候聽,他們的音樂總是陪伴著我的喜怒哀樂情緒,做學校作業、工作、開車、任何時候、做任何事總會聽COB,Alexi Laiho更是我繪畫的對象,我也練習彈他們的歌,也因為他,我買了一把ESP飛行吉他來一圓我簡單的夢。
2009年10月21日,COB第一次來台灣的時候,雖然場地不盡理想,但Alexi Laiho一出場,大家全瘋了!每一首歌我都跟著唱,瘋狂甩著頭,演唱會結束,我他媽整整灌爆一瓶冰水,實在太瘋狂了,隔天上班的感覺很假很虛幻,昨天的現場演唱會才是真實的!
如果說人生有什麼後悔遺憾的事,就是因為忙學業錯過COB第二次來台灣的演唱會!然而現在最遺憾的是Alexi Laiho離開人世了。

Nick Antonacci

I remember seeing Children of Bodom for first time live back in 2009. It was a dream come true just to see my favorite band live at the time. It was my first real metal show and I was kind of nervous. I remember getting shoved, pushed and knocked down several times. Despite this I was determined to move to the front to see Bodom up front and in person.

Eventually I did fight my way to the front row and was staring Henkka, Roope, and of course, Alexi in the face. After playing a couple songs. Alexi glanced down at me from the stage. To say that he that he seemed larger than life was an understatement.

He said nothing to me and turned around to begin to walk to the back of the stage. He turned around and began to walk towards me. He motioned a throw to me and tossed me a water bottle down from the stage.

I was absolutely mind blown that my guitar hero had noticed me in the crowd and actually gone out of his way to take care of me. And I wasn’t the only one. I remember Alexi and the rest of Bodom tossed several water bottles that night and reaching out to pound fists with fans. This was a band that genuinely loved its fans as much as we loved them.

I went on to see Children of Bodom live two more times. It makes me teary eyed to think that I’ll never see them live again. Every time I saw them though, my eyes were on Alexi and his guitar playing. Playing solos and leads that I couldn’t believe were even possible.

Thank you for everything Alexi Laiho!

Tom Tierney

Alexi Laiho and Children Of Bodom remain to this day, my biggest musical influence.

I began playing guitar at 13, stumbling into the world of metal and one of my first shows was at Irving Plaza with Bodom and Testament. Alexi influenced clothes, stage presence, attitude, and guitars.

Jaska influenced my drum setup which remained constantly in his configuration for almost 17 years.

Bodom as a whole was one of thr greatest metal bands to grace this scene and this world. We lost a God of the guitar.

I miss Alexi more than words can say. I feel like I lost a teacher, an idol, and a friend. I used to watch COBTV on YouTube and dream of the days I'd live a life like that too. I hope he's in a better place and he will be missed by us all.

RIP to the king. I pray we meet again someday.

Nicolas TRYBUS

Alexi Laiho is one of my greatest inspiration as a musician.
He showed to me it is possible to do the things we love in life and to follow our dreams.
My guitar skills really improved when I started to learn to play his songs and solos.
The very first song I learned to play was Children Of Decadence but my favorite one and the one I play all the time is Silent Night, Bodom Night.

I had groups of friends with whom we were listening and playing Children Of Bodom a lot and this inevitably brought those memories to my mind as well. It's like he was part of our parties.

I saw the band live for the first time in 2012 and it was magical.

Mostly, I had the chance to play guitar with him for the 100 guitars from hel event in 2015.
I am really grateful for having been chosen by him, it was an honor and a dream come true.

I was kinda intimidated when I met him, in reality he was a very cool and humble guy.
He will always be remembered.
A true legend.
Thank you Alexi Laiho

Zach Johnson

The first time I heard CoB was on a Viva la Bam CD, around 2004, and the song was Needled 24/7, and it blew my mind! I couldn’t believe how fast they were playing, and I wanted to know more about them. Alexi truly made me want to play fast, melodic riffs, but I would never come close to his level. He was in a league of his own! Fast forward to 2010, I finally got the opportunity to see Children of Bodom live, and it was a dream come true. Seeing Alexi and co. kicking ass and shredding through their set was one the best experiences I’ve had a show. And I almost caught a pick he threw my way. Definitely an experience I will never forget. Kiitos, Alexi! You’re one of the best to do it, and no one will come close.

Petra Strübing

Even I live in Finland I found COB very late because Finnish radio doesnt play them and metal was not my thing earlier. When I did hear song Are You Dead Yet - I did fall in love immediately.
It became like a drug to see him on stage and I saw 12 x COB, 2 x BAM and 3 times The Local Band on stage 2017-2020.
COB was best band ever and I know I will ever love any band or any artist like Alexi . I am very proud that we have such amazing bands in Finland.
One month is over now and my world is still crushed and my heart broken.
Thank you for your music , Alexi ♥️

Mikael Sukoinen

It took me 15 years of playing before I could begin to figure out his songs. However, he got me started on melodeath and remains the reason i play (pink) v-shaped guitars to this day.


Mulla on paljonkin muistoja, mut ehkä nyt en romaania tähän kirjoita. Viimeisin muisto on se kun menin Laihon kuolemasta tietämättömänä ostamaan uutta ESPeen kitaraa. Tulin kotiin ja luin lehdet. Sattui. Sattuu. Kitarani sai nimekseen Alexei.
Yks keikkamuisto kans. Viimeisellä COBeen Tavastian keikalla mulle tuli niin kuuma et oli pakko lähtee ulos ku meinas lähtee taju.


You were a pioneer and we are grateful to have your music with us forever! Rest in Peace

Mikko Himanen

Me and a couple of my friends decided to have a listening party in Turku Finland after passing of Laiho and I thought I wanted to do something special. Then I came up an idea to set up a Laiho altar. So I printed two pictures, light up a black candle and set up a guitar in the middle. It felt a proper idea. So we did some drinking, sauna and listened Bodom for whole night. After that we were quite smashed :D COB's music meant something special for each of one and it felt good to put it to words with someone. The next day I travelled to Helsinki and to the Riff bar and sat down in Hate lounge (the vip-area in Riff), had a chat with other metalheads and wrote something in the memory book and did light a candle for Alexi in front of the Riff.

I was really touched by the passing of Laiho and the fact how many people it affected. People really loved COB and Alexi Laiho and so did I.

Tyler S

I remember the first time twice, first Alexi and his skill, and then COB.

I grew up playing piano but always wanting to play guitar. My mom was a piano teacher with an emphasis on classical so that’s what I knew from a playing stand point, but I still wanted to play cool guitar stuff. Finally I got a guitar and was on YouTube trying to find anything to learn, especially since my classical mom wanted me to learn classical on guitar. I came across Alexi playing Vivaldi and was so psyched, a metal player that could play classical but sounded awesome. So he opened a door for me to play that genre in the style a preferred. Fast forward a few years and Chris Cole dropped his new shoe for DC. The song was a COB song, awesome riff and I was hooked. I had known of COB but never really listened to it. Now I’m realizing it’s Alexi and everything he plays is insane, not just that Vivaldi piece. Since then it’s been a wonderful ride listening to music that only Alexi could have achieved. Always wished I had met the him, but I’m content with his music and impact he left. RIP to one of the last guitar hero’s,

Paola Cob

A la edad de 11 años empecé a escuchar a Children Of bodom, es increíble lo fan que fui de Alexi durante todo este tiempo, a los 11 años también intenté tocar la guitarra gracias a el (No me fue muy bien, pero fue un gran paso a la música).
Recuerdo que cuando iba a la secundaria siempre llevaba su fotografía enmicada,(misma que se ve en la imagen), verla dentro del salón de clases siempre me causaba una cierta inspiración.
No hubo un día en el que no pudiera considerarme la fan número uno de Alexi, hasta hoy, a mis 23 años. Tengo una página que hice de pequeña en su tributo, todos los años le deseé feliz cumpleaños, siempre deseando que lo viera, así que espero tal vez algún dia lo haya visto.
Uno de mis mayores temores y el cual ha afectado psicológicamente mucho en mi vida es el miedo a la muerte, irónicamente sus canciones eran una buena manera o perspectiva de afrontar este miedo.
Toda mi vida mi sueño fue conocerlo, pero las veces que estuvo aquí en México yo estaba muy pequeña para intentarlo, sin embargo, asistí a 4 de sus conciertos en México, 2011, 2014, 2016 y la última vez, 2017.
Recuerdo que de pequeña todos los días me inventaba pequeñas historias de cómo sería el día que llegara a conocerlo, por desgracia me duele ahora tanto decir que ese día tendré que olvidarlo...
Así que esta es mi pequeña y valiosa colección, que sin duda seguirá aumentando.
Mencionando que mi dolor es el más grande, pasan los días y aún me niego a creerlo, todos los días sueño con el...
Atentamente y sin temor a decirlo, la fan más grande que Alexi pudo tener. Paola Cob.


What an amazing guitarist. I remember fist seeing the music video "trashed, lost, and strung out" and being blown away at how technical and raw it felt. I biked to my record store to buy follow the reaper. I think I listened to that album more than any album ever. He was a true rock star for my generation with a signature look. I started wearing camo pants and grew my hair out to try and imitate my guitar idol.

They came to a signing at the same record store in 2006 for a signing. I ditched school to meet them and it was the best day followed by the best night seeing him play. A lucky guy in line asked to get punched in the face and Alexi obliged. It even made our local news that a crazed fan got punched by a rockstar. He played everything so raw, a sound I don't think I've been able to hear from any other band or player.

RIP Wildchild


To the Man who made me the man i am

At my teenage i was really insecure, shy and angry. I literally hated everyone and everything. I was bullied at school and back at home i had to watch my mother drink herself to death. As most teenagers, i felt that no one understood me and i had no one to turn to. My biggest musical hero Kurt Cobain was all ready gone and i had no one to look up to. Then one day it hit me. I heard album Something Wild from new band Children of Bodom. It blew my mind instantly. It was as full filled with anger and hate, just as i was. The anger and desperation of the singer felt like my own. After finding out more about the band, i was shocked it was from Finland, just as i am. Singer was only few years older than i was and the struggle he had to go through because of hes bullying, felt again just like my own. It made me think, if he succeeded, if he lived trough that shit and gave everyone middle finger by making it, why couldn’t i. Wildchild became my hero from that point on. I literally didn’t give a fuck to any ones opinion about my long hair from that point on. It was my long hair. Not anyone else. I lived trough the shitty school years and continuous bullying. I didn’t anymore want to kill my self daily, because i felt like Wildchild understood me. He was there for me. Hes music was there for me.

As adult i kept on following Alexis career. Every time i listened to a new album of COB i felt and remembered the strength he gave me as a teenager. Now that i have a family and succesfull job career, i can say thank you to Alexi for it. Without him, i might not be here at all. It makes me sad that once he finally had a family of his own, hes story ended so suddenly and so much too soon. I don’t cry a lot. I didn’t cry at my mothers funeral. But the day i heard the shocking news of loss of Alexi, i could not do anything but to cry. I didn’t know him, i never met him, i didn’t have change to say thank you. But yet still, i cried for him. And sometimes i still do.

Thank you Alexi. Kiitos. Lepää rauhassa.

Andrea Kuo

When I studied high school, my song track was always Children of Bodom. I played guitar everyday and always dreamed one day I can meet Alexi. Very lucky COB came to Taiwan to hold concert made me having chance to meet him. I also learned some simple Finnish for communicating with my favorite idol although he also can speak English. So sad I don’t have any chance can see him again. But he always lives inside my heart.

Pekka W.

I found Children Of Bodom at the end of the 90's and Follow The Reaper was the first album I bought. Their speed and energy impressed me and I tied to play their songs on my guitar with poor success.

Here's my tribute to a great guitar hero. Rest in peace Alexi!


You long lived forever!

JGD Metal

Alexi was and will always be my guitar hero. His music has helped me through so many times of my life. It still does. It lifts me up, when I am down. It lifts me even higher, when I am feeling great. Everytime I hear one of his songs I am like "What the actual f**k? This is pure genius. How can somebody play like that? And more important: How can someone come up with this?". Everytime! I am not kidding.

Alexi made me the guitar player, who I am today. His music, his playing, his pure genius inspired me to always work on my playing. If somebody hears my lead sections today, there is no doubt you can hear the influence of the guitar god Alexi. It is just so fun to play.

I also enjoyed watching interviews of Alexi. He was always so polite, so "true". He was not like other famous musicians. It is hard to describe, but I think you know what I mean. That is another thing I loved about him.

I also had the pleasure of meeting him once. He was playing at a festival and was getting a drink (it looked like that) and I went to him to ask a "fist-bump". Eventhough I was not able to say a single word like "excuse me" (because I was so nervous) and acted kind of rude with my behaviour I guess (I am so sorry :/) he turned around and gave me a fist-bump. I am stil so happy about this. Giving my hero a fist-bump. I think that really showed his politeness. I would have completely understood, if he would have ignored me. But he did not. He just made my dream come true.

Sorry for my bad english. I wish I could have the words to express how much Alexi means to me.

We will truly miss you. You will never be forgotten. There will never be someone like you. You were the one and only Wildchild.


my first concert was 2000 at this moment i had to know i musst buy his guitar

laiho stay in hell stay metal my best frind

Anton Haines

My musical perspective changed ever since my guitar teacher showed the ''crazy opera-death-metal'' song turning out to be Warheart.

Only in his death do I realise how often Alexi's sounds truly passed through my heart and mind. Much of the time, too naturally to even go noticed.

A typical delusion nourished via respect, love, and awe, I felt connected to the man, his near spontaneous-writing style lyrics; prose I felt only I could decipher. His later albums synced with millstones of my personal life, not as foreshadowing but a haunting, cathartic narration.

I shall choose to believe a part of me hasn't died in tandem.

Our hero is now free of his earthly burdens.

Jimmy Bustamante

14 years ago I heard them for the first time, I was surprised by the Sixpounder song, then I investigated more, and uff until today they have made me live great moments and many emotions. I had the opportunity to meet Laiho in 2016, after Children of Bodom's concert in Chile. It was the last time I got to see him, it was a great day, I met many people who have been very important to this day. Thanks to COB I met many friends that unfortunately today 3 of them are together with Alexi at the moment and I hope they are resting in peace. in short, there are many words to dedicate in so little space.
you are a legend and you left a great legacy.

Johanna D

Downfall got me practicing more than ever. Alexi's music made me fall harder for guitars and guitar playing. Hoping tha A-Man's finally at peace, wherever he is. Thank you for the inspiration.

Iwan IJsbrandij

I discovered Alexi on the ESP website about 13 years ago. It changed my live.

Mario Cesar Hoffmann

The reason I picked up a guitar. He was a true guitar hero. R.I.P legend ó/

Yonzy Molina

My favorite guitar player, favorite top 10 band of mdm. I love my #alexi600 #ltdalexi600

Joe Howle

I first discovered CoB listening to liquid Metal on Sirius Satellite Radio in 2007. They played “Are you dead yet” and I was hooked. I’m been a die hard fan ever since. Sadly though, my military career kept me places where my assignments were not in proximity to where they toured. Thankfully though, I got to see them in 2019 in Charlotte North Carolina. I was blown away and I felt blessed for being in the presence of who I viewed as a personal hero and idle. I had hoped that the opportunity to see them again would have came around but COVID struck and so did the tragedy took the wind out of our sails. We miss you Alexi.

Rodrigo Calian

I discovered Children of Bodom at the age of 11, the music is very good and it has marked me for a lifetime until today I continue to listen, Alexi Laiho is eternal


Alexi was the focal point of my youth. COB were the soundtrack to my teenage years. I wouldn't be the guitar player I am today without Alexi's influence. I remember, from about the age of 14 to the age of 17(2004 - 2007), Bodom and Alexi were 50% of what me and my friends listened too. Afternoons after school and weekends we would learn his riffs, licks and solos at my friends house.

Alexi, your music, your life has meant so much too me. I wouldn't be the musician I am today without you. Your soul may be gone, but your music, your influence and your legacy will live on... You will live on.

RIP my idol. My friend.

Hugo Cabrera

Thanks you for you music Allu.
My Guitar inspiration forever, this is my tribute.
We miss you very much.
Eternally Horns Up in your memory.


How could I start MY story about Alexi.. Maybe from the beginning : The first time when I heard COB, I really didn't like their music that much, I liked Hard Rock more. But when the album Hatebreeder was on stores, my world changed.... On that time I was playing drums, but after listening the Hatebreeder I knew I had to change my instrument to guitar. I loved and still love the song downfall, and I decided that after I'm able to play it, I'm good enough. (still can't do it right). But, back to that dreadfull Day.... I came home and sat to the sofa, and allmost immediately my girlfriend just said "so Alexi Laiho is dead". I was too overwelmed and confused that I actually did not understant At first that she is talking about the same guitar-god-Alexi who had made a HUGE impact to my life. Afterwards it is embarrasing to admit that I saw COB only once in Kempele after Lost Societys warm up. And FUCK!! That was Something that I wont ever forget, something that I will remember forever. Now I know my duty is to learn to play more COB, I own it to Alexi. Like Dave said, "the heavens heavy metal band has found its solo guitarist" . Hopefully it is easier to you up there than down here. You left a huge heritage to all of us, and even bigger hole to this world. Love and respect, rest in peace... ❤️

Ignacio Belletti

Rest in Peace Guitar Hero!!


First listened Alexi in 2003 and was totally shocking that COB’s music is my whole life love! I have only one idol is Alexi Laiho! He changed and encouraged me a lot! Legend never die!!!

Diego Gomez

Children of Bodom was the first melodic death metal band I ever listened to, and they introduced me to a whole new genre of metal which I love because of them.

Alexi has been a great inspiration to me for more than 5 years now and I can confidently say he is the reason I improved at guitar as much as I have. RIP Alexi, you will always be a legend in metal. My condolences to his family.

Tomi Sariola

Guitar god amazing person and a inspiration

Ben T

The first time I heard Alexi play was back over a decade ago when I was in middle school. I heard my friend mention his name when he told me about Children of Bodom.

I went home that day and searched online for videos of them -because that's how I listened to music back then. The first thing I saw was the the Stockholm Knockout Live Follow the Reaper video. If you've seen that video, you'd know that Follow the Reaper was not the first thing I heard.

The video started off with the lead into the solo of Bodom After Midnight. The solo that is now my all time favorite and the thing I most aspire to play one day. Watching the build up to it, and then seeing and hearing him rip into that solo just as the camera cut to him gave me a chill and a feeling of energy I'd never felt from anything else. That solo immediately caused me to fall in love with CoB and I would listen to the audio of that video on repeat on an MP3 player I used at the time.

I picked up guitar at that point and unfortunately quite after a year of not practicing enough.

Now 12 or so years later I'm 2 years into an obsessive craze of learning guitar inspired by a re-ignition of my love for CoB's music. I spent my first paycheck of my first career job buying one of his guitars and now it is my prized possession. I can't remember the last time I was more devastated than when I heard of his passing. I never got to meet him but it was one of the things I really wished to do in life.

No one else makes the guitar sound the way he did.

I truly miss him. Rest in peace.

Paul W

I first heard Children of Bodom as a freshman in high school. It was the first time I heard a song, and thought “There is no way a human could play that”
For the next four years I was obsessed with the band. I got a LTD Alexi and learned all their songs, and Alexi was the person that inspired me to take music theory classes. Fast forward 15 years and now I’m a band teacher and private guitar instructor, teaching the next generation some COB songs

Moritz S

Hes my reason I live...
He I inspired me so much...
I love his guitar style, his neoclassicla elements, the way he holds his guitar

I will forever miss him and keep practicing until I can play every song

I will always miss you alexi

You inspire me to live

Thank you


Dear Alexi,

I must have been around 10 years old when I first heard COB. It wasn’t love at first sound. But I’d been a metal girl since, well since I was born.
So as I kept hearing your songs from the radio I grew to like them. It wasn’t until I was 12 or 13yo I saw COB live at tuska open air and absolutely fell in love with the band. Your music was full of hate and energy. Energetic hate and I loved it, still do.

As a teenager my angst was at its’ best and I felt like I could relate to the hate crew. I think that was the first time I truly felt like I was part of something and I’d reach a point where I felt like I could be myself (myself being a hc metal fan). A lot of my friends aren’t really big fans of metal music so at one point during my adult life I felt I wouldn’t say embarrassed but like it wasn’t normal at my age to be “that big of a fan of metal music” or any genre of music for that matter. But I stayed true to myself and hey most of those friends are still around even though they don’t share my passion for metal music.

I got through some of the worst times of my life by listening to your music. It gave me comfort and somehow kept me sane.

Seeing COB live was pretty much the highlight of the year for over 15 years! Whenever I heard cob is playing in Helsinki I was immediately checking when the tickets would be on sale. And I did not miss one god damn show (well ok, a few due to not being in Finland). Anyway best nights out!

Couple of years ago I met you (Allu) at riff bar in Hel.
We talked for a bit before you headed out (as your friends said “Alexi, it’s time to go home” note; it was late and we were all pretty wasted ), I told you that I’d been a fan for 20 years and asked if I could have your autograph. I got one and then you asked if you could have mine. So I signed my name on your tummy with big ass letters along with hearts and a smiley.
We said good night and you left. Epic night!

After this I saw COB live for 4 or 5 times.
Before the chapter called Children of Bodom came to its’ end.
I was heartbroken by the news but it gave me comfort and relief to know that you would carry on doing music and that I would still hear all these songs live, songs that I so much love.

I got to see your new band Bodom After Midnight once at Tavastia. And you guys nailed it. And I could not wait to see you guys on stage again....sadly that day will never come.

Now to the hard part.

I hope your rocking it, wherever you are now.
Pain, anger, hate, love, passion and joy are all words that describe feelings; feelings that so many of us feel through your lyrics.

I’ll never forget the impact you had in my life. Because of your music I’m still me.
A 30 - something year old ambitious woman. A woman who still listens to metal. And my favorite band will always be CHILDREN OF BODOM like you said “end of f*cking story”.

R.I.P Alexi.

Jon Nieukirk

I remember getting picked up from grade school by my brother in 2001 he was blasting the NB promo copy of Follow the Reaper that he got most likely at Milwaukee Metal Fest 2000 (COB's first US show) and after that I was hooked. Saw him live in 2005 and 2012 and always blew me away. Has had a major influence on my guitar playing. Here's to your life and honor \m/! R.I.P Alexi

Clay Miller

Megadeth tour, 2016, Niagara Falls, NY. Supporting were Suicidal Tendencies, Havok, and of course, Children of Bodom. It was a killer show. After the show, we were walking to my vehicle. Alexi is standing beside his tour bus. I wave and said "Hey Alexi, great show". He says "Thanks, but hey do you have a cigarette?" I said "No sorry man" He goes "Alright thanks anyway bud". It was a very cool experience and I'll never forget how genuine he sounded.


Impossible to express how much his music means to me, I listen to it every day and get strenght from it. A huge loss but I am grateful for the music he gave. Rest in peace Alexi.

Mika K.

My high school friend lived on the same area in Espoo and was friends with Jaska and Alexi. That friend of mine and Alexi were relatively close friends and even trained together those iconic floyd rose/whammy screams at the age of 15 or 16.

The first time I saw the Bodom guys was with my high school friend back in -95 or -96. They played a small gig at a local youth cafe in Espoo still under the name Inearthed. There was not even a proper stage in that place and maybe 15-20 people in the crowd. I still remember as they began their set and Alexi came to the "stage" and started playing - I remember I instantly felt that there is something special about this guy.

That something "special" became clear quite quickly as I saw also Alexi playing with his Oulunkylä Pop Conservatory friends under the moniker T.O.L.K. and mixing prog, death metal and super mario tune in the same song. The sheer talent was undeniable! And then Spinefarm published 'Something Wild' and I was totally blown away by Alexi's guitar playing on such songs as 'Deadnight Warrior' and 'Lake Bodom'. When a couple of years earlier I had heard Yngwie's 'I'll see the light tonight' for the first time - my head exploded. But with 'Something Wild' it was next level from Yngwie. The attitude to take the whole world at your grasp and by the balls. And later with as CoB's career progressed, they did exactly that!

I got to meet and spend time with Alexi, when I was still writing for a metal music magazine and visited Gothenburg. And Sinergy was then recording 'Spit on your grave'-album at Studio Freeman. We politely asked and got to spend a couple of days on the background as the band was working on their album. Alexi came across as a truly down-to-earth and humble person, as did also all other members of Sinergy. And of course I followed Bodom's career progression along the years and bought most of the albums on my record shelf.

I rarely react to any celebrity deaths, but something in the news of Alexi's passing made me really sad for the next week or so. Rarely do you get to witness such an incredible talent, which also worked enormously and endlessly throughout his whole life to become absolutely best in his craft. And he became a true legend, icon, who with the other Bodom guys toured over 10 times around the globe, touched and inspired millions of people through his music. And I believe everyone was so much looking fwd as with what he'd come up with next.

Instead of burying ourselves in sadness, we should celebrate his life and the huge musical legacy he left us with. The whole generations around the globe have started guitar playing and have wanted to become better at it due to one single person. Alexi.

It takes a lot to become a true legend and icon, who's life and art resonates and continues to inspire countless people around the world, in which we live. True legends never die, as the music and legacy continues to live on through and also inspire the younger and yet-to-come guitar playing generations. That is a gigantuous lifetime-achievement. So let's celebrate that, Alexi's music and lifework, as the time of mourning and sadness starts to slowly pass at some point in the future.

- Mika

Arnau Launa69 DBM

My brother and my metal master, with eternal love I say goodbye to you. A&H T32019

Rémy H

J'ai vu COBHC en 2015 à Marseille en France. Ce fut un putin de bon concert. Du coup, peu de temps après le concert j'ai acheter une Jackson RR pour reprendre du COBHC. Autant dire qu'il à eu un gros impact sur moi et sur mon jeux. Alexi restera dans mes souvenirs comme le WildChild. Son énergie et son talent restera dans ma mémoire. Toute mes pensées à sa famille et ses amis. BIG UP à toi Alexi.

Damien Huggins

I first discovered him through the first album I heard of theirs being "Are You Dead Yet" being the album that turned me to listening to metal in general and he became an idol for me to learn guitar, I was lucky enough to see them on the Blooddrunk tour and immediately fell in love with his playing style and energy and have been lucky enough to see them live around 7 times, its a shame he was taken from us but if people watch their live set from bloodstock 2019 he really didn't look well :/ I am glad to say I am a proud owner of an LTD Alexi 200 and its become my go to guitar to play whenever I want to pick up a guitar and play :) and yes the plectrum in the strings is an Alexi plectrum

Sonja Lahti

I discovered his music when I was 13, and for my teenage years Children of Bodom was a total lifesaver for me. I went to multiple festival gigs of theirs in Finland, bought a guitar inspired by him (nothing special came out of that). One of the funniest live experiences of Alexi and COB was when they played a part of Rihannas Umbrella in Rocperry Festival (Vaasa, Finland).

Mikey Cowan

I first heard Alexi 18 years ago in Children of Bodom’s Follow The Reaper album, a friend had made a cd with a mix of artists on it for me which featured Every Time I Die, Lake Bodom and Follow The Reaper songs. I was hooked straight away, as a 16 year old keen guitarist I felt that the way he played guitar was impossible - but as I grew into playing guitar I was able to play along with some of my favourite Bodom songs. Of a lot of the musicians who have passed over the past 3/4 years, Alexi’s passing has been one of the worst for me, I listen to his music to celebrate his life and career - but just that feeling of knowing I will never see him perform live again is a hard one to digest. I am blessed to have seen Alexi in Bodom live around 7 or 8 times since Unholy Alliance Tour with Slayer in 2006.


I listened to a lot of metal before I listened to Children of Bodom and I have to thank MTV for introduction me to them (Needled 24/7) or I might have been even later to the party. He's still my favorite artist, who makes my favorite guitar. Thanks for giving so much of yourself to us, musically.


I discovered Alexis "wild child" Laiho when Synergy's two first albums released. His sound just made me mad. Awesome, powerfull, nervous, and that neo classic touch ... a great guitar played left us. If i listen carefully i can hear hell/heaven making more noise than before. Goodbye


I remember when I first listened to Children of Bodom, being around 11yo (almost 15 years ago, man that is long time) and thinking "How something like this comes from Finland?!". COB and Iron Maiden were the bands that got me into metal when I was a kid and I will remember that always. My first real metal concert was also of course COB during their Christmass tour in Finland 2011. That show was at Pakkahuone in Tampere, legendary Finnish music-club (and that was also the last place where I saw COB couple years ago). That christmass show was the very first time I got myself to moshpit and it was hilarious! My father was there with me and told that I'm crazy for going there. After that show he also started to listen metal music and is stil listening it today.

I never met the band or Alexi but they gave me so much when I'm thinking it today. I was driving car when I learned from Radio Rock (biggest rock radio station in Finland) about Alexi passing and I bursted to tears, something that shocked unexpectedly me too. All that while listening to Needled 24/7. I Guess that Alexi and his music means something very big for me.

Alexi, you are legend and will be missed by metal community. Your music will live forever!



I didn't listen to CoB before Alexi's passing. However as a Finn and as a metalhead's mom I knew the band by name and Alexi's reputation as an exceptionally talented guitar player.
I thought their music was way too raw for me. It wasn't. I noticed that I love it.
I feel really sorry for Alexi's family, loved ones and band members. I wish them all the strength in the world to get thru this very difficult time.


I'm currently 17 years old,before 2 years I started listening to metal and randomly I checked one song of children of bodom ,in these 2 years Alexi introduced me to the crazy world of melodic death metal ,I love it and something about his playing is magic, he was and basically still is my favourite artist and "template"(if Google translated this word right) I wished one day I play same stage with him kinda like a dream, suddenly I woke up and saw some stories with Alexi . I was from sleep so I didn't get why there were so many stories,and then I realized and I went to one of those to check and it was the terrible news that Alexi died, I couldn't believe that I checked again and again to confirm that this is a joke but sadly it wasn't . I still up to this date 29/1/2021 I cannot process this information this can't be true. My mind can't understand that this happened. That's really sad. He is the best. I can't name a better artist objectively


The only memory that will be forever etched in my heart is the opening keyboard riff of "Bed Of Razors". Yes, it wasn't Alexi Laiho playing it but it was his vision that enabled me to listen to it. That time, I was in my early teens, and I was branching out of The Beatles with a few very deserving candidates for my listening pleasure. Bodom was among them.

While I'm not strictly a guitar player, Laiho is still an influence I look up to as a musician. He will always be remembered.

Mike J

Met him about 8 years ago.

Ben Sterz

When I started playing the guitar I saw a picture of his Greeny and I got curious who plays such a guitar. Then I found out about COB and him. Alexi was my biggest inspiration and he really influenced my guitar playing a lot. He is a person who I won’t forget in my lifetime.
May he Rest In Peace
Legends will never die

Myriam H.

(Sorry for my english)
He introduced me to the world of metal music.
He is the reason I started playing the guitar and obviously my first guitar was a Randy Rhoads.
I had the chance to see him in concert in France, I was in the front row, a great emotional moment to see my guitar hero, such a great composer and a talented musician.
Thanks for everything!
R.I.P Alexi “Wildchild” Laiho

Misty Shadow

I met Alexi in Melbourne for an ESP meet and greet which I found out about the day before which was pure luck as I'm from Perth and was stopping over in Melbourne. He was humble and shy and I'm very quiet myself, Kelli noticed me and struck up a conversation and brought me into a conversation with Alexi - it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Max Kiehn

Many celebrities and musicians have passed away lately, and while it is all sad, Alexis death hit me pretty hard. Hes been the inspiration to my playing for years and I wish I could have payed him back a fraction of the knowledge and time he gave to his fans. When I was 16, I worked in a grocery store for almost a year to save up to buy his signature model ESP. When that guitar arrived, it was the greatest feeling to know I had something close to what Alexi played. It is still one of my prized possessions. One of my first metal shows was with COB and being up close and personal to Alexi, able to hear his screams without a microphone and the insane pinch harmonics without an amp was like being in another dimension. He was way ahead of his time and revolutionized the game. He was a hero of mine and always will be. I truly will miss watching him play, and my only regret is not seeing more shows with him. RIP Alexi Laiho, you were and always be one of the bests.


I remember the first time i ever saw them live, i was 17 at the time and it was the "No place like home tour" in Finland. I was so pumped since CoB was my all time favourite band and Alexi was undenieably my Idol and Hero. When CoB hit the stage everyone started to headbang and run in the moshpit, but i couldn't. I just stood there in awe, like a kid in a candy store when Alexi started shredding. I couldn't take my eyes away. His playing was truly on another level. Rest In Piece Wildchild.


Alexi Laiho's style, attitude, and passion influenced me to push myself to become a better guitarist. His influence resonated strongly in my own writing and playing with my own band in high school, even the confidence to sing while doing leads. His impact on me was so strong I adopted Wild Child into my own usernames over a decade ago and still use to this day. I can imitate, but will never be. The original Wild Child Mr.Alexi Laiho's spirit will live on with the music and fans!

Erick Umanzor

I was fortunate to see Children of Bodom play twice in Phoenix. The first time opening for Megadeth and the second time opening for Lamb of God. They gave an impressive show both times. Alexi was a great guitarist! Rest in Power!

Michiru Kobayashi

(I'm sorry that I'm poor at English.)

I fell in love with COB because of my brother 's influence.
The first time I saw them when they came to Laud Park in 2015.
Their performance was very cool and very excited.
Next year I went on a trip to Finland.
I thought I'd hand over a letter when I met Alexi someday, and I wrote down in English and had Finns translated to Finnish.
And I was very glad that COB came to Laud Park for two years in a row.
After Laud Park, I met them by chance at the Tokyo station when I go home by Shinkansen.
I've always wanted to see Alexi, so I was really excited to see him.
I got Alexi to sign and get a picture taken together.
I was able to hand him a letter and a souvenir of Japan.
I also told him that I am going to see a concert in Osaka the next day.
Alexi was very kind and very cool.
I caught the pick he threw in Osaka.
It became a treasure for life.
The last time I saw Alexi came as a local band in 2018.

He's really cool, and he's my guitar hero forever.

Sanjay Stevens

Alexi was the reason I picked up the guitar. RIP Alexi


Here's to all the many memories you gave us with your music.

So long, dear Alexi....See you on the road....\m/

Jesus G

We'll miss your creativity man.. COB: Best band ever

RIP Alexi

Chris Bennett

I can remember listening to Bodom about 18 years ago at a friends house and then seeing on the internet, which was quite new at the time, that they were playing our local city. We went and watched some of the greatest guitar playing I’ve ever seen and the rest is history. Saw the band many times and was also lucky enough to see Sinergy at Bloodstock indoor festival. Great guitarist and frontman, thanks for the memories


I was a little boy when I heard for the first time Alexi playing incredible solos and being an absolutely amazing musician. He was the reason that made me want to be a better guitarist, learn more about music theory and try to understand how he was able to be so impressive. The first guitar I bought with my own money was an Alexi-200 because I knew I want to play and look like him. Now 15 years after I heard him for the first time, I still believe he was one of the top guitarist, singer, and musician in all metal genre, he's still the reason I make music and it always be.
You might be gone but your legacy will outlive all of us.


I still remember when I got ‚Hatebreeder‘ in 1999. There were some badass lead guitar players out there....but f***king hell- this guy blew my mind. From that das I was practicing like hell and would play along to all the songs again and again \m/
He really influenced my style and triggered to get more technically advanced.
Saw them live in 2001 with ‚Follow the Reaper‘ and will never forget how he interrupted a fight between 2 guys in the very front of the stage while literally playing and singing at the same time.
That gig was a blast....COB opened for Primal Fear in those days....
My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends.
You might be lost but not forgotten Alexi!
Thank you for your inspiration


The first time I head COB was when I was in 7th grade. Are You Dead Yet just came out and was the first song I heard and I fell in love with it. 2013 Mayhem Festival was the first time I saw them and it was phenomenal. Alexi's energy was crazy and amazing. I ended up catching their shows four times and each time blew me away more than the last. He was an amazing artist and definitely an inspiration to my guitar playing. He will always be heavily missed, RIP Wild Child, thank you for the memories and the music

Jeff Berserk

I remember seeing COB first concert here in Brazil in 2001, when their van arrived at the venue i went to Laiho window and he showed me a horns up sign! I could see he was so happy to be playing here, RIP Legend!


Alexi and COB were the main reason I started taking music seriously. Not only as my main influence to get better at my guitar technique, also as my very first steps into music production.

Thanks to his music, I met people who later became closer to me and also gave me the courage to take choices that led me to where now I am.

I had the fortune to see Alexi play twice. One time in Mexico City with the I worship chaos tour and the other in Helsinki at the last COB gig.

Thank you, Alexi.

R.I.P Alexi “Wildchild” Laiho

Benno R

I remember reading about Alexi in guitar magazines in around 2003 and wondering what all the hype was about then I saw him featured heavily in the ESP catalogs. Soon after I bought the Hate Crew Deathroll cd and was blown away at how intense, yet melodic his playing was. Then I heard the earlier albums and was hooked even more. He was such a master of melody, songwriting and technicality that he stood high above his peers. On top of it all he seemed like a really cool guy. RIP Alexi

Stephen W

I discovered Children Of Bodom in 2004, and instantly latched onto Alexi's persona, and blistering talent.
The music resonated with me, and I went about exploring all his other musical releases.
COB was the first band I saw, back in 2005 (in Sydney), and I was gobsmacked at the display of talent.
I was lucky enough to grab one of the Japanese standard signature series Scythes, and it will always a treasured memory of Alexi.
I'm still deeply shocked by his passing.
Rest in peace Wildchild

Alcobain Otormín (mr.alcobain)

I as (many people in this world) had a difficult childhood and a violent father and of course the brings to the dark side of everything getting Al kind of violent and suicidal thoughts, but lucky for me my bro introduced me into the heavy and death metal and the first band that he showed me and the only one that could definitely make me go insane was COB, it could make me feel like every single thing that makes my life a hell is getting its diserves, Alexi was a true hero because his music saved me and gave me a reason to never give up on been a guitar player, this picture is from the time COB came to my country Uruguay in 2011, I was only 19 years old and playing with an very low level and cheap Chinese stratocaster guitar, and right in the next day I bought an Washburn medium level guitar with Floyd Rose and that's when I knew I needed to be good as he is... Now 10 years today I can only be grateful for all the magic through this years we received from him... Rest in power my hero, I hope he's family and friends are OK, my condolences to them


In 2011 when they were playing here in Brazil, the crowd was in ecstasy and was shouting every one of the band, but the pronunciation is very different here so when they shout Janne, sounded more like the female English name Jane, then Alexi just ask: "They are saying Journey, is that right?". And then proceed to play Don't stop believing from the Journey band. Ironically I couldn't believe.

Mohammed obeidi

Alexi inspired me the most into metal music and to become serious with guitars ,he was definitely a huge influence and an inspiration to a whole generation , RIP legend


Alexi was, I’m most certain of this, the very first BIG influence in my music journey. As a kid, being 16, I just looked at him play and I couldn’t be more entertained, amazed, inspired. Hatebreeder will forever be my utmost favorite piece of guitar playing. Once I started Uni being a designer I still wanted to involve music in my projects, and even ended up drawing him for a color-technique class. I wasn’t the best, but it came up nice and got me a good grade, but the memory of him will live forever on as well as the sketch :)


He was more than great guitars and composer, my personal idol as guitar player, reason I started to play fast and loud. I'm very happy that I was on COB concert in Kyiv Ukraine in 2019 right before they split up, so sorry won't see him again on stage.. still can't believe he's gone

Chase Fuller

Man, first time I met Alexi I was 16. Couldn’t tell you how many times I got to see his band play! Not enough though! He is one of my all time favorites, there was a point in my life where all I was listening to was his bands music. Last time I watched him perform was Ozzfest 2017! Rest In Peace my brother COBHC for life!

Karen Day

From the moment I met him back in 2012 he melted my heart and broke it in the same conversation. I told him he was my favorite, he told me " I'm not that good, what do you like about me?" I said" I love to watch you play, I am mesmerized, and I've seen alot of guitarists play. you do what you love and you love what you do"
now from me being all fan girl, it became more like mother and son, I listened to him, hugged him, and gave him a little compassion, understanding and comfort.
every time I saw him he remembed, Finns don't forget, I ve been told..and it was true with him. no matter the show or venu, he always had his way of acknowledging me in the crowd.


Alexi inspired me from start of my guitar playing and will inspire eternally.

Kev EX

Alexi and Children Of Bodom blew my mind, when I first heard "Living Deadbeat" and "Are You Dead Yet?" The bands I was listening to at that time were nothing like COB. It was a real breath of fresh air. COB was also my real introduction into ESP guitars. I remember always wanting one as a kid because of Alexi's Alexi 600 model. Up until 2020 I was finally able to get one. Alexi made me want to keep trying at a time when I had no idea what I was doing on the guitar. Thanks for everything! RIP Alexi!


Stumbled across COB by chance, instant connection, lasting inspiration. Will cherish my Alexi 200 forever. Iconic. RIP Alexi

Jonathan castro

Children of bodom was the reason why I started playing guitar more than 11 years ago, Alexi will continue to be my inspiration to improve more and more

Chris Schmidt

He was one of my biggest influences as a guitarist; right up there with Randy Rhoads and Dave Mustaine. I was hooked on COB from the moment I first heard the solo from “Bodom After Midnight”, and I became obsessed with becoming a better guitarist. Everything about his playing: his phrasing, his note choices, and of course, his speed and clarity serves as a benchmark for what I have and will continue to strive for as a player.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to see him with COB multiple times in recent years. The most exciting of these shows occurred during the Down n’ Dirty tour. He seemed to be energized and reinvigorated by those old Bodom tracks. It was truly a sight to behold.

I saw him for the final time during the Hexed US tour. My wife and I met him before that last show. I got to tell him how much I loved the new album and how he was my favorite player. Before the brief interaction was over, my wife told him “We love you”. Alexi then looked at us and said “Well, we love YOU”, and he meant it. Rest easy, Wildchild.

Kamil Sikorski

Alexi is the only idol I've ever had. He was the reason I started to play guitar. I remember when I was on a gig in 2012. They were on tour with Cannibal Corpse. It was fun ;) I've met Roope and Jaska ;). Unfortunately, Alexi had stomach issues back then so he just went to their bus. Alexi you will be missed. :(

Mac Sixx

Rest in peace Alexi! You were too young and too tallented to depart such so soon! Take together with Lemmy Jack'N'Coke and rock the hell as no one can do \m/

Frans Tolonen

Bodom introduced me to this awesome genre. Lake Bodom influenced me to start playing guitar. Rest in peace Alexi sad that we never❤️


He got me into metal and playing guitar. My all time favorite guitarist forever.
The picture is from Tilburg, Netherlands, November 2015. Where i had the honor to meet this legend.
Rest In Peace Alexi Laiho

Andrew Fena

My younger brother and I first started listening to Children of Bodom in the late Summer of 2003. We were blown away by Alexi’s virtuosity and to this day aspire to become better guitar players due to his major influence. We were sure to read any Guitar World magazine he was featured in. We were even fortunate enough to see them play live with Amon Amarth in San Diego in 2006. Alexi Laiho set the bar for us all as well as for generations to come. RIP Alexi and thank you for uniting two brothers over a love of metal music and guitar playing.


I first got into Children of Bodom back in 2004, like a lot of people Needled 24/7 was the first song I heard from a headbangers ball vol 2. Right after that I bought Hatecrew Deathroll. Then in 2005 I went to my first COB show 11/25/05 in San Francisco, and since then I went on to see them a lot when they came to the Bay Area. This band means a lot to me, I even got the COBHC logo tattooed on my back. I got to meet Alexi a couple of times at meet & greets, and he was so kind, always thanked the fans for coming out to the shows. I was able to go to the 20th anniversary show in 2017, it was the very first concert I traveled to and attended alone. I faced a fear, and don't regret it because it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. Alexi passing has affected a lot of us, he was a big part of my childhood, and early adult life. I'll always treasure every show I went to, and the music. RIP Alexi.

Mathieu Parent

At 14, first song I ever heard of Children of Bodom was “Angels Don’t Kill” and I was blown away. Since then, Alexi became a guitarist I looked up to, as myself a musician. I followed the band’s growth with the years and was hoping to see them live one day, in my city. Woke up by reading the news about his passing; the strangest day I ever had. Eternally appreciative of what he’s done for the Metal community and how he inspired me over the years.

Rest in Peace Alexi Laiho, and may your legacy last forever.


I first heard the riff of Everytime I Die when i was 13. It took a week until i had listened their entire discography, and been a diehard member of the Hate Crew, and i have a large bodom Merch, CD&Vinyl Collection at home. I play in 2 bands, and Alexi has been my main inspiration always. My playing would never have been the same without you, Alexi. Here's a Picture i took of him at the last COB concert.

"The portal has been past, and it's time to make a turn
To Follow The Reaper until the point of no return"

Forever in my and everyones heart
Rest In Peace Alexi Laiho

Atte-Veikko Kemppainen

Alexi was my first guitar hero and got me really serious about playing guitar back In 1999. COB and Alexi's example pushed me to reherse a lot and start my own band, write songs etc. Later that spark took me to study music and work as a musician. Although I changed my profession later and music is now 'just' a hobby for me, without Alexi and COB I wouldn't have experienced so many great things with music and my life would be very different. Thanks, Alexi for inspiring us with your playing and music!


I was a stagehand at Nummirock-festival 2013. I worked at the main stage, and it was a dream come true to carry Bodoms gear to the stage and see those guys in real life. Managed to get a photo with Alexi. I was really scared to ask him, but he was so cool with it and made my day! True professional and a Legend. Rock in peace Alexi!

Karl white

Baker 3 Dustin Dollin

Instantly hooked


I was 11 when i first listened to CoB...I liked the music straight away, but couldn’t really get Alexi’s vocals and I remember saying to my brother “what the hell are you listening to?” I just needed a few years more to fully appreciate the whole thing! When I was around 15 I completely fell in love with their music and with Alexi’s guitar playing. This love never left me, his music has been one of the main soundtracks of my life for the past 17 years. I’ll miss not being able to see him live anymore, and it’s devastatingto know that your adolescent hero (and crush, let’s admit it) it’s not with us anymore, but his music will be with us forever, and he’ll live forever through his music


He was my first introduction to metal. I heard C.o.B first when I was 10 and never stopped listening to them. His music opened a whole new world to me. I was so fascinated by the music that I instantly started learning how to play guitar and always wanted to play like him and dreamed for his guitar. After years I my dream finally came true I saw then live in Toronto 2014... Never knew that I won't see the band and Alexi live ever again. The world got colder but everything will stay the same since Legends Never Die. R. I. P my hero.


I've been a fan of Alexi's playing and tone for a number of years, since I received two CD-Rs of Hatebreeder and Follow the Reaper from a friend. This was probably before or around the time of Hate Care Deathroll. I've been a fan ever since, enjoying most stylistic eras of the band along the way.

I even gave some pickups a chance that everyone else said were "garbage," "horrible," etc. just because they weren't active EMGs. I bought two of Alexi's EMG ALX sets for my Ltd H-1001 and H-500 (from 2008 or 2009), and paired them with a second EMG HZ H2 in the neck.

Out of the box and set to the "Alexi" setting, the gain boost was way too much, while the EQ setting was great. If I pulled the gain boost back some, I not only had a killer onboard overdrive, but also a nice mellow setting as well. I recently (maybe October 2020) decided to put those back in after using EMG 85/60A sets for a couple years, and fell in love with the EMG ALX (H2 bridge + ABQ boost) and H2 neck all over again.

Thanks again, Alexi.


The first out-of-town concert I ever went to, was COB/Amon Amarth/Trivium, and I very briefly met Alexi. My jaw dropped, because not only, had I been feet from the stage, but I finally met a true guitar hero. Even got to shake hands and grab a bro-hug. RIP


This is from the third last children of bodom show.

Igor Dzaic

For me, Alexi Laiho was the premier guitar player and songwriter. He would shift between styles in the middle of a song, yet it would fit. The last 3 Children Of Bodom records are my favourite overall as they contain every style he was known for. Hexed is probably the best COB song ever. The first song I ever heard was Children of Decadence, so Follow The Reaper is special to me. What a unique player he was. Rest in peace.

Coen Wessel

Hearing and seeing Alexi play made me pick up my guitar after years of neglect. When you hear a riff you can tell its Alexi, that is a super rare quality. Only a few musicians can say they changed the game. Above all else, Alexi shows you how to enjoy your guitar .. RIP Sensei

Bara Gábor

I start to listen them music like 14 years ago when i was 10 years old. My classmate showed me this one. My mind blow up,i was like "this dude is the coolest person in the world". After that couple of years later in 2012 by luck i got free ticket to a festival. Huge halffive for luck CoB was the last live band who closed the festival. luckily i can see my legendary hero then ,it was one of the best night in my life. After that when my classmate and all my friend hear that they waa so jealous to me...Oh man i'm gonna miss you so much dude. I hope you doin well up there with the other legends. RiP hero

André Jaques

Remember being in middleschool and listening to bodom for the first time, absolutely got in love with alexi and his style of playing, made me pick up a guitar for the first time, since then I only own esp’s because of him, just need his V now, we love you alexi.

Hugo Rodríguez

Alexi was a great inspiration to me when I was teenager, he helped me to grew my musical taste with his amazing playing style and that made me pick up the guitar and start learning by myself. I will always be a big fan of Children of Bodom. Rest in power Alexi!

Dominick Magro

I remember the first time i ever heard the band Children Of Bodom. I was a sophomore in high school and i was on the school bus with a few of my friends when my friend at the time Eric asked me if i had ever of the band. I told him i didnt but i would give it a listen. He hands me his Ipod and tells me to press play. The second i did that, i was taken to a place i had never been before and it was incredible! Insane shredding solos, fast double bass and a scream that could and would set the world on fire. The song im talking about is Needled 24/7, the first Bodom song i ever heard and from that moment on, i was hooked. Shortly after, i was given the bands other 3 albums at the time which were Something Wild, Hatebreeder and Follow The Reaper. I became an Alexi and Bodom fanatic and continue to love and be inspired by them to this day. I dont know what i would do without Alexi's music. He has inspired me to continue playing guitar and to never give up and i will do so til the day i get to meet him again. Rest In Peace Alexi! It hurts writing that but i know you are in a better place now. Until the next time...

Kevin Carmo

My greatest idol on the guitar and my reference for playing this instrument, I even acquired a esp ltd m10 to play again. His loss affected me greatly. Legends never die. Rest in peace

andrew blake

taught me how to play guitar at 13 love you and rest in peace alexi

ChengPeng Ma

In my university career, 2014&2015 at beijing, I attended his concerts twice, which were the two of the all his 3 travels to China as I know. Amazing performances... now I can still remember my excited feeling and the scene that alexi stood 2meters away. Otherwise, That is he and his arts bring to metal music & guitar. Remember Alexi forever.

Eric Burkman

I have seen Children of Bodom live dozens of times. The first time, we drove from south Pa, to Albany NY. I was fortunate enough to meet Alexi at a meet and greet in NJ. He was a cool dude and made sure to get a pic with everyone. He will forever be my favorite artist and in my opinion, untouched in his skill and technique. We lost the GOAT of guitar players.

Petu Partanen

Seen COB three times and every gig was just f**king awesome!!! Just amazing guitar virtuoso
R.I.P Alexi

Sheldon Crasto

Watching Children of Bodom at Heavy TO. Made my way to the front row and groove out to some glorious riffs!


When I was 17 me and my brother were in a car accident on our way to school. Which happened to be the same day as The Gigantour show that I had tickets for. Children of Bodom, being my favourite band at the time, were in the linup. It would also be my first metal concert ever. I made it out of the crash with only a broken nose. My brother walked away without a scratch. The car, unfortunately, was totalled. I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to make it to the concert. But with the doctors okay and with the help of my wife (girlfriend at the time) I made it to the show!! My favourite memory of that show is rushing to the front of the stage with my wife before COB came on and as soon as they started into the first song which I believe was Living Dead Beat my broken nose opened up and started gushing. I enjoys 20 seconds of the act before leaving for medical treatment. Still one of my favourite memories of mine and from there I went to see Alexi and the boys many many more times. Love Alexi and love ESP

Javi Parrado

The reason why i play guitar today and why my band The Hellions From Hell exist! I remember seen COBTV and fucking laughing like a fool with all. Rest in peace Alexi, the best guitar player in the world.

Tyler Huston

I met alexi twice once in calgary at a signing axe music put on. And another time in Edmonton and a slayer/bodom/lambofgod show. Awesome guy, friendly, high energy and humble. Such a loss. Were the hate crew we stand and we wont fall!

Freddy Canosa

He was my mentor. Not just at guitar, but attitude at life, and the guy I looked up to be, to have fun like him. Had the chance to meet Alexi, Argentina 2014. As everybody says, he was really kind with respecful fans. Honestly, he influenced myself like family. The family that I wanted, the hate crew. Long life Alexi Laiho and Bodom family!! Horns up

Tommy Mcguire

The first time I heard Children of Bodom I was in prison. I had a MTV headbangers ball album with Needled 24/7 on it. I became a super fan. When I got out of prison I went to my local music shop and bought four COB albums not knowing what to expect and loved them all. A couple years later I was lucky enough to get tickets to a show in my home town. One of the best shows I ever witnessed. My favorite guitars are Jackson and ESP, so naturally I bought his signature 600 model black with yellow pen stripes. I recently purchased his signature EMG pick ups with 3 band EQ and overdrive switch. I got them in the mail the day the news broke of his passing. Alexi is my guitar hero. He will forever be a part of my life. I lost my wife a year and a half ago and one big reason I fell in love with her was our love for COB. My deepest condolences to his family.

Jukka Tammela

Kuva on Kauhajoen Kasinolta joskus 1990-2000 luvun vaihteesta. Näin tuolloin Children of Bodomin ensimmäistä kertaa livenä. En ikinä unohda tuota keikkaa. Bodomin keikka meininki oli jo tuolloin tosi kova ja soittotaito aivan uskomattoman.


I will always regret that I’ve missed the chance to see him in a concert. But he inspired me and it’s thanks to him if i play the goddamn guitar. Hail to the king! Rest in peace mr Laiho! We’re hate crew, we stand and we won’t fall!


Everytime I die to see alexi

Shuji Kobayashi

When I first heard Warheart, I was blown away.
I wonder if there is cool music.

I was so shocked at that time.
A band that combines speed, aggressiveness, and melodies, the frontman was captivated by his Alexi star character.

When I actually met him, he was a gentleman and a nice guy to the fans, so the news is unfortunate.

Thank you very much to my guitar hero, Alexi!


Alex was and still is GIANT OF HEAVYMETAL

Jani "Toiwari" Toivokoski

Allu wasn't just a bad ass guitarist but also a real "Motörhead" on four wheels. Here's his Dodge Monaco 1975 pictured in Helsinki in June 2012. Every time I walked by I think I was green with envy of that blue monster!

Brooke Harvey

Found out about Alexi’s passing when the rest of the world did, which also happened to be my birthday (January 4). I didn't know him personally, but he was my biggest inspiration for music and more. When I was younger, the late Randy Rhoads was my major influence on guitar. When I was 15 or 16, I was in Walmart flipping through a Guitar World magazine, and happened upon a small, quarter page article about Alexi. Never heard of him or his band Children of Bodom. However, I saw he had listed Randy Rhoads as an influence of his too. I went to a music store at the Muncie Mall (can't remember what store it was back then) and they didn’t have any Children of Bodom cd's, but they ordered their new album for me (Hate Crew Deathroll). When it came in the next week for me to pickup, I was floored by Alexi's playing abilities. He wasn't like Yngwie Malmsteen where it sounded like he was playing for sport (no disrespect), but you could also tell he was pushing the limits. I'll always be grateful to live during the same time as him, and I'll always feel blessed that I discovered his music. One day we'll jam, but until then, rest easy Alexi. ❤️


Kivenlahtirock 2013, Espoo, Finland

Rafael Calderon

Standing outside the Bodom bus in 5 degree Denver weather, with my guitar in hand waiting to meet Alexi, my Idol. This was the bands first American tour and there were a handful of us there hoping to get meet Alexi and get our guitars signed. Although being sick he still came off the bus to hangout with us and sign. He was such a humble and chill dude. He even attempted to guess my guitar model and told me how that was his first guitar, of course I already knew that! This was more than casual talk you could tell how passionate he was about guitar. Rip Wild Child. You were an inspiration and guitar god to a whole generation. Your music and spirit will live on.

Jason Colwell

I'm not going to write here that I was their biggest fan. I don't know all of the members names. But this band had an influence on me and got me through some dark times in my 20's. I fucking love their music. I remember hearing COB's album Hate Crew Death Roll when I was 23 years old, back in 2003. I was fucking hooked. Honestly, I never heard such riffs in my life. The guitar and keyboard shreds were deadly. I finally got the chance to see them live with Chimaira in 2006 in Toronto. I played a little guitar but no way I could sing and play. So I always appreciated any musician who could do both. Anyways, I remember waiting in line, and there was this one fan screaming Alexi Laiho's name over and over again and I'm laughing and thinking to myself that this guy is just nuts. Usually you hear the band's name being hailed not so much the individual haha. But when I saw Alexi jumping off speakers, amps, spinning his guitar around his neck and never missing a fucking guitar strum or a vocal note, I understood why the fan was screaming his name so wildly! This guy was a metal god! To this day and the many concerts that I have seen. Nobody has done or does what Alexi could do on stage. Literally blows my mind that a man can play and sing and move like that all at once. Many great musicians have past in recent years. I never really understood how people would be so upset over losing someone they never knew. I never judged them for it. Just never gave it a second thought. Funny how a day hasn't gone by yet where I haven't though about their music. Apparently it means a lot to me emotionally. So with that I just want to offer my condolences to his close to friends, family and anyone who ever saw this guy live. Truly 1 in a......., Nah there's never gonna another Alexi man....


I met Alexi at a small gig in 2002 to watch a Hypocrisy concert. I'm a drummer so we chatted for a little bit about music things. Bodom, my brother starting to learning guitar, Chuck from Death. He got pulled away by someone, but eventually came back later to my surprise and gave me a signed COB shirt "for your brother" flipped up the horns and left me smiling. He loved it and looked up to Alexi. He practiced guitar way more after that, especially songs from Hatebreeder. Fast forward 18 years, my brother, now an awesome guitarist, and I, a rusty drummer with wife and kids, got together and jammed for the first time in about 10 years. We played nothing but COB for days, upon hearing Alexi's passing. We had so much fun jamming together that we even decided to start recording and writing together again. Life is short. I've never been happier spending time with my brother, and it was that special moment meeting Alexi and jamming Alexis music that started that for us. Will never be forgotten


I remember when follow the reaper came out and just being blown away at the agression and harmony Alexi played. From his vocals to his guitar playing, it was like nothing else. Theres only 2 others (Gus G. & Jeff Loomis) who played guitar with such a unique style and sound that became their musical identity like Alexi. In metal and musicianship he will always live on. We will all see you again. Thanks for everything you brought to the world.

Adrian Wade

I was so inspired by Alexi winter 2007, I bought a guitar and have never stopped. To this day I'm inspired by his lead. Too many amazing solos to mention just one. I've seen bodom definitely over 10 times, crowd surfed to the front during solo's, seen him spin the guitar around himself a few times, seen him fuk it up too. Seen them steal the show, many times.

Alexi is a legend, forever.

Jim Zucco

From the first moment I heard Warheart Alexi changed my view of music and my entire life. He, more than anyone else, influenced my playing and opened my mind to what's possible. He did things nobody has ever done before. It goes so far beyond just musical influence though... Now, when I look back, Children of Bodom has been the sound track for my life. This music was such a huge part of my youth. I remember driving to Guitar Center with my band mates blasting Hatebreeder in the car. I remember when my wife was pregnant with our first son, rather than play my child Mozart in the womb, I literally blasted Follow the Reaper into my wife's uterus.

Tyler ash

He is my favorite singer and miss him so much and all his fan and miss him he’s too young to die

Juha Nurmela

As a Finn, I've seen Bodom nearly every year from the beginning 'til the very end.
Here is some photos of Alexi from the first Bodom After Midnight gig at Seinäjoki Rytmikorjaamo 23.10.2020

Nina Pulkkinen

I started to listen COB around 2004, I was 8-yrs old. My big brother used to make me listen heavy rock and metal and he borrowed me his iPod once when my own mp3-player crashed. I found "Follow The Reaper" album there and gave a listen, and since then I've been listening COB. When I was still a kid I thought I'll never get a chance to see COB live or meet Alexi Laiho because even I'm finnish I lived far away from those usual gig places they used to play live.

I saw them live first time on 2015 when I was already 18-yrs old - it took me literally 10 years to see them play live woah - at Kuopiorock Festival Kuopio, Finland. Since then I used to go see them live yearly and many times per year - I even traveled to abroad to see them live! And their final gig at Helsinki Ice Hall Dec 15th 2019 was my last time when I saw Alexi Laiho alive by my own eyes, and it was my 14th COB-gig on total. Due to coronavirus pandemic I didn't get a chance to see Bodom After Midnight on live and I naïvely thought I'll wait for next year's summer festivals but like we got to know, they won't happen.

I've met Alexi himself personally few times, my proper first time was at The Riff - rock bar in Helsinki - after their "20 years Down and Dirty"-tour and final gig in Circus Helsinki. I was nervous as fuck and I was shaking when I asked him to sign my COB-backpatch and take a picture with me. He just smiled to me and told me "Hey, everything is okay it's just me, don't be nervous - you just need more beer!" and after we took the picture he hugged me and it was the warmest hug I've ever got.
I was always on front row and sometimes we used to make funny faces during the gig and he always "answered" by giving a funny face back. I even tried to learn how to play guitar because of him but I'm not such a talent - and no nerves enough haha - to make my skills better I decided I'll stay with musical interests but on some other formats. I really want to work with music business and it's only because of COB.
I really am missing him a lot and I still can't properly believe he is gone because I feel his spirit is still with us. I wish he found peace by passing and knowing he was cared, loved and adored. I believe he never left us, he's just in different format watching us and somewhere there playing his axe hard so when everytime the sky is thundering and flashing we know it's Alexi playing guitar.

Have a safe travel Allu. ♥

Elias Koskenniska

Children of Bodom was one of those bands that got me into extreme metal, and Alexi was one of those guitarists that made me want to pick up the guitar and learn to play it. Sadly I never got to meet him in person and thank him for the awesome music he made, but I'm still glad I got the chanse to see CoB live a few times.

Thank you for all the music you made and Rock In Peace Alexi Laiho!

Juki Mustonen

December 2019

Went to COB:s gig for the first, and the last time ever. I had been listening to COB like 15 years then and thought myself that now it's time to fill that hole in my experiences. Concert was awesome and Laiho's performing like 10/5. This picture of him is one of the most perfect shots I took him that night.


Ricky Fixx

First time when im listening cob, this moment change my life, In that moment im only 9 or 10 years old. Years and years later i see them live many times and have cds and vinyl. This pick im 14 years old. End of fucking story! R. I. P. Alexi Laiho.

Steven Fak

My memories of Alexi takes all The way to The beginning of Bodom. My best memory of Alexi is on June 22 2001 when i finally meeted My Idol in Midnight party planet festival on Kouvola Finland. I chatted a good while whit him and he told me that i am a true fan cause i have been tattooed cobhc to my fingers. Alexi also gived a plectrum to me that night and that plectrum has been My treasure for 20years now. I met Alexi few times after that, but best memory of Alexi was that night in festival when i got his plectrum. Been his fan from The beginning and miss him already. Keep on shredding on heaven My Idol

Aki Suopanki

I don't never forget when i heard first time Children of Bodom first album. L+R


I was about 11 years old when I heard COB first time. The music and Alexi's guitar sound was amazing to hear for a young girl. Me and my friends also loved Alexi's voice. At 2004 I was 14 years old when I saw COB first time. We wait the gig about 7 hours outside the place and got frontline places. The gig was awesome. I was the happiest teenager in the world. After gig we met whole band and got photos with them. Alexi was kind and he had no rush with fans.

I have many more wonderful memories with COB and Alexi, but this was the greatest moment with them and I wanted to share it with you.

RIP Alexi, you are in my heart forever.

Jørgen Sven Kirby

Children Of Bodom were one of the earliest Heavy Metal bands that led me down the pathways of Black and Death Metal from an early age. Alexi was and always will be a huge inspiration to me as a guitarist and left an impact on me from childhood. The mortal body may be gone, but Alexi’s legacy lives forever.

Tuomas Kuivalainen

I was 7 or 8 years old when i first time heard Cob and i got hooked immediately. I became huge fan, and Alexi was that guy Who i was looking up to. I wanted same clothes what he use, long hair, black nails etc. He was the greatest rockstar. He and Cob was huge part of my childhood and teenage, and now they are on my skin rest of my life.

Niko Makkonen

Ensimäinen kunnon kosketus Bodomiin tuli työharjoittelun aikana. Työkaveri soitti päivät Bodomia ja etenkin "Tokyo Warhearts" albumia. Yleisön mukanaolo, Alexin ääni ja soundi meni suoraan läpi. Etenkin "Touch Like Angel of Death" jäi mieleen alun kitarasoolon myötä.
Tämän jälkeen näin Bodomin kaksi kertaa ennen yhtyeen lopetusta. Kummallakin kerralla odotin koko illan että saan kuulla "Downfall" ja "Everytime I Die" biisit.
Bodomin biisit ovat auttaneet minua yli vaikeista ajoista. Olen saanut purettua sen avulla vihaa, raivoa ja muita negatiivisia tunteita kuunnellessani Alexin soittoa.

Joe bourros or joe bodom

Im from lebanon and Alexi laiho is my only idol ... when i was only 14 years old i went to my friend house and he played infront of me guitar it was ok to listen to those new kind of music... i asked him to give me a metal and rock cd . When i get home i started playing this on my dvd with no name of tracks . They named track 1 track 2.... this cd have only 160 track i guess and i was shocked that i loved 2 tracks . I asked him what is the name of those 2 tracks and he told me ... everytime i die and black widow and those 2 trackes are to a band called children of bodom.
Then i told him to give me a cd only to children of bodom he gave me 2 cds 1 tracks and 1 dvd videos . Every day every morning before went to the school i listened to part of those cds.
Then when i saw alexi playing in the cd the concert in seoul i was mind blowing and i buyed a guitar and start learning .
Unfortunately i didnt abel to see them live and im so pissed and so sad .
I wont forget the good memories of My King Alexi Laiho there's more memories but i will stop here .crying ever day this lost is the most painfull one in my all life im 29 years old now and so mad of this situation .❤

Benita R.

When I first discovered CoB I was blown away by Alexi, he was incredible talented and immediately became a huge inspiration for me. I started to learn how to play guitar. Without his impact, I wouldn’t be were I am now. He showed me that giving up is not an option and that you should always believe in yourself, no matter what anyone thinks. Had the pleasure to see him live 6 times and even met him once, even if we didn’t speak much, it was one of the best days in my life, he was very friendly and really nice! If I could talke to him once more I would just want to thank him. His music always lifts me up and it has been and always will be part of my life. We lost a great guitar player and even a greater human being, Alexi Laiho, you will never be forgotten! Rest in Power Wildchild

Sally Erfanian

The genius of Alexi Laiho. He had this ability with his music to seduce you into following along with a mysterious promise, only for you to then find yourself abandoned on an arctic frozen field, sending shivers down your spine and aching your bones with brutal cold, followed by a musical resolution that would smother you like a warm blanket, giving you the feelings of reaffirmation and reassurance. And then he would do it again and again in every song, and you would fall for it every time and you would love every bit of this hypnotizing journey. I cannot think of any other modern era musician to have this ability to touch your soul on such a level that becomes corporeally perceptible. His music is widely appreciated today, but frankly his etudes will be music textbook material a century from now. He was the one musician who could take Baroque era nuances and Classicism and turn them into intense and powerful sounds that you can write books about. The crazy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart of the 21st century. Irreplaceable in history.

Alexi was a big inspiration for me musically during high school and my early 20s. He shaped the way I approach the guitar. A punk-rock attitude with the precision of a classical musician, while staying humble and un-assuming. Alexi was at his best when he spoke to his fans. He truly respected and cared about people who support him.

I never had the chance to meet Alexi in person, but I auditioned for 100 Guitars From Hel in 2015, without having the slightest of expectations to be chosen. Alexi said some really encouraging words about my entry and provided great constructive criticism about my playing, which I still cherish and exercise to date. His attitude left such a long lasting positive impression on me. I saw him live with COB on their tour with Megadeth, Lamb of God, and Sylosis in December 2015 in London UK. It was a day after the tragic Paris attacks. Not only was that concert one of the most memorable and heartfelt shows I have been to, but also Alexi was intensely engaged with the audience and performed one of his best shows that I had ever seen. What a frontman we lost. As Dave Mustaine said "Heaven's heavy metal band just got its lead guitar player".

Picture attached: One of my most prized possessions is an Alexi Laiho signature EMG-HZ pickup signed by the man himself, which I luckily received in a giveaway he had with EMG in 2012. It went right into my beloved ESP LTD Truckster James Hetfield signature guitar. I have always wanted to achieve the monstrous mid-range sound of COB that cuts right through the mix, and the cocktail of the Truckster Mahogany and the passive EMG-HZ gets the sound pretty close to what you hear on the "Are You Dead Yet" track.

Hunter Ford

My tribute to Alexi, the greatest guitarist that ever lived!

Antti Johansson/ AJ Johansson Photo and video

The last gig was the best Bodom after Midnight in Helsinki at Tavastia.
There was great hope and happiness when I saw Allun on stage again.

Antti Johansson
Photo and video

Satu Marjamäki

Many unforgettable gigs.

Isaac B

I remember seeing CoB for the 3rd or 4th time in St. Louis, Mo. They were on a co-headlining tour with Lamb of God and they were just about to hit the stage, but Alexi was late coming out. As it turned out, he had fallen out of his bunk on the bus that day and had broken his shoulder. Even through all that pain and tension, he still played an awesome show. His tech was icing his shoulder after every song, but Alexi refused to call the set. He was a fantastic guitar player, a consummate performer, and a true professional.

As a guitarist, he inspired me to thrash without abandon and he will be sorely missed.

Love, peace, and solace to the Laiho family during this trying time.

Anna Mäkinen

Alexi’s music was a great part of my teenage years. I started to listen Children of Bodom when I was 13 or 14 years old, and quickly fell in love with their music. Alexi was somekind of role model of a musician and inspired me to be creative with arts and music. Of course he also was the first celebrity crush I had. I saw him playing twice, in 2006 and 2007, but never got so lucky that I could have got an autograph or a photo of him.
His passing has moved me really greatly, and I have started to listen more of his music now. He’ll live forever through his music and my memories.

Okko Ahre

I saw his many times playing in COB and Bodom after midnight, once. I have his autograph and photo where is whole COB band guys. I respected him and I have copied his style to play guitar

Jan Trygg

The ultimate guitarhero. (Photo by Jan Trygg)


CoB live in Tampere

Oz Connor

Its was on my iPod that the sounds of Follow The Reaper first wailed into my ears and changed my idea of music and the guitar forever. That chainsaw sounding guitar, melodic synth and thundering double kickers gave me a sense of purpose and gave me an escape from difficult times. Album after album, Alexi took me on a journey. We have lost the Randy Rhodes of our generation, even that is an understatement. I hope wherever you are right now Alexi, you are free. Thank you for making my life better.

Arttu Sairiala

He was one of the biggest idols of mine and a major reason why finnish metla is where it is.


There are so many things to say about what Alexi has been to me. For sure without Alexi's influence, I would have stopped playing guitar many years ago. He was the spark that made me learn so much in the guitar, compositional and vocal fields. But there have been many lessons from him about life through his songs and not, which have helped me on many occasions. And if I have my band today and I play my music, Alexi has a lot of credit for all of this. I've only met him 3 times, but I've always considered him a friend, a teacher ... someone I care a lot about ... and losing him is a hard blow. I thank him for everything. One day we will meet again.

Greetings from Italy.

Erjo Järvinen

I've seen him many times. An incredible guitarist.


Got into COB around 2006. Instantly mesmerized. Alexi had it all: The look, talent, attitude, etc... My childhood idol. It’s hard to pinpoint one or two standout memories as he was always at the forefront of my life for the past 15 years. He lives forever.

Daniel Realpe

Alexi was such a Big influence, not only he was so profficient on the instrument but his solos to me were always a highlight of the song, and You can only Say that about the very best players.

That's why I Even recorded all of the solos from the first cob solos!

Hcdr one take all solos:

FTR one take all solos:

Something wild one take all solos:

Mikkel Sørensen

I clearly recall Alexi playing Bodom songs for EMGTV. I think that was when I started noticing him first. Since then I have been a massive CoB fan. I was absolutely blown away by his technical abilities and his approach to the guitar. Alexi has had a huge impact on my view of guitar playing and music in general, and inspired me to become a better player and songwriter. He will forever be one of the most influential guitarists to me and so many others. RIP, Wildchild


My first metal concert was in 2011 and could see Children of bodom, this concert for me was the most important of my life because Alexi Laiho is my favorite guitar player in the World and I never forget his style in the guitar.

Jonathan Suen

Even though I never got a chance to meet or see him perform live, he was one of the virtuoso guitar players that made me want to pick up a guitar. Children of Bodom's music have gotten me through the toughest of times!

Jacek Matyja

Back in 2005 I was a very average player that wasnt very happy with life in general. I got exposed to Alexi with his Hatebreeder album and it changed my life in totality...

My suicidal emotions and depression along with my bad playing disappeared within a year, I went to University and eventually graduated in 2009 as a Mechanical Engineer. Needless to say by the end of this period I turned into a phenomenal player and I owe this all to Alexi... I wouldnt have ever dreamed of playing Yngwie, Jason Becker etc and subsequently mastering my guitar if it wasnt for him.

Today Im a successful business owner and play guitar everyday, with happiness and contentment that again, I owe in part to Alexi. Not a single day goes by where I dont play at least one of his riffs or solos.

I am extremely sad that he is gone and being from South Africa, I never got a chance to meet him. I wish to thank him dearly and wish him all the very best in the afterlife, wherever he may be.


Alexi was my favorite artist and musician by far. He inspired me more heaviely than anyone else. I remember the first time I listened to CoB and was instantly hooked. I was around 14 at the time (2007) and had started playing guitar a couple of years prior. I was never really interested in playing fast or learning scales or any of that before I discovered them, well that changed rapidly afterwards. Once I got to know the music of CoB better, especially their debut album Something Wild, I got heavily hooked on sweep picking. It just seemed like the coolest thing in the world to me back then and I practiced it night and day. Alexi always was such a huge rolemodel to me with his flawless, lightning fast guitar playing and his no fucks given attitude. This is perfectly captured by the clash of the booze brothers live solo duel. It is just mesmerizing and I probably watched it about a million times^^ I for sure would not be half as good a guitar player as I am today, if it wasn't for Alexi. Kiitos for everything, you will be dearly missed!

The picture is from my all time favorite CoB show I got to see live, which was in October 2018. It was their 3 gig Tavastia streak(I got to see two), where they played for the first and only time ever live their cover of Oops I did it again. I had loved it forever and I feel so greatful to have seen them play it live. Killer gigs!


I discoverd Children of Bodom relatively late (circa 2012-2013), but I remembered that I fell in love with them at the minute I started to listen "Follow the reaper". I never stopped to listen to CoB since then. This band has accompanied me throughout difficult and challenging times of my adult life. It alwas brought me joy and motivation to move forward. CoB is part of the soundtrack on my life.

I had the chance to see CoB live a few times. As a french fan, i especially remembered their show in Paris, Bataclan in november 2015. I was litteraly mesmerized and I couldn't leave my eyes of the stage during all the show. I wish I could relive that moment again. The photo I choose to share is from that show. It's kind of a crappy low resolution photo, but I like it because of all the memories it contains.

Alexi Laiho was one of the few artists I loved and respected the most. I always have been adminrative by by his charisma, his talent, his passion and by his dedication to music and his passion. All the qualities I value in a artist. So, Alexi was a true inspiration through his melodies and his guitar playing.

When I learned Alexi's death 3 weeks ago, I was devastated. I felt like I lost someone close, and then I realized thow much he had an impact on my musical tastes and on my life.

Now that I listened all my CoB albums over and over in a mourning process, i know that Alexi's music will be in my heart forever, and that I will make sure to perpetue his legacy.

Thank you, Alexi, for what you brought to my life, even if you were not aware of it.

Rest In Peace. Or have fun with your dearest reaper, as you wish!

Ari-Pekka Anttila

This picture was taken september 2018 when COB where shooting live footage in Nosturi(Helsinki, Finland) to music video " Under grass and glover". I was in front row, althougt it was playback videoshooting it feel like live gig. After videoshooting everyone in the audience was able to take photo with the band.

Alex Fernandes da Costa

When i met Alexi in São Paulo.
Very cool guy and Very important in my life!!!
I miss you, master! <3

Johann Bernhart

I've been listening to your music for 18 years and it sounds like the first day.

RIP Legend

Marty Comiskey

I have been a Bodom fan since pretty close to the beginning. The first time I saw them live (some years later) though that was a turning point ... a no turning back point. I was in love with this band. After the show I was hanging around outside and Alexi was there by the bus taking some time to sign for fans. I got my ticket signed and he was incredibly nice. I championed the band and made sure some of friends got that chance to see them live as well. Every show was amazing. I think it was 8 times in all I saw Bodom. One show was incredibly special and a true bucket list scenario. See, I'm from Toronto and I had flown to Hawaii for Vacation with my girlfriend (now wife) and COB was playing in Honolulu. I was able to talk to a couple of the guys but not Alexi that night... still he (and they) knocked it out of the park that night. I saw them play at a festival a couple years later in Toronto and I mentioned seeing them in Honolulu and Alexi gave me a nod and a "Wow, thanks for following us". He always seemed ultra cool and heavily influenced me when I pick up the guitar. The loss of Alexi is a huge one. He will forever be missed and held in the highest of regard. RIP Wildchild

Jere Heikkilä

Alexis last show at Tavastia with his new band.


Olin 12vuotias eletiin vuotta 1997 pikkuveljeni syntyi Children of Bodomin musiikki lujaa tuolloin. Nykyjään kuuntelen Alexin musiikkia kun oikein potuttaa saa ajatukset muualle.

Sean Muñoz

Alexi has had such a profound effect on my life, it would be hard to imagine where I would be without his presence and music. He inspired me to take my guitar playing, songwriting, and vocals further than I ever thought possible. While the world will never truly recover from the loss of this incredible person, I’m so thankful I got to grow up listening to his music, watching him live several times, and even meeting him a couple times! Alexi will always be a part of my past, present, and future. You were the greatest. End of fuckin’ story.

Michiru Kobayashi

I send a second message.

I had Alexi take a picture when he came to the local band in 2018.
Alexi must have been tired after the performance, but he was very kind and really cool.
Of course, it was amazing, not to mention Alexi's performance.
I play the guitar while I'm bad at it.

I'm practicing Bed of razors as a memorial to Alexi.

I love Alexi forever.
Love from Japan.
アレキシ ずっと大好きです。

Tomi Martikainen

Taken 26.10.2018 Tavastia RockClub,Helsinki.

Mario Crow

Alexi Laiho was the first and only guitarist to introduce me to the world of guitar, and it is thanks to him that I now play the guitar.
He and COBHC inspired me for many years, and today I always follow his example, because there is always something to learn from a guitarist like him.
Aleix and COBHC have and always will have a place in me.


Alexi was the biggest guitar inspiration for me, since I listen to Hatebreeder for the firts time I instantly wanted to master my guitar skills to be as good as him. On my 18th birthday I didn’t organise any party, just save money to buy an LTD Alexi 600!

Joe O'Sullivan

I can't say anything past the fact that Alexi Laiho and his Music and Guitar playing changed my life, and impacted it for the better. He was an amazing Human Being as well, as I was lucky enough to find out.

Thank You for EVERYTHING Alexi, I love and Miss You each day.

Aleksandr Harjumäki

When I was a teenager, and as teenagers usually do, it's critical to find something you identify yourself with and in some way seek something or someone to draw inspiration from, as a role model of a kind. To me, Alexi Laiho was exactly that. In more ways than just pushing me to play guitar. His music gave me a way to channel all the bad things life threw at me into something other than misbehavior. My very first Children of Bodom show was in 2011 March. I remember every single detail about it, both before and after the gig. It left an impression that can't ever be washed away, by anything.

I've often thought about immemorializing Alexi Laiho in a tattoo, but can't ever settle on any kind of design. From him, I followed suit in having a long hair, as per his words "if you play metal, I think you need to have long hair." (Kitara, Kaaos & Kontrolli, 2019). From Alexi Laiho I learned so much about life, about keeping true to what you do and not take shit from anyone ever, always drive yourself forward and improve, in almost perfectionist kind of way.

As a tribute to him, while it may seem insignificant, I've modeled my nickname to be "Alexi" as well, shortened from my real name. He was my idol, childhood and adulthood hero, so the least I can do is keep his legacy alive as long as I can, both in name and in guitar.

Alex Stupi

I was around 13 years old and my brother was just making a list of big bands and Bodom was on there. So we shared alot of memories of listening to Bodom and it was the best times of my life. He was a genius with a guitar. Just absolutely awesome.


I remember being like 7 or 8 and my brother used play Children Of Bodom a lot. Then he used to buy guitar magazines and I remember seeing this picture of Alexi. Where it was half face half strings. His blackout pickups I believe. I remember listening to Hatebreeder every day in middle school. I listened to it so much that Alexi inspired me to pick up a guitar. I practiced to children of bodom and watched Alexi’s tutorials on YouTube. Next in line was one of the first solos I ever learned and got up to full speed. Also his guitar. His guitars are so sick! One day I will own a 600 for sure. Goodbye and thank you for everything Alexi. You will be greatly missed.

David Ashworth

I first heard Children of Bodom's music when I was about 13 years old and I was immediately blown away. Alexi Laiho's playing introduced me to an enormous range of guitar sounds which I had never heard before. He always had a unique sound and some of the most creative and badass sounding riffs and solos I had ever heard. His influence over me as a metal musician is equalled only by Iron Maiden. So much of my learning was done through listening to his music and watching his guitar lessons on youtube. Alexi is one of the main reasons why ESP became my favourite guitar brand and why I ended up buying an ESP of my own.

RIP Alexi 'Wildchild' Laiho, you will be missed.

Matthew Tyler Kummer

Like so many other fans, Alexi had an unbreakable musical impact on me. My love for Alexi and CoB started about 10 years ago when I would play Relentless, Reckless Forever in my first car each day after school. Never before had I heard such a great mix of melody, virtuosic playing, and sheer aggression.
Alexi was a master songwriter, great showman, and a caring-considerate human. He was extremely dedicated to his fans and continued to tour and release albums despite facing serious health challenges. From his upbringing in a small town in Finland, to performing on the biggest stages across the globe, Alexi was one-of-a-kind. I was lucky enough to see him in concert three times. His passing has left a void. Rest in Brutal Power WildChild.

Erin Hallfdi

This I treasure ❤️ ... Nov, 2011, such a delightful night plenty of energy & astonishing metal! \,,/ End of the gig, Alexi was holding horns up to us, fans, while walking to backstage, then a guy was enough lucky transpassing all the security there & getting behind him ... he hugged Alexi, and of course, he scared him a little, so Alexi turned quickly because he hadn't realized about anything. The security people immediately ran to the stage, but Alexi stopped them with a sign of his hand and next, he held the guy's hand & smiled to him ... this great he was! ... he was my hero & forever will be. Rest In Power, dear Wildchild


Idk whi h summer breeze Festival ist was... But Alexi taught me the right pronunciation of "perkele"

Jason Christensen

One of the best guitarists I’ve ever heard. I try to imitate some of his songs but they are insanely tough. Named my son after him.

Sindre Myskja

Almost 20 years ago I was introduced to the song «Downfall» by Children of Bodom.
Around that time I had gotten my first guitar and was very much into the heavy metal scene with bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden etc.
I recall how mesmerized and totally blown away I was during my first listen to «Downfall»..
The riffs, the melodies, the musicianship, the song structure, the atmosphere... and the guitar work in general was fantastic!
From that day I’ve been a huge fan of the band and Alexi Laiho.
Alexi has been one of my most important musical influences.
His amazing musicianship, his passion for music and his unique stage presence was something that strongly compelled to me.
I have always admired his straightforward and honest approach to guitar and tone, combined with his exceptional technique and song writing.
Alexi will be deeply missed in the rock/metal community, the music scene and by every fan around the globe.
His music and memory will live on.


ty so much for all the guitar videos lessons and the ones on esp sounded so great love the way you played i hear neo classical music in there and i believe you were the best guitarist in the world yet you were so cool about it never did you act like you were better then anyone we all love you and miss you you are a legend love you forever never forget you and you told me to practice i will i love all your esp guitars and have some emg pickups in mine that sound so good one day i will have enough money to buy esp pinky love guitarrose

Juan Rothenhäusler

Ok, english is not my first language but, i will give it a try und it requires quite some words...First, I can’t really express how many emotions go through my heart while thinking of Alexi's music, COB and Sinergy in particular. I am 26 years of age now and from this day 12 years ago (late 2007) I just discovered COB through my older brother. I am literally able to remember the exact day, the precise moment when I listened to Downfall the first, second and third time. I fell for it immediately. Short time afterwards I startet playing e-guitar and my mother bought me my first guitar on christmas. I was trying to imitate Alexi, i was just fascinated by his fast and clean playing. But what i enjoyed the most were those beautiful melodies like right before the second solo of Angels don't kill, the Follow The Reaper melody or that awesome second sixpounder solo. And so many many melodies more i tried to play. Of course i failed and i messed it up right when i started playing. I did not give up and after a while and a lot of practise, i did better and better. Now let me say a few words about the emotional side of Alexi’s influence on me. Since 2008 i was addicted to COB and to Alexi in particular. There was this what you could call a predecessor of Facebook in Germany called „SchuelerVZ“ where you were able to do pretty much the same stuff you can do in Facebook (like posting pictures creating photoalbums and so on). Anyway, i had like 5 or 6 photoalbums with 50 pictures of Alexi and COB each on my profile and i did not regret anything. I even reached out for a dutch Photographer later on Facebook just to get an original picture of Alexi at Mystic Festival 2001 because i saw it one day in a format that was to small to be a wallpaper for my desktop. I researched 6 hours to find this dutch guy who lived in Canada at that time. It was pretty awkward though explaining some stranger guy that i just stalked him for hours just to get a photo of a finnish guitarist in a higher resolution…ANYWAY, back in the day, my father took me on many rides on the back of his motorcycle. We waged some awesome adventures in France, Italy and Spain. The point is, those many hours i sat on the back of my father’s motorcycle, driving through the beauty of mediterranean countries, i always crooned COB and Sinergy melodies to myself. ALWAYS. I combined the harsh sound of the whizzing wind on both ears within my helmet and then i made some crazy sounds with my mouth to reproduce the sound of Alexi’s preamp „Lee Jackson GP-1000“ to imitate the beginning riff of „Beware the heavens“ by Sinergy. Then 2008 came. Saarbrücken Garage and i was 14 years old: my first COB Concert and my second Concert in general. I went with my brother and my father(!) who always supportet my love and passion for making music. It was just amazing when the intro finished and Alexi jumped out and „Follow the Reaper“ startet. This was just mindblowing, fascinating and one of the best experiences i have ever had in my entire life! These are just two of literally hundreds of occasions just like them. I was addicted to Alexi and to this day, there has never been any other band or musician that gave me so much, made me so happy and confident. I read the shocking news on january 5th…Still i am in a loop of listening to Alexi’s creations and i still can't believe that my creator of my musical and a big part of my emotional life, my hero, my tower of strength in harsh times has passed away…Alexi Laiho, I only met You once for two seconds when i arrived too late for a signing and greeting session at Summer Breeze 2010. I just had the time to yell after you: „Bye Alexi!“ You turned around but you didn’t see me because of all the people standing in front of me… But YOU replied: „Bye!“ And right now, I will say it one more time with all my heart to the one who took my heart so long ago without even knowing me: Bye Alexi!

Sean Davis

I discovered Children of Bodom during my first year of high school and had been a fan ever since. Unfortunatley, I was only able to see them live one time, which was during their final tour as a band. Seeing Alexi play live inspired me to pickup a guitar and learn to play. I haven't put it down since. He is the reason I found something I love. Rest in peace, Wild Child!


His lyrics kept me alive for so many years. I felt understood and not alone when I listened to his music. He was and is so important to me and always will be. RIP Alexi, you will be missed.


With Follow the reaper was the First time I listened to COB. I was totally blown away two times. The first time from the riffs and solos and the second when i found out that Alexi was the lead guitar and singer. I couldn't beleive someone was able to play those kind of riffs and sing at the same time. Had the luck to see COB live for my first metal concert in 2004 when I was 17 yo. I will keep those great memories in my heart and mind forever. RIP my guitar hero


I remember hearing child of bodom for the first time with my mom. this band is the reason im into guitar and i wish i could have seen them live when i could.


Me and my brother spent hours in our parents basement learning COB songs on guitar. Literally influenced the course of my high school years and the reason I went to college for guitar performance

Van Lau

Dear Alexi, here is one of your fans from Hong Kong, who was in the front row watching your shows, buying your guitar and learning your riffs. Your music make my life different! That was painful to accept the fact, Rip. Silence Night Bodom Night \m/

Tobias Hedlund

I remember when me and my friend med Alexi after a gig in Umeå, Sweden back in 2007. He was so nice and took his time to talk to us. We even did a slapping game in which Alexi almost KO'd my friend but we all laughed at the end and shared a beer before Alexi and the band left. That is something i'll never forget. Alexi Laiho, rest in peace

Carlos Funes

Had the honor to photograph him for the first and last time in Bucharest, Romania.
Jun 2018

damien lam

thank you Alexi , bring me into death metal , v shape guitar and esp guitars
you are always my excitation when i feel sad/bad feeing at practice guitar
goodbye Alexi 'Wildchild' Laiho \m/ RIP

here is my tribute

Robert Grande

in 2006 I was im fye at age 16 with my Christmas money. I happened to look over and see the Are you dead yet album and it was on sale. I heard a out the band previously so I picked it up and grabbed the chaos ridden years DVD. Approximately 2 songs into the DVD I was 100 percent hooked on children of bodom. My taste in music changed forever. I saw every bodom show that was near me from then until their departure aside from the last one the did before disbanding. I have been a guitarist for 25 years longer than the band was even in the spotlight and Alexi's playing made me want to work harder to up my skill level and be better myself. I will never forget the impact this man had on my life through the years and I'm sure his legacy will live on through generations to come. I just wish I would of picked up one of his signature models while they were available.

RIP Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho!!

Veeti Miikki

I saw Children of Bodom 4 times and Alexi was the reason i got into heavier music and started playing guitar. His songs made me push my self further as a musician

Austin Adamson

Like most here, Alexi was majorly influencial on my guitar playing and musical style. My best friend and I used to watch Choas Ridden Years, YouTube videos of Alexi and Janne's dueling solos and antics, and do our own little covers of the riffs that we were capable of playing on our Jackson and ESP guitars. We would go see them every time they came remotely close to us. I wore COB shirts proudly hoping that someone would recognize it and talk about metal with me. I even got a tattoo in the style of Hatebreeder/Follow the Reaper. Alexi's playing and personality were amazing, and the music of COB got me through many hard times and sprouted many memories.

Carolyn B.

I saw Alexi with CoB at Heavy TO and I was so excited. He inspired me to start playing guitar and it was my first time seeing him live. I asked the big, scary guy next to me to help lift me up so I could crowdsurf and ended up right next to the stage looking up at him (after accidentally running into someone along the way - sorry!) It was so cool. I’ll never forget it.

Pat Dillon

My most touching memory of Alexi was during 2013. I met the entire band for a bit during the Mayhem festival. Alexi was my hero and still is. During that time I was 18, and my 14 year old brother had died from brain cancer the year prior. I had met Alexi and Roope before, but I had to let Alexi know what was going on etc. I said “ hey dude I don’t want this to sound stupid, but my brother died last year from cancer and your music has really helped my a lot, it always has” suddenly the man who I very much wanted to talk to wanted to talk to me. He said “no man, that’s not stupid at all. Thank you for saying that, but I don’t know what to say. I’m glad you’re here dude.”Alexi proceeded to give my a hug and a handshake and things went on as normal. I would meet Alexi and COB many times after that, but none compared to that day. Alexi has always inspired me, guitar wise, life wise and just writing for Screams Of Hockomock, and not only that was a great dude to me. He is and always will be my friend and hero. We’re the Hate Crew....We Stand And We Won’t Fall! RIP my friend

Ivan astorga

Went to my first cob show in downtown Disney at the house of blues in Anaheim 2006 and from that day I’ve seen them countless times and inspiring me and many others to play guitar

Julie Inkel

hello I live in Quebec Alexi has helped me through his music in all aspects of my life

this photo taken in Montreal December 1, 2017

Daniel Guerra

Hurts to wake to find one of your heroes has passed. Alexi Laiho is my greatest musical influence and I've always said I owe my entire approach to writing songs to his mastery of it.
I must've been 16 or 17 yrs old when I first heard him. I would spend hours after school trying to learn his solos and remember feeling like it was just impossible, the things he could do. I still study his music meticulously and I place purpose in every piece of music that I write. I've always followed the practice that a melody should sound like it tells a story on its own, no words needed, you can feel its message. That's what he did, time and time again.
I'm happy to have had the opportunity to watch him perform many times.

This is an arrangement I've put together after hearing of Alexi Laiho's passing. He is my greatest musical influence and i wanted to pay my respects with an orchestral tribute to some of his works. if you're a Children of Bodom fan it should be no problem identifying the 3 main themes in this song. There are melodies from 7 songs total within it, see if you can name them all. REST IN PEACE WILD CHILD

Eddy Aguilar

My hero and inspiration, fenomenal guitar player, always be remembered on our hearts

Mike Dyson

First metal band I ever saw live back in Sheffield . Alexi has inspired me to always push myself that little bit harder and be humble to! So thankful I got to see Alexi one last time with the rest of COB at bloodstock. COBHC is my next tattoo I will be getting to honour Alexi!


I remember when I saw children of bodom live for the first time in Leipzig in 2013. I stood in the front row and when the show was over Alexi Laiho pointed at me and tossed me his pick. Unfortunately I didn't catch it, but Alexi was so cool that he jumped off the stage and gave it to me personally.❤️❤️ I always wanted to buy his 600 series, that's my greatest wish, but unfortunately I don't have the money

Fabián Cruz

I really got into metal with bands like Rhapsody, Haggard and Dark Tranquility, but when I heard Children Of Bodom I fell in love.
I immediately recognized its uniqueness and from that moment when I was 15 years old it became my favorite band until now.
Thanks to Alexi, my first guitar was an LTD-Alexi 200 and the first COB song I played was Wrath Within.
I watched COB five times, the first time was in Monterrey, Mexico in 2009 and they opened with Hellhounds on my trail and the last time was in Mexico City in 2017 and they closed with Towards Dead End.
We have physically lost a genius, a music lover and a unique person of his genre, but as long as we continue to listen to his music and play his songs, he will be alive among us.
To Aleksi Laiho's family I say, thanks to him I concentrated on music when I was going through difficult times and the best moments of my youth were the ones I listened Children Of Bodom.

Nick G

I vividly remember an acquaintance in high school bringing in Follow The Reaper. I only has a chance to listen to a minute or so, but I loved what I heard. Shortly after I ended up with all Bodom albums. I first went to see them in concert in 2005 in Philly and it was amazing. Alexis guitar playing inspired me for years and got me through college. Thank you Alexi.

Cody Harp

Been a fan of Children of Bodom back in 2003 after hearing them in viva la bam and as a 10 year old who thought heavy was Slayer, i had never heard anything like that before and i was hooked. I finally saw them in Cleveland in 2016 with my drummer Nick and we had gotten to the front row and scored a pic from Hennka. Amazing show, absolutly the best show ov seen in my life at this current point.

Sebastián Villarreal

I remember the first thing I saw Bodom related was my older brother’s Hatebreeder t shirt, when I asked what it was he said “a kickass band”. A few years later, as I was getting into heavy music (like everyone else starting with Metallica) for some reason I got hold of an ESP catalogue and there was a picture of Alexi with his white scythe guitar, I thought “he looks cool, let’s check out his band”, I think it was the In Your Face video, it was the most badass thing I had heard in my life, and Alexi was the coolest dude I’d seen, immediately I became a fan and got a hold of their discography, as a socially awkward kid, their music was the perfect companion for me, and I felt this connection with it’s aggression, rage and maybe even sadness. Eventually I decided to learn guitar largely due to Alexi, and while I’ll never reach his level I will try my best to get as close as I can.
One of my regrets in life is definitely that I never got the chance to see my #1 idol and hero live onstage, and one of the things I’ll miss the most is the excitement of a new album coming and waiting to hear what Alexi would unleash next (at least there are three songs by Bodom After Midnight coming)
So anyway, Alexi... I want to thank you for the inspiration, for making me fall in love with the guitar, these next steps of my guitar learning journey are dedicated to you.

Marko Bojkovic

He did a guitar clinic in Tampa, Florida. While I was there, he signed one of my guitars. He also listened to one of my guitar solo, and complemented my playing. I will forever be thankful for this memory.

Nick Roller

Like a lot of Americans, I came on line with Bodom when AYDY blew up. I read about Alexi in Guitar World and had to check him out. The first song I heard was In Your Face, and while it is a simple song in comparison to much of their work, I was completely blown away by the band's energy and power. I slowly worked back through the discography and was hooked.

Now that a Chapter called Children of Bodom is closed forever, like alot of us, I've been completely soaking up all things Bodom, remembering my first track, remembering how I watched Laiho's guitar videos, the thrill of getting Stockholm Knockout for Christmas, watching Chaos Ridden Years over and over, and parts of the live gig almost daily before school. How much Bodom was MY band, the complete unknown entity in the American midwest that I was proud to fly the flag for.

I truly think this band was one of those special ones, that coalesces fans across the world, creates a community, and becomes a piece, large or small, of who we became, not only as metalheads and guitarists, but people. R.I.P. Alexi. Thank you Janne, Jaska, Hennka, Alexander, Roope, and Daniel.

Jonathan Okihiro

Children of Bodom was one of the first metal bands I discovered on my own. I had just finished high school and suffered some scathing betrayals that really destroyed my trust in people -- I was angry. CoB's music really spoke to me and made me feel I wasn't alone or a bad person for harboring resentment towards those who had stabbed me in the back for their own petty reasons. Without having a healthy way to vent my anger through blasting Bodom or Pantera, I'm honestly not sure I would have survived the self-destructive behaviors I found myself engaged in when emotions got the best of me.

Aside from his amazing guitar playing (ESP's Signature Laiho scythe has been one of my dream guitars since then), his vocals were the first growl vocals I actually appreciated. I admired Alexi's ability to channel his anger into amazing music, loved the neoclassical influences and how CoB managed to pull it all together into a unique, high-energy sound. Melodic death metal is still my favorite genre to this day.

Children of Bodom were also the only elite metal band that not only didn't skip over my hometown of Halifax, NS in their tours, but played here twice in 2 years. I fought my way to as close to the front as I could for both shows and they absolutely crushed their sets.

RIP One of my legitimate guitar heroes who inspired me and countless others to pick up the guitar instead of a bottle when life has dealt you a shitty hand and there's nobody you trust to have your back.

Michael Carson

I was mesmerized by Alexi's playing the minute a friend showed me Trash, Lost, and Strungout back in high school. I immediately wanted to play exactly like him and knew I had to seriously step my game up. He transformed my style of playing completely.
Meeting him on the Hexed tour was an absolute dream. He was supposed to do a guitar clinic in Atlanta before the show but he was sick and had to cancel. He still put on an epic show and I was honored to meet him and get to talk about music for a short time.

Rest in Peace Alexi, you will inspire me forever.

Tony Vaught

I had the privilege to see Children of Bodom twice and meet Alexi once. He brought such energy to the stage and it was awe-inspiring to see him in his element. I was looking forward to many more shows and so much more music. He will be truly missed, but his music is eternal, and he lives on through it. Rest in Peace Alexi and thank you so much for the memories and the music.

Ahmed Hassan

I remember like 15 years ago when I first watched Hate Me live in seoul I was shocked and really amazed of his performance and the energy in that show!! It made me love metal and buy my very first electric guitar. My nickname was “Alexi” as my friends named me from my love to Children Of Bodom and admire Alexi Laiho’s playing ability. The good ol days. It was very hard to acquire a V shaped guitar like Alexi had back in Middle East , Abu Dhabi. And finally after many years I finally own my ESP LTD “Greeny” Alexi signature guitar. I’m so proud to have it and I’ll miss Alexi everyday but celebrate his great music always. Thank you ESP.
IG @midoart88_

Jennifer L

I was a bit late to metal, but was fully immersed in the genre by the time I turned 16-17. Children of Bodom was my first metal group and they had such a unique, unforgettable sound that I couldn't not love. Alexi Laiho was my first metalhead crush and dreamed of meeting people who liked the same music I did since I was a pretty lonely student for all that time. A couple of years later I went to my first metal show and Bodom was the headliner. I met a guy at that same show who later on, is now my boyfriend of nearly 7 years.
Ever since then me and my guy have gone to nearly every Bodom show together whenever they came close to our neck of the woods. Alexi has influenced my guy as well; looked up to him in many ways, and bought guitars like Alexi's model ones.
All I can say is that thanks to Bodom and Alexi I met the love of my life when I was so sure I'd be alone forever. I have many good memories of headbanging to the music, in my room, in the car, and at shows. Follow the Reaper is still one of my favorite albums to this day and I'll never forget the great times I had.

Bobby Keller

Alexi is without a doubt one of the reasons I play guitar today. I wanted to shred like him, I wanted to be like him, he was a god to me. Seeing him live a couple times throughout the years was truly spectacular and I will cherish those memories forever. Rest In Power Alexi

Daryl Howlett

Growing up I always surrounded by hard rock and heavy metal music, my father and his friends always had the good metal music like Megadeth, Slayer Pantera. I was about 7 years old the first time I had ever heard Children of Bodom and I remember the first 2 songs I ever heard was Everytime I Die and Bodom After Midnight off of the Follow The Reaper album and I remember hearing Alexi's guitar playing and his vocals and just thinking Holy hell, this dude is badass as hell, I wanna do that! Alexi Laiho was definitely my idol and hero growing up, when I was 10 years old I got my very first guitar from my father and it was a pre lawsuit model Epiphone Rhoads guitar and I was super excited and happy about it cuz not only did I finally have a guitar but I was more excited to be rocking a Rhoads guitar just like Alexi Laiho, I saved up and got a 2x12 amp and started learning Children of Bodom songs. I went to my local guitar shop when I was 13 and they had an ESP LTD Alexi 600 and I remember them letting me play it and I was playing Sixpounder on it and doing divebombs like Alexi and just wanting the guitar so bad, when I was 21 I finally had gotten the same ESP LTD Alexi 600 by literal fate and luck! I finally got to see Children of Bodom live in 2013 at Mayhem Fest and I remember just standing in front of Alexi in the crowd and just being completely awe-struck by his playing and being able to witness the guitar God live and in living color, right in front of me, it was an experience like no other. Honestly if it wasn't for Alexi Laiho, I seriously would have never picked up a guitar.

Spencer Sheldon

This photo was taken at Club Red in Mesa AZ during the Hexed North American tour. Alexi Laiho was and still is my guitar hero. His signature guitars were the most striking I have ever seen and I am a proud owner of currently three of them. Alexi has had a major impact on my playing and hopefully through his music, he continues to inspire those he had impacted.


For me Alexi was the entry to the metal world.
One of the most talented songwriters left way to early. Alexi was truly an original, the real deal!
Rest in peace legend.

Shane Hughes

I can still remember the first time I heard Children Of Bodom, back when Relentless, Reckless Forever was just out and I was starting to dip in to heavier music than what I had previously listened to. The first song I heard was "Ugly" and I was instantly taken by the guitar work. Obviously this prompted me to listen to more of their music, which very quickly led me to Hatebreeder. That album sealed the deal for me, the guitars, keyboards, the composition, it was like nothing I had ever heard and it lit that fire I needed as a musician.

For a long while I had been playing guitar with no real inspirations, I just did it because I could but never had that drive to be a better player, that is, until I discovered Alexi. To this day his playing inspires so much of what I do, more than any other guitarist ever has. I regularly find myself coming back to learn more of his songs, and the hours and hours of playing Bodom licks over and over until I could play them right has been probably the most beneficial thing I have done as a guitarist and has helped me up my game to where I am now. It continues to do so today as there is always another solo I want to try, or another melody to nail.

I have often said that it is extremely high praise to ever call an album a masterpiece or flawless, but I have regularly described Follow The Reaper as just that, flawless. I can always come back to that album and get a buzz as if I am hearing it for the first time. I had the pleasure of seeing him play live but not nearly as many times as I would have liked. Most recently at Bloodstock 2019. I didn't have my phone on me at the time to get any pictures or videos, but I am actually glad as it meant I didn't waste any time worrying about getting photos or videos, instead I was at the very front watching the master at work and taking every second of it in.

I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet Alexi, something I would have loved, even though it would have been on of the admittedly rare occasions when I would even know what I would have said to him!

Reminiscing on memories I have of listening to his music, watching him play and jamming out his songs as I write this has left me with a bittersweet feeling. Its incredibily sad that he is no longer with us, but even though I never met him, I owe so much to him, as a musician and a fan.

R.I.P Alexi, you absolute hero!

Jack Belcher

First time I seen Alexi play I thought who creates melody like this all up and down the fretboard? The complexity of his playing and his one of a kind imagination of solos, riffs, melody and chords is unmatched. He may be the greatest guitarist unknown by the majority.


It was way back in primary school. I was what? 11-12 years old? An old friend of mine made me listen to "Bed of Razors". My view on guitar and playing changed that day. Later finding Lake Bodom, Hate Me, etc all these songs....
Thank you for being one of my heroes growing up and one of those shining lights that guided me not to give up on playing.

Rest in Peace Alexi.
Thank you

Robin Hansen

I never met Alexi personally but I started listening to Bodom when I was about 14 years old and was immediately shocked at how good the guitar playing was, the songs were phenomenally fucking awesome, everything just sat like a fucking ball. I would say that he is and remains one of the world's meanest & greatest guitar player in my book and the world has now lost another legend imo. Almost daily now I play Bodom on the stereo and pay tribute to him and his music, which helped me through some tough times. RIP

Markus Luukkonen

I remember listening to I worship chaos for the first time and thinking that this is some good stuff. After that i checked every other album they had released and fell in love with the band. I saw Bodom live in Porispere in 2019. The experience was extraordinary and Alexi was and always will be my idol.

Richard harris

I've listened to alexi since I was 14 I'm 29 now he was my favorite guitarist who influenced me to play guitar better he was my idol he will forever be missed rest in power alexi.

Pavel Levchenko

My journey into the music written by Alexi Laiho started about 10-11 years ago or so. As a road to become a metal musician myself. When i first listen to his guitarwork and saw live DVD called "Chaos ridden years" I instantly fell in love with his guitars and the things he did with them. Its not just sounded cool but also looked really stylish. I thought "Wow, this guy is the real guitar hero".
After that I spent days and nights dreaming about buying my first guitar and learning how to make such cool sounds like Alexi did. After that, it was time for hard work, buying new guitars, writing music, and even more immersion in the music of one finnish guy.
When years passing by and I formed a band myself growing as a man, metalhead and as a guitarplayer, I always put COB music ahead of any other, and when I finally saw them playing live it was the most amazing experience in my life at that moment. Throughout the years i've been on three shows played by Alexi and company in Moscow. The one in 2015, 2017 (20 years Down & Dirty tour, which I think was their best performance in decade) and last one in 2019 before COB's breakup.
When I saw news about Alexi's passing, my heart was teared apart, even though I didn't know him personally, but it feels like i've lost one of closest friends of mine. And especially as a teacher and mentor, not only for me, but also for a thousands of people who have dedicated their lives to guitar and metal all around the world
As fans we can only pass on to our successors the music and the legacy he left behind. I wish Alexi's friends and family all the warmth of this world.
He will be alive in our hearts and minds forever

Lorcan Ward

When I was 15 I saved for a month so I could buy Children Of Bodom's Hatebreeder. The blend of styles, the aggression but with so much melody and the ferocious technical playing just blew my mind, finally music made sense and it was an addiction that took over me. I used to sit in front off my CD player transcribing these solos by listening to them over and over. I was already a huge fan of music and playing guitar 2ish years but this is where it become an obsession and really motivated me to get better at guitar and start uploading videos. I'm still in shock. Alexi was the Yngwie of our generation, a guitar hero in every way who inspired so many with his music and left behind a legacy.

Felix G.

Since I've started playing guitar my goal was to be as good as him and be able to play all his stuff.
That was and is my driving force to work on my playing!

Ted Wray

I saw him live in Louisville, Kentucky on the Bezerkus Tour opening for BLS, very great performer!!! Amazing Talented musician, inspiration to guitarists and metal fans!!! The world lost a great but the musical afterlife gained another guitargod, probly getn drunk with a red bearded fella, or finnish dudes!!

seta wang

I am just shocked and speechless...
alexi is the most important guitar hero to me.
I never thought this day come too soon and i never got chance to talk with alexi...
See u in heaven later
you are my hero forever

Philip Krummeck

When I discovered Alexi and Children of Bodom 15 years ago, it was a groundbreaking moment for me and the entrance to the world of extreme metal. The music of Alexi inspired me as a young guitar player to practice more and become better at guitar by playing his music. I saw him many times live with COB at concerts and festivals, which was always a blast, and also caught his pick one time.
So thank you Alexi, for the life changing music, the inspiration and motivation, you will be deeply missed!


In 2005, my best friend introduced me to COB. I was astonished, the way Laiho those leads was something that make me fell in love with him. He made me a guitarist, and I have a lot to learn still, but if I play guitar is due to him. So, thank you Alexi, your music kept me alive, may you rest in peace! I love you!


Motivación , dedicación , inspiración. Su composición , su estilo el fue mi más grande admiración. Sigo empujandome cada día para lograr ser la mitad de lo que el fue como músico. Y nunca me rindo . Es injusto que una de las pocas personas que uno admira se fue.

Siempre va estar en mí corazón , y su arte vive por siempre .

Mi gato se llama Alexi por vos.

Uriel Clara

I really going to miss you all and single day till the rest of my life. Alexi Laiho was and would be always my guitar master, he show me so many crazy guitar tricks in those guitar lessons on YouTube, and i remember picked up my guitar and try and try from hours and hours to shred like him. Your music and your bad ass attitud is simply insane and that's why you are a true legend and i'm so proud to see you play so many times in life, and i hope to see you play again in death, till that happens, you always going to live throught your music forever. I love you men RIP MY BODOM MY WILDCHILD LAIHO

Alexi Gonzalezz

He was a great member, a great person and a great human! Maybe he's not best, however he's a great legend never die!

Alexi Forever

Myles Bannink

Thank you Alexi for inspiring me to pick up the guitar! Here is a picture your signature guitar and picture of you playing live put on canvas in memory of you.


When i hear Children Of Bodom for the first time i was completely blown away by this agression and chaos in that sound. Immidiately i started to learn who the f*ck is that guitar player in that band that shredding those fast and crazy lick.
Alexi Laiho was a huge, huge inspiration for me and if it wasnt for him i probably never gona take guitar in my hand and start playing.
Thank you legend for everything that you give tu us fans, you will live eternaly in our hearts. RIP

Tejaswi Seth

Alexi was the angel I didn't ask for, but shall remain thankful for eternity.
His song "Roundtrip to Hell and Back" completely changed my life!

Had I not heard this masterpiece, I don't know if I had gotten the inspiration to turn my life around and come out victorious from all the hardships I faced during the lowest point of my life.

Rest in peace Alexi and thank you for making a difference in my life. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

Mike Joyhill

I was about 12-13 years old and I was at I was at summer camp and didn’t know like a few guys. The first contact with Alexi Laiho & Children of Bodom came a few days later when I heard the Living Dead Beat opening riff from some summer camp room and went to look for which room it came from. I found a room and a guy who had brought his own home stereo from his home and listened to Are You Dead Yet? record. I asked that guy "what this is?" and he replied "this is Children of Bodom". That record was listened to a lot during and after its camp. That guy is still my best friend with whom we had a band and we’re talking about putting a new band up. Alexi Laiho has inspired both of us to play guitar and develop us into a better player all the time. Thank you Alexi for the great music, inspiration and my best friend! You will be missed!

Lucas Fisher

I don't think there any any modern metal guitarists who don't owe something in their playing to Alexi Laiho. No other player has ever truly combined technicality with attitude the way he did.

Kake Ekholm

I found out about Alexi by accident, was watching videos from YouTube when video appeared about Laiho showing riffs from Halo Of Blood. I was instantly stunned by his playing. Become a huge COB and Alexi Laiho fan after that day and he is one of my influences with Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath.
Unfortunently i never had a change to see him perform live. But i will always remember him. Rest On Piece Legend

Patrik Kolrus

At the beginning I played punk songs on my guitar for fun. Accidentally I found a play through of CoB - Are You Dead Yet on the youtube chanel of EMG pickups. In the first secund I fall in love with then song and the band. I immediately picked up my guitar and started learning the song. Alexi inspired me to practice more and play harder. Alexi changed my whole life with his music.
I hope we will meet in another life.
R.I.P. my hero.

Martin P

Alexi Laiho is one of the major reasons I play and one of the major reasons I've always had an affinity for ESP/LTD. When my older cousin first showed me Are You Dead Yet on his walkman I was changed forever, I didnt know music or guitar playing could be like THAT. I've been learning Children of Bodom songs off and on for over a decade because Alexi just knew how to write guitar parts: melodic, groovy, heavy, and most importantly fun to play. He is a legend and changed guitar for a generation of players, his style and swagger and "i dont care" demeanor was super cool and made him seem approachable despite his guitar god status. I never got to meet him but his lifetime of work has had an immeasurable impact on my life. Rock in Peace Alexi, now you can shred with Randy.


My adolescence is dead with Alexi. The first song I heard from COBHC was In Your Face ( 2005) and from there my passion for the guitar began, looking at Alexi's extraordinary technique!

Alexi's lyrics have accompanied me throughout my life between beautiful and dark moments!

Part of us died with Alexi at the end of December!

Thank you for everything Alexi, forever in our heart!


Hunter Ford

Alexi has dedicated his life to metal and his fans. This is my tribute to him to honor all that he’s accomplished


Alexi was my favourite guitar player while I was growing up. And a big inspiration for me to play guitar. I wish his family all the best. RIP wildchild

Lefteris Sfakianakis

I was in the third grade of high school when I accidentally heard "kissing the shadows" and "children of decadence" from children of bodom, when my mp3 was broken, at a school trip, and borrowed my friend's cellphone which the songs were inside! Almost instantly I grabbed the guitar and thirteen years later still rolling! Thank you Alexi for the music! Rest in peace brother


I bought my first COB single from Stockholm. It was small discshop and i was totally sold to the Downfall song. After that i bought Hatebreeder album and i knew that i will listen to this band always.
1999 i was first time on COB gig in Nivala Tuiskula , Finland. Gig was fantastic and after this gig COB was part of my life.

Music and memories stays , rest in peace Alexi.

Juuso Englund

When i was a kid i remember listening to Follow The Reaper and i had the volume so fucking loud, it was the most intense feeling i ever had had, just headbanging and rocking and really feeling the music. Alexi was the reason i picked up the guitar as well, what a player he was. Wish i could have met him in person but that never came to pass. RIP Allu, olet ikuisesti mukana muistoissamme.


I had heard of Children of Bodom through friends in high school. When i saw them in concert when they opened for Megadeth, I was blown away by Alexi's playing. I am glad I got to see them in concert before he passed in the front row. One of the most influential guitarists of the modern age. RIP. Say hi to my buddy in heaven if you see him.


Alexi Laiho was the biggest inspiration in music I had and the main reason why I decided to pick up guitar. He's one of the few people who I actually looked up to, and was a big influence on me during my teenage years. I remember my many attempts to mimic his style. Even during school where I had to wear a uniform I'd always make sure to wear big heavy wristbands to show off how metal I was.

If I'd never found out about him I probably would've been a different person than I am now. His music really helped me break out of my shell and be confident in expressing myself. The first song from him I ever listened to was 'Hate me!', and his guitar riffs never fails to make me feel pumped and ready to take on whatever it is I have to do today.

I never got to go to any of his concerts or see him play live, so unfortunately I have no pictures of him. I did paint a little tribute for him though, cause I feel that's the least I could do to commemorate him.

Joonas lastumäki

Alexi was one of my heroes, he inspired me as a person and also as a guitar player, i have met him briefly two times and those were the moments that i will remember always❤️ Rest in peace alexi.

Dom Harvey - Dead Before Mourning

This is still so gutting. Alexi was my teenage inspiration to pick up the guitar and play what I do, the way I do and the shape of guitars I play. Many times I saw him play and was in total awe of his ability to own the stage and rip flawlessly, a true legend and his music and passion will stand the test of time forever. I was lucky enough to see his last ever UK show at Bloodstock Festival, it was an awesome set and a memory I will always keep with me. Rock in peace Alexi

Fagner Pupo

15 years ago live with my band Hate Angel In Brazil when we used to play lots of Children of Bodom songs and I wanted to look like Alexi well, I tried.

Abel Smids

When I was starting to get into metal music I got a new guitar teacher. He showed me so many bands that have influenced the way I play, write and enjoy music. Children of Bodom and Alexi were my absolute obsession. I had to know and play everything COB. I saved up for an ESP LTD Alexi-signature guitar and studied even more Bodom!
Years later I finally got to see them live with my father and it was a huge experience seeing him play his music with such ease.
You were an amazing guitarist and human being, Alexi. And you were my hero. Rest in Power.

The picture is me when I just got the guitar in 2013.

Rick Kanady

Looking back on the early days when I was just staring to take playing guitar serious children of bodom was one of the biggest influences I had. I remember staying up all night learning silent night bodom night, losing my shit listening to the solos in kissing the shadows, thinking I could play trashed lost and strung out on the drums, driving around lake coffee mill jamming follow the reaper at 3 am, hatecrew death roll was on repeat for years for me! There are countless licks and riffs of Alexis’s that I still use to this day! He’s the entire reason I have played Jackson Randy rhoads all my guitar life! Thank you for all the inspiration and years of great music! Godspeed you absolute legend!

Vince McFly

Rock in Peace Alexi

Mihaly Loczi

irst time I heard Children of Bodom I was amazed how a person can play such a heavy music with such a beautiful melodies and I said I would like to play this. Our band had so many problems finding the perfect clear vocals, so I though if he can do this extreme music I can do. I started to practice scream/growl vocals and learn all COB songs solos even Alexi's demonstration videos. My room was decorated with COB and Alexi posters, then I purchased my first RR shaped guitar. I have found his built in guitar's preamp schematics on the internet and I built it. I tried his guitar pics and strings, and they are so comfortable. I have been using these brands for 13 years. I was going through changes during my teens and this fanaticism changed or best to say grew up. I still amazed of his talent, he is still my guitar hero and that mad years with COB are become my best teenage memories.
I love Finland, the country and the language itself because of COB. A few years ago I saw that COB will play in Tampere, FI, so I though why not to visit Finland, Lake Bodom and watch them performing in their homeland. It was completely different, compared with other COB gigs in my country. I am very happy that I did not miss this opportunity.
I would have like to meet him, and I was so close when I was 15. I meet Roope before their show and I asked him if he knows where is Alexi, but he said he is somewhere around the tour bus which was in a private area. I was so said that I could not meet him.
One day I read the news in the morning and I found that sad article and I could not believe that he has passed away.
Whithout COB I could not meet my best friends.
What can I say? Thank you for everything, all the memories and inspirations. Rest in peace.

Tommi Kangaskortet

Children of Bodom was the soundtrack of my youth. I literally grew up to adulthood while listening to it. If I were to name 3 bands and persons having the most influence on me as musician Children of Bodom / Alexi Laiho would be fighting for the first place. I heard them for the first time around the age of 13 in the school outside the arts class (what are the odds). In a way that small moment pushed (including few other key moments) my life to a certain direction where it otherwise might have not gone to.

I may never have picked up the guitar without them. At times the music has been the fuel for the dreams, the dreams that some day someone would feel the same way about my (our) music like I feel about theirs. I wouldn't have most likely met some of the important people in my life without Alexi's existence or Children of Bodom's music. Shit, almost two decades later his style influences my taste for electric guitars. My guitar shelf looks like I am still the 15 year old little bodomite I used to be and I am not even sorry.

I have no idea how many times I've watched their show from Tuska 2003 or how many times we played COB covers with my old bandmates back in the day at our rehearsal place. Considering how many times I've listened to the second solo of Sixpounder looking like this I should know how to play it by now properly (I don't). So many guitarists around the world became connected by the 100 Guitars from Hel. I couldn't join the bunch (had a surgery just before, that's my excuse) but even without being one of the 100 I met so many great people because of it. I could go on and on and on and on with this, small things but in almost two decades they stack up to become something kinda important.


I remember i saw Alexi playing for the first time during an online guitar lesson, at that time i was 14 and i was just discovering metal and his playing of Next In Line made me discover COB and inspired me to star playing guitar. One year later i attended my first lesson with a guitar of a friend, and 2 years later (for economic reasons) i bought my first guitar which is an Esp/Ltd explorer. In the meantime the first ever electrical guitar i've tried was during this 2 year gap between my first lesson and the first guitar purchased...and it was AN Esp Alexi 600 blacky (the grey with black stripes one).
I just remember i wanted that guitar too much but it was too high priced for my parents at that time so i headed to the Ltd later on when i have been able to buy it. (still one of my favourite guitars ever). One funny memory is that i loved Cob so much i wanted to get the same snake tattoo Alexi had on his left hand, lol.

When i've starded my first band, the first ever cover we did was Angels don't kill, and Cob in general, helped to shape the first sounds of my band, for the first years we were playing together. That song is still my favourite of them.

I continued to listen to COB with the only goal to reach Alexi ability to play guitar. He was such an inspiration for me for years.
Now i'm 24 and playing since almost 8 years and his songs are still in my playlists and his playing continues to inspire me everyday.

I had the opportunity to see them live in 2017 in Milan, i was second or third row and i remember it has been a wonderful show, Alexi played with an incredibile energy, and surprised me because of the sound he was providing, even listening to him for years, i was surprised because it looked like he had played way better than ever. In my top 3 favourite concerts ever.
My only regret is to never be able to see Cob or Bodom after midnight live again. Mainly because my GF (who is not an abitual metal listener, she got into it recently only because of me) discovered Cob because i put Aydy in the car and now she loves them so much that we were dreaming to see them live.

I'm thankful to Alexi, despite having never talked to him personally, because he left me so many memories and inspirations, as a music lover and mainly a guitar player.

Aaron Cox

I'd like to start by saying how sorry I am for the loss of Alexi.
I can't begin to imagine how hard this time is for his family and friends.
stay strong and look after each other.

Alexi's incredible guitar playing and vocals inspired me like many others to buy a guitar and start playing.
Anything I could find with him I had to watch or have from cds,dvds,guitar magazines, his biography and even one
of his custom ESP guitars. Each of these items helped open my eyes up and give respect to music of all genres from how much time,
dedication, blood sweat and tears, technique etc goes into each and every song. Unfortunately I could never give enough time to
playing guitar to be able to create/write anything but I do still enjoy playing.

I was blown away in 2005 when I got to see Alexi and COB perform live @ the Corner Hotel In Australia for the first time
and made sure to see them every time they returned to our shores. I was very lucky to get the chance to meet Alexi a couple of times the first was
in 2011 and even got him to sign my arm which is still on there to this day next to Slash's signature. I would have given anything in the world for a
chance to hang out with him for atleast one day to get to know him but unfortunately that wasn't to be. I was really looking forward to what was next with
Bodom After Midnight and whatever else may have been on the cards and looking forward to what was record sofar if it does get to see the light of day.

Alexi's music will forever be played in my life and be missed all the same
Sending my love to all the Laihos.

RIP "wildchild"
and THANK YOU for everything. \m/

Marko Myllymäki

It was 2001 when I borrowed random cd's while in the Finnish military service. I ended up listening Follow the reaper -album, and the melodies and riffs really hit me. Especially song Hate me, which is still my favourite song in the world. This started my journey into metalhead. Later in 2003 I saw COB live recording from Tuska metal festival and was amazed by Alexis performance right at the start. Solo of opening track Sixpounder changed my life. Ever since COB was my favourite band in the world. And Alexi was the greatest metal composer and guitar player ever, in the whole world. Fact I still try to teach to my friends and acquaintances. Photo is from 2019, Porispere festival in my home town. COB headlining at my home, high point of the whole summer.

Metal guitar 911

The first metal video I saw was everytime I die...that was the video made me to pick up the guitar...

Julio Bobadilla

In 2015 I meet Alexi in children of bodom concert, I remember when I see them in the first time, I said in Spanish: “Alexi ven acá cabron” I’m so excited. Alexi it’s not only one of my favorite guitar player, it’s my idol. Descansa en paz


Alexi was the reason I started playing guitar. He was my Idol, my teacher and person I was looking up to.

He wasnt just a kick as skilled guitar player for me. He was much more than that...

Aatu Ikonen

Got the pick and autographs from Mikko Karmila.

Iva Kolarić

This pic was taken in Slovenia (Nova Gorica). When I first heard Tokyo Warhearts in 2005, it was love at first sight. That love will last forever. Alexi changed my life for good. He was an huge inspiration to my husband as well when he started his own band. Play in peace, dear Alexi. Your legacy will live forever!

Jordan Murdock

The year was 2003 and the first song I’ve ever heard was angels don’t kill and at the time nu metal was the scene but that opening keyboard intro was unlike I’ve heard before in a band let alone the neo classical influences in a death metal band then I heard you’re better off dead something about that fast heavy riff along with the words and if you didn’t hear my apology then.... fuck you as an angry teenager at the time this song fit me so well so you bet grandparents mom dad sisters brothers all heard the songs over n over full blast but no one minded which later on lead me to earlier albums but that eerie opening keyboard on hate me you know the one that sounds straight out of a horror movie then he did ooops I did it again which at the time no one did anything like and you can beat the metal elitists had a field day on this song hey your in a death metal band you can’t play pop songs but alexi did whatever the hell he wanted and I absolutely loved that about him followed by somebody put something in my drink oh man I tell you my kids love that song his love of the 80s is also what I loved about this man twisted sister skid row Mötley Crüe poison all the bands I’ve grew up with fast forward to 2011 relentless reckless forever for some they didn’t like maybe because it didn’t have “bodom” in the title but for me I’ve played this album over an over not my funeral I love the opening riff to this one the ending keyboard solo on round trip to hell an back is another but the cherry on top for me was Eddie Murphy’s party all the time with James Paul Luna on clean vocals I love that song February 20th 2014 quest musique here in Winnipeg is the first time I’ve met you I remember being nervous but excited as I entered the store you shook my hand I’ll never forget that day the following night you guys and tyr teared up the stage the one thing I’m gonna miss the most is your bond that brother love you and Janne had the booze bros I’ve always loved that about you two and it hurts that I’ll never see that again live only on past tapes my most deepest condolences goes out to Not only Kelli But Kimberly too Brothers Janne Jaska Henkka Alexander Daniel Roope Mom Dad it is very unfortunate that we didn’t get to see the full potential of Bodom after midnight like damageplan ended in a tragedy or that brand new purple esp with the neck pickup that was something new and exciting some were rather put off about it but come on now new band new look I was absolutely looking forward to seeing it I could go on all day but too make it short RIP Alexi Laiho rest easy your playing wit the greats now randy rhoades van halen dimebag chuck all list goes on

Giovanni Andolfatto

I was just an angry adolescent locked in his room wearing headphones and listening to music. Alexi’s music helped me to turn my rage into new music and to improve my guitar skills.
“Angels whispering fire, no longer I'm alive
Settled down, I'm done with the trip to my kingdom come”.

Hera S

Alexi will always be my idol. His incredible talent, his fierce passion for music, his magical fingers shredding his favorite V shaped guitars, his dedication and love for what he was doing...All these cannot be forgotten.
Alexi was the one who made me pick for the first time a guitar and start playing. I was so freaking excited the day that I got my ESP Alexi Scythe guitar. I was lucky I had the chance to see them performing live 4 times. I still remember every single COB gig I’ve been to. His energy was pure and powerful...A true Wildchild. I never had the chance to meet him in person, but I honestly feel that I did. He definitely shaped a part of myself. Alexi and his music will always be there for me. A true guitar hero. A true inspiration. He will live forever through his music. Thank you Alexi.

Antoine Berquer

Amazing guy.
My first steps into Extrem Metal back in 1999
True inspiration
3 weeks later i can't imagine this really happened...
Wildchild forever

Alex Tinnin

The first ever metal shred DVD I ever owned was. Alexi Teaching some of his guitar grinding children of Bodem riffs he was an awesome guitar player. I watched a bunch of interviews of him he was just a cool dude and I was crushed to hear the news that he passed away he’s been one of my favorite guitar players for over a decade now. I listen to his music every day I was so stunned to hear of his passing rest in peace

Brad Riley

Alexi was my distant and unknown guitar teacher for the last 20 years. Keeping a messed up kid focused on the music and even when I strayed away from playing. He brought me back to it. Stronger than ever. He will never know just how many people he inspired to pick up a guitar and learn the deep connection of your soul with music.


Words cannot put how sad and devastated I am over our loss of Alexi. I had seen COB live a few times perform but it was the Blooddrunk world tour in June 2008 when they came to Dublin Ireland I got to the very front of the barrier right at the stage. This was a small indoor venue, so it was close and personal to the band. I snapped a few pics of Alexi right in front of me mere feet away I was blown away and mesmerised by his stage presence. His guitar skills just blew me away seeing his up that close. That inspired me to pick up a guitar. I suck and I don't have the dedication as most players would but non the less it inspired me to get an ESP. To try. I also got Henkas pic from that gig which I will forever cherish. Rest In Power Wildchild.
We will forever miss you.


I am a fan from China, and COB is the first metal band that I have come into contact with in my life. Thanks to Alexi for bringing us so many such beautiful music, I will always miss you.


When I first found out about Alexi I instantly fell in love with him and his music and it’s had a significant impact on my life and has inspired so many (including myself) to learn to play the guitar and/or sing, he was such a young and talented artist and has proved that you can achieve so much even without being alive for too long (if you work hard and never give up on trying to succeed).

And it hurt me deeply to find out about his passing, but when I listen to him I fully understand what it means for someone to live on through their music

Jon Rhys Voerman

Back in 2005, my older sister came home with a brand new band. She put on a song called "Wrath Within" and it blew my mind. It was a masterpiece. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered this was only one amazing song from an album called "Hatebreeder", which itself was only one album of five (at the time) amazing albums from a band called Children of Bodom.

That day changed my entire view on music. I started truly listening to music, what every instrument was doing and how they played off each other. Eventually, in 2006, I begged my sister to teach me the guitar. She sat me down, taught me to read tab, showed me the power chord shape and taught me the riff to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" and sent me on my way.

It sent me down a path that, little did I realise, was going to define my life and, all the way through, Alexi Laiho was my favourite guitarist. I studied music in college, I played gigs around the country and even got to play abroad a few times, I even won a few awards for my guitar work and composition in wee competitions between colleges for charity, and I eventually became a session musician.

Music defines my life. From heavy metal to classical to pop to jazz...everything, I adore it. When I was diagnosed with epilepsy, music was there. When I was diagnosed with depression, music was there for me. When I struggled with alcohol and drugs, music pulled me through.

And it's all because of Alexi Laiho. He was there with me every day. On my computer, on my MP3 player, on my iPod...he was always there beside me, inspiring me to be the best at what I do. The man had such a huge effect on my life that it perhaps sounds silly that I shed tears for a man I never knew but he was so important to me. I sit here with pride that I have COBHC tattooed on my arm as my tribute to him and Children of Bodom for what they did for me.

Below I have enclosed my tribute to Alexi. A photo of myself playing one of my favourite gigs back in 2012 with my old ESP LTD Alexi-600 (Couldn't afford a proper ESP haha).

Rest in peace, Alexi Laiho. Your influence and music made my life worth living.


A few years ago I had a crazy day.
I arrived late to sign the purchase of my little village house in the French countryside at the notary, to be able to meet my guitarist idol Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho
A day that I will not forget that for sure ( photos speak for themselves ) I looked like a 12 year old fan girl!
As an assumed fan girl, today i am very sad to learn of him disappearance at 41 ...

I think my passion for music (and in particular the guitar) would be nothing without some iconic figures of which Alexi was arguably the most important.

Children Of Bodom hold such an important place in my musical world and my music heart that I wanted to do a little spiel.

Courage to his family and loved ones


Alexi Laiho has always been a huge inspiration and personal guitar hero in my life. He made such an unforgettable impact on me growing up and i will never forget it. I have had the plesure of seeing Children of Bodom live over 17 times with my closest friends it was almost tradition. I will never forget the day i met him during a Guitar Clinic and signed my Alexi-600SE Pinky Guitar. His legacy will live on forever in our hearts and through his music. Thank you Alexi Laiho, a true god of rock!

Paul McNellis

Loved this guy and his band since the first time I heard them at about 13 years old (31 now). "Normal" music had never really done much for me. I was more into Motorhead and Thin Lizzy because that was what my Dad listened to. The first time I heard this guy, that was it. The sort of music that makes you feel like you're flying and untouchable. Sure, Finnish Melodic Death Metal might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it was for me.
Saw them every time they played in Scotland. Saw them in Dublin twice. Did a solo holiday to Manchester and London for the 20 years tour. Memories that will be cherished forever.

As you can see from the attached, he's had a bit of an influence on my guitar choice, too.

RIP Alexi.


Thanks to Alexi, who inspired me to play the guitar. Thanks to everithing he did... Thanks for COB concert back in 2013 in Riga!!! RIP legend

Mikko Manninen

I saw COB and Alexi playing live first time in December 2001. They were promoting their Follow The Reaper album. That album and the show blew my mind.

Alexi’s music and playing inspired me to practise guitar more and made me a player that I am today. COB song have helped me through hard times and given me joy and lot of good memories.

Marcus Ghalebi

A friend of mine, who introduced me to shared a lot of metal with me, made me a mix cd with a bunch of songs by a band called Children of Bosom. "Cool", I thought, so I put it on and the 1st song that played was Living Dead Beat. That song Blew. My. Mind. I listened to it like 5 more times before I logged on to my computer and tried to find music videos. I found In Your Face, and WOW, I thought this was the peak of baddassery. And this guy front and center was a wizard on guitar. Alexi really got me started on playing metal on guitar, and I always end up playing In Your Face when I'm messing around with my guitar. I will never not think of him when I play guitar, his style is so ingrained in there.

Thank you for the music, Alexi.

Nick S

Alexi and Children of Bodom were one of my many gateways into the heavier “non-Metallica” side of metal. I remember my friend telling me to listen to Living Dead Beat and I was immediately blown away by Alexi’s songwriting, vocals and style of guitar playing. Going back through their earlier albums, I still remember how caught off guard by all the classical sounding influence they had in their music because it definitely wasn’t something I’ve ever heard before. As a guitarist, that was one of the biggest turning points for me in terms of how I approached the instrument from that point on. After that, I had to learn all the standard neo-classical licks, Alexi-isms and later on Yngwie-isms. If it wasn’t for Alexi though, I wouldn’t even be close to being the guitarist or songwriter that I am now. To this day, I still use so many of the same ideas and techniques when I play or write that I learned from spending hours playing along to songs like Are You Dead Yet, Bodom After Midnight and Needled 24/7 over 10 years ago. Thank you Alexi for some of the best music I’ll ever hear in my lifetime and countless years of inspiration. My only regret is that I never got the chance to meet or see you perform live.


I can still remember the first time i heard a cob song. I was about 11 or 12 years old and i was hanging out with my friend and somehow we found the song „Children of Bodom“. I was blown away and after that i started listening to metal. Music means so much to me and especially Children of Bodom helped me through tough times. And Alexi was also one of the reasons i started playing the guitar. I will always be thankful for the good times listening to their music and for the strength it gives me.

Rest in power, Alexi..
You will never be forgotten

Jamie Bertin

Alexi was an amazing guitarist. I'll always remember Alexi, Wylde and Vai' shoot for guitar world and Alexi's snake tatt on his finger.


In 2015 with my band (Hell's Guardian) we shared the stage of the Alcatraz in Milan with Children Of Bodom. I met Alexi backstage and I was excited because I had my idol in front of me. He was very kind and we took a picture together. Alexi is gone, but his legend remains to inspire us all! Rest in peace Alexi, you always rock!

Ruslan Yakubov

Not sure what to say exactly. Alexi made me play guitar and play music, not just heavy break downs and riffs but music.
For sure he left too early but we know that legends never die
P.s. 19 of March 2019 was the last time a saw Alexi and cob in Chicago. He signed my hand and I Made a tattoo of it. Still can’t believe that was the last time I’ve seen him
God bless

Ryan Littell

Hi, I wrote a very long message and submitted it but forgot to copy and paste it because I wanted it saved. It felt good to write all of that down, this was such a huge loss. Would you guys be able to send back to me what I wrote to you for safe keeping? Feel free to use my message for anything. Thanks again for this outlet. I wrote my email in the previous message as well as in this one.

Ryan Littell

Pekka Moilanen

Have been listening and going to Alexi’s gigs a long time. 2019 end of November in Helsinki, my friend won backstage meeting before evenings gig, The Local Band (Alexi, Jussi69, Olli Herman and Sammy Elbanna). All the dudes were awesome and kindly and as a guitar player myself the change to get a brief chatting with Alexi was just dream come true.


The lord and basefounder of melodic death metal...

Josh McLaughlin

A truly gifted musician and composer and upstanding individual. One of the main reasons I began playing guitar seriously.

Michi Mikkonen

I remember when Something Wild hit back in 1997. It was a breath of fresh air, and the musicianship I heard as a 20something avid guitar player was second to none. Tokyo Warhearts was sadly the last CoB album that had regular play in my cd player before Hexed. In my late 40's I found Alexi's playing again and realized what a big impact he's had in my playing and musical taste. Rest In Power Alexi.

Kévin F.

Bodom was my first metal concert around 2008. I had been a massive fan for years and used all my pocket money for it. I got immediately hooked on this genre. I was lucky enough to see them a few years after and got Alexi's pick. I've been binge watching all the videos I could find on YouTube for the past two weeks, down to the Inearthed demos. All those videos, moments that I saw almost 15 years ago (that I had watched so many times then). It was the only way to keep in touch in a way back then with your favourite artists. I remember the impact Alexi had on me. Funny how we love and try to emulate someone at a young age. My friends and I sure did. He was the true party animal and lived the sex drugs & rock n'roll motto in it's purest form. He still influences my guitar playing to this day with his relentless riffs. He is our modern day Randy Rhoads and I believe to him that would be a compliment.
Thank you for your music Alexi, what it brought to me, we've never met but you've been such an influence in my life.
R.I.P WildChild

Pekka T

Sidekick to Roope Latvala

Ben Imsong

Alexi's concept towards melodic metal has really changed my approach towards metal. His nerve wrecking guitar solo "All for Nothing" was a masterpiece. A big thanks to Alexi for his contribution towards metal community.✌


Such a great influencer and Alexi seemed to be a really humble guy. He’s gone but the music lives forever. Pic from Hellsinky show 2018

Ryan R.

First time I saw Children of Bodom, Alexi did one of his famous spits up in the air. Being in the front row, some landed on my glasses. I still have them, never cleaned, with the spit stains still on them. We miss you, man. Rest easy.

Bryant J

Literally love every thing he’s done for music and even inspired me to pick a guitar up. He’s been my idol since middle school and I’ve been with him ever since . Truly a lost but another great figure to be motivated by to see the next level of metal music

Shah Alam

I was greatly inspired by Alexi when I first head his album "Follow The Reaper". He has been the source of my motivation since then. I got my first guitar from ESP in a V shape just because it was the closest thing to Alexi's guitar and at that time I could not afford the Alexi's signature. Later I also added the "Wild child" sticker to it of which I do not have a picture currently. Before his death, I was obsessed with his album "ARE YOU DEAD YET" and one of my best friends even got me the CD signed by Alexi himself. My new stage name was inspired by one of Alexi's album and song name. Alexi will forever be in my heart and his work will continue to motivate me forever. The best there ever was. COBHC for life. You will be missed Alexi.

Aarn Bagshaw

The very first song I heard by COB was silent night bodom night, I was completely enamoured by the amazing melody and speed. My venture into metal began. I spent my everyday from then on pushing myself to be better, to be as good or better. I finally got to meet see COB and meet Alexi and COB in 2019 on their last show ever in Toronto. I’m high school me and my friend performed the rendition of Vivaldi’s Summer for our spring concert. Alexi forever changed the way I looked at guitar And the way I play.. I play the LTD Alexi-200 and is still to this day is my baby. The world lost an amazing guitarist, musician and extremely humble guy. Thank for everything Alexi and COB.


I was a fan of Children of Bodom at 16yo. I will always remember listening to Alexi’s solos when I was in the bus to get home from school. I was kind of a nerd about it. This music was my only « friend ». This music was the reason why I carried on. At 17, even though the price was ridiculous for a kid, I managed to get a part time job in order to buy the Alexi’s Blacky LTD signature. This guitar changed my life forever. I started learning Alexi’s solo, watching him playing on YouTube, trying the reproduce the same movements and sounds, trying to be him. In France, metal music is far from being mainstream, it is not « cool » to listening to metal. So when I got the chance to be alone in my room, I’d set the volume at its max, and played a good old « Angel’s don’t kill » followed by « Scream for Silence » and another dozen of them. I took this guitar with me abroad for a 6 months professional experience, and once again, this guitar, this music were my friends. Today I am recording metal music, and Alexi Laiho’s influence is more than present in my music. I will always remember spending nights and days listening the COB’s records, being blown away by Alexi’s technic.

I will miss him forever. But every time I’ll play his guitar, I’ll think about him.


Well, I don't know how to start!
This is not gonna be so short because there are too many words unsaid deep in my heart.
A part of me still doesn't wanna accept this tragic loss and is waiting to hear that Alexi's alive!
He was one of the first guitarists I got to know and helped me make my musical taste and vision. One of his songs was the very first metal track that I covered back when I'd just started playing electric guitar.
He truely got the whole package; I mean, a great vocalist, one of the best death metal vocals ever! Incredible touch and playing technique; and also, the boldest feature of him to me, amazing composing talent! Those melodies and riffs could repeat in my head over and over even for days after hearing them! Not to mention the ability to sing and play simultaneously. He even was so good looking and a nice guy!
And now, such a person has passed away at the age of only 41! This is so fuckin' beyond just being a "tragic loss"! And you know, that number, 41, hurts the most! You really deserved to live at least twice this, dude...!
I'm really sad, and even after a few days that I realized what this actually means, I burst into tears. And even now I end up with wet eyes hearing his voice and music and seeing his pics around...
I'm sorry that I could never see him and go to his tours. I wish I could...
He influenced me deeply with his music while he was alive, and even his death was a trigger for me, for my weakened passion for music and who I always wanted to be!
Thank you Alexi! I will always love and remember you...!

Riku Niemelä

I was 16 and I still hadn't been listening to hard rock or heavy metal at all. My friends though were listening to heavier music already. Remember my friend making me a copy of one his COB albums and after hearing that stuff I was sold and haven't differed from that road ever sinne. So I thank Alexi and the whole gang from the bottom of my heart! RIP mate.

Zane Samarasinghe

My memories of Alexi began in middle school. Chris Cole is my favorite skateboarder and his musical influence influenced me. The moment I heard Follow the Reaper for the first time, I was hooked. From that moment on, Children of Bodom was everything. Alexi’s melodic death metal riffs consumed me. My style changed to express my Bodom influence. The biggest investment I made in high school was purchasing a white Alexi 600. I’ll never forget picking it up on Halloween, completely stoked to have and Alexi signature axe. I eventually got a reaper tattoo, dedicated to the Hate Crew.

My death metal dreams came true when I got to see Bodom live for the first time in 2014. I’ll never forget my first pit experience. Getting tossed to the floor and picked back up. Everyone’s energy was so intense, yet so inviting.

Though, the biggest highlight I have was in 2019 when I saw Bodom for the last time in SF. It was probably the greatest show I’ve ever been to in my life. I caught three of Alexi’s guitar picks. Literally the greatest concert experience of my life, I doubt anything will top that.

I’m extremely saddened by the loss of this legend, but am forever thankful for his contribution to the music world, the metal community, and my life. RIP Wildchild


Alexi Laiho was one of the greatest frontmans of all time, his incredible guitar performance mixed with his brutal screams. Just makes him a great influence to every guitar player that aspires to scream as well. One of the reasons why I choose an ESP as my first guitar was because of this man. His talent as a guitar player left me shocked back when I was 16 and it still gives me chills. It's going to be hard to find someone else available to play a guitar solo while singing like Alexi did without difficulties. Hope he receives a massive new ESP guitar model as a tribute to his amazing career. A guitar God definitely. Rest in peace hero...

Christos Anastasiadis

I remember when they came in Greece-Thessaloniki in 2013 and i was 14 years old with a broken arm and broken glasses ....And i was in the front of the concert,and.then hate crew death roll started and i fucking smashed everyone's ass even with the broken arm and the broken glasses in mosh pit...I gathered 90 euros for this concert in 3 months and i said want do anything these 3 months unltil i gathered them...No out no nothing...When they came out it was unreal,i couldn't believe it it was a lot different from the yt and the screen ...He was wearing a misfits shirt with a cargo pants man and he was rocking it....When the concert end i waited fro everyone to leave and i was screaming ALEXI ALEXI to came out of the stage to say hi...What a stupid i was.......And Janne put out his head from the curtains to check what is going on and it was so funny...I seemed a lot stupid...In 2019 still a big fan i was studying in Plovdiv..They came there but i couldn't go i didn't have the budget.........

Mariano Fuentes

The day I first saw COB live I realise that I wanna be a musician too, I always admire Alexi Laiho, beside I’m a bass player. Years ago, I got my first LTD bass and I put pink inlays in it, a tribute to one of my favorits musicians ever. Now they’ll be a mark on my bass for Alexi, Children of Bodom and the Hate Crew


Guitar god and legend

seta wang

alexi is the reason I play guitar,also the reason I fall in love in Randyshape,i consider myself maybe the biggest fan of him,and collect almost all his guitar.
His spirit will be with me forever!


It was back in 2015 when I was in high school I went to see COB Play live in Gdańsk. At that point I was obsessed with Alexi, he was my guitar hero. Seeing him live was a dream coming true. I remeber so vividly when they opened with "I Hurt". Seeing Alexi playing and signing it especially the part with "I surrender got no fight left in me to render..." It broke my head I couldnt believe what I was seeing. It was an amazing night. I wish I could meet him and tell him how much his music supported me through the darkest of times. I will be eternaly greatfull for that.

Necro - Band from TURKEY

We didnt met face to face anytime before but Alexi is one of irreplaceable member for metal music , his guitar technic and lyrics teached everyone who wants To be a Rockstar

Rest in peace

Alexi Laiho

We played for him

Matthew Tse

My first time seeing him was totally by chance when a friend just asked me to go to a show. They were opening for Lamb of God in 2004 and I was completely blown away by what I saw and heard. I’ve been a fan ever since and saw COB every opportunity I got. I purchased his signature ESP in 2006 and had him sign it in 2014. Rest in Power, Alexi.

Hermanni Hakalisto

When I was 14 years old I grabbed a guitar at my school. It was year 2014. I had already started to listen a bit heavier Finnish bands like Nightwish etc. We didn't have internet at the time because we lived in the middle of nowhere in Finland so finding new bands wasn't easy. Quite fast I joined my first band and my bandmate gave me a burned CD of Children of Bodom's Hatebreeder. I still remember the feeling when i heard the first song on the album, Warheart. I was blown away by how melodic, brutal and technical the music was at the same time. I hadn't heard anything like that before and that changed my perspective to music for good. I started to train guitar like hell, grow my hair, bought my first flying-V guitar, started to train screaming etc. I wanted to be just like Alexi, he was my first real idol in music. I saw them live in 2015 at my first music festival and the experience felt like I was reborn. My band's other guitarist left the band and I started to scream and play guitar at the same time. I looked like a stereotype of my age in Finland, wearing camopants and Bodom shirts, growing my hair etc. Those we're the best years of my life. Metal music had taken me for good. When I turned 17 I had my first depression. I had no reason to get up from bed but I had Children of Bodom and their music. Their music has helped me through the darkest times of my life and also the good ones. I felt like I was alive when listening to Bodom. I'm now 30 years old and still playing guitar and doing vocals in a band. Nowadays I listen to all kinds of music. Bodom is still the number one band for me and will allways be. I heard about Alexi's death a day before it was official. I couldn't sleep that night. Next day I read about it from the media and my Instagram and Facebook exploded. All the people of my age shared news about Alexi's death. That's the moment when I started to realize how fucking big deal that guy and his music was to music world and my generation. The next days went in a haze and I cried a lot of times. It felt like I had lost a friend and it was so strange cause I didn't know the guy. I couldn't listen to Bodom in many days. At the moment I'm crying when writing this. That's how fucking big deal Alexi and his music is to me. It made me what I am today. A hell lot of stronger person. RIP Wildchild. You are a fucking icon.

Nathaniel Lydeamore

So many memories of Alexi's music. I'd heard a few COB songs and wanted to hear more. Started with the Follow the Reaper album kind of in the background, was enjoying it. Then Kissing the Shadows came on at the end. I was so blown away by the guitar solo that I just had to stop what I was doing to listen to it again.

Saw COB in 2011 and they actually played it live as well. One of my favourite shows.

Since then, Alexi has been one of my guitar idols. So many of his licks and some of his playing style has definitely made it's way into my own guitar playing. When I was finally actually good enough to play Kissing the Shadows, it was definitely a milestone for me personally.

R.I.P. Alexi

Jorge Pérez

He was my biggest insliration, basically the reason i always wanted to shred. I'm so sad that i couldn't seen him live


For me the greatest guitar player ever, my idol and the only reason why i started playing guitar. Rest in Peace, champ!

Simon Fors

Meet him twice, a really nice guy. Bought myself a Alexi 600 signature guitar in late 2000s. Love the melodic and great riffs that he have given us. He will been missed.

Luen mute

I meet alexi, henkka and roope in a meet and greet in San Francisco back 2009!
I was fortune that all 3 of them signed my ESP scythe!
Alexi was a huge influence on my shredding skills!

Fátima Agúndiz

Alexi Laiho fue para mí, una gran inspiración, fue quien me motivo a empezar a tocar la guitarra, siempre ame sus guitarras ESP, cada uno de los modelos, su forma de tocar. Realmente es alguien muy especial para mí, su música, sus letras siempre tuvieron sentido en toda mi vida. Siempre me identifique con su personalidad y dedicación. Siempre quise ser como el Amo a Alexi Laiho, siempre estará en mi corazón.

Connor Brennan

Alexi was rock n roll in human form. He is the reason I started to take guitar seriously, and the biggest inspiration behind the music I play. I met him in Vancouver in 2019 and he was nothing but nice even though I probably was nervous as hell. There was no other guitarist in the world who spoke so clearly in his music to my heart. And I’m deeply sad I’ll never get to hear what he could’ve made in years to come. I hope one day I can be half the musician and frontman he was. Reap in Peace Wild Child \m/ COBHC

Aayush Sagar

Apart from music, Alexi has inspired me on whole different levels. Back in 2015, while watching 100 guitar s from Hel Online, I was convinced that this guy can do anything with his six string. From writing melodic riffs and fast yet mrlodic solos to writing deep lyrics, endless tours and shredding Billions of notes he was humble af.
I am gonna miss Wildchild . Never been able to see him shred alive will always haunt me, I always had a dream to meet him and just talk to him a bit about himself. I sometimes paint my nails black and try to act like him, I blast bodom records and watch as many interviews and bodom videos online to help me through the day. He is definitely alive in our hearts and those bodom records. Rest In Peace Alexi . Shred up there

Ravij Bhatia

He introduced me to a completely new genre of music. To watch someone shredding the guitar like he did along with singing was just mind blowing! Thank you for your eternal gift of music Alexi and for inspiring a stupid 17 year old to explore his musical boundaries!

Sean Michael Rose

I didn't like COB at first. A friend showed me "Silent Night, Bodom Night" and I just wasn't impressed at the time. For some reason I ended up checking out Follow the Reaper about 6 months later and I was hooked from there. Alexi had joined Chuck Schuldiner, who had passed on my 11th birthday(RIP), as a major influence on my playing and writing style at this point. I began writing music heavily derivative of Bodom's style. To this day I've seen Children of Bodom perform 5 different times. I've had the honor of meeting Alexi and shaking his hand at one of those shows. My parents were going to get me a relatively expensive guitar for graduating high school, as my SG was not cutting it for more advanced music and good tone(I was also seriously abusing it). I had wanted something with 24 frets, a floyd rose, and better wood. I had a choice between an M series LTD or a used LTD Alexi - 600. While not enthusiastic about the possibility of performing with a signature model, I ended up choosing the Alexi 600. I don't remember what it came down to, but I do not regret it at all. I swapped the passive EMG with a Dimarzio X2n and that was my only guitar for the next 8 years. Now I'm pretty much addicted to Rhoads style V's. I love my m1000, but I really love my new(ish) RR24 pro and especially my old Alexi-600. I'm hoping to get an ESP level Alexi model someday. I want to check out the Preamp boost he had used and have a guitar with an ORIGINAL floyd rose for once. Early December last year I had been checking out some 8-10 year old tabs for music I had written. A lot of it reminiscent of Alexi's writing style. I had planned on finishing those songs initially, but after hearing of Alexi's passing I was really motivated to finish them. So TL;DR Alexi not only heavily influenced my playing and writing, but also influenced the type of guitars I prefer. I'm finishing the music he influenced me to make in honor of his contributions to metal guitar playing and in honor of the impact he had on my life. Shred in peace, my dude! Thanks for the Music!


I have never had the fortune of meeting him, but I did get to see Bodom on tour with Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, and God Forbid, and man that was killer.

But despite not meeting him, Alexi has had such a profound influence on my life. I came across Bodom when I was about three years into playing guitar, and it was what got me into Melodic Death Metal. I remember my friend wanting to show me the Chaos Ridden Tour dvd and beforehand he said "just wait until you see this guy play, you will fall in love... and you will want his guitar. I kind of laughed, thinking it was an exaggeration. Nope. 2 weeks after watching it and I was rinsing all the albums, delving into melodeath, and was a proud owner of the LTD Alexi-600. Since then, his writing and the styles that I explored because of Alexi and Bodom have deeply influenced me.

RIP Alexi

Lee S.

Pride of place, right in the middle of the wall. A striking reminder of an idol and influence I will never forget. Like thousands of others, Alexi made me pick up a guitar. The first time I saw him live he was playing his black and yellow pinstriped Signature guitar, ever since that moment as a greasy, naive teenager I swore I’d own one. 15 years later, a year before the legends death I was lucky enough to get my hands on what is now an incredible piece of history. A piece of history as unique and influential as the legend himself. RIP Alexi.


I have been listening to Bodom since I was six. He's the greatest influence one could ask for.

He's not dead, he just followed the reaper.

Shred in peace, Wildchild.

Samantha Gay, Chicago, IL USA

Hi, I was blessed to see Alexi with COB, front row, in both my home city of Chicago and on the east coast 16 times over 13.5 years. Many of those times involved meet and greets. Alexi was mesmerizing t o watch as a musician, yet was gentle and humble off-stage. I loved when he would screech, "Chi-town Motherf*ckin HATE CREW!" I am devastated at his passing. His virtuosity and grace provided the soundtrack to my growing up; I was 14 at my first Bodom concert I'm 2007, and 28 at my last one in 2019. I am blessed to have witnessed his art. My heart goes out to his family, bandmates, ESP, and everyone all around the world in mourning. Photo is from 2016. Xoxoxo

Nicolas Perri

Alexi was the greatest metal frontman I've ever heard and met. Please rerun the ltd 600s, *with* accurate body shape to the guitars he used. White scythe please

Pedro Wallner

The year might be 2007. I was already a metal head of you like to call it. Metallica was my obsession at that time and I thought that no one played better than Kirk Hammett. Back in that day people used to send music through email o msn messenger. Also was very common to find new music on YouTube and download mp3 via ares or torrent.

So I got this guy telling me that he listen to a bunch of bands from Scandinavia and he sent me a few mp3 files. Mostly dimmu borgir songs which I thought it was cool. Some of the files only had the song name but not the artist. And one of them was called bodom after midnight.

I realized soon that song is not from the same band. It had something mesmerizing about the keyboards, super fast riffs and a lot of melody I’ve never heard something like that before. (At that time i didn’t know any shredder like Vai or yngwie or satriani)

I was a fan of slipknot already so i got used to the vocals quickly but the melodies where incredible. It was like Metallica with steroids + the harsh vocals from slipknot and all these guitars and keyboard parts flying around on beautiful melodies. Then I was obsessed with COB forever, camo pants, black nails, long hair. I got it all for me later on.

I discovered later some other bands and shredders that I love too. But alexi was that punk rock attitude that look like that the guys from jackasss made a shred metal band and party all around.

I always admired him, a bunch of people make fun of COB for a long time. Calling it a band for posers, a Nintendo sounding black metal for teens. I didn’t care at all he was my hero all these years.

Even when nobody talked about him anymore he was still my hero on secret. Now people are sending me videos of his clinics and him playing live. I’ve seen all of them since ares and torrent download days haha. I got them all.

I couldn’t see them live. They went to my city and I didn’t have money or job at that time. I was an student and well. Never got the chance. Forward to December 2020 and finally after many many months of looking and research I got a Jackson Flying V, sorry ESP hahah. It was a good price on eBay but on my defense now more than ever I’m planing getting a LTD alexi in the future.

And well I fulfilled my dream of having a guitar from my hero, 24 frets, Floyd rose, neck through body, tuned to D standard, start removing the neck pickup and like the past 12 years of my life. Attempt the kissing the shadows solo at 75% speed and not been able to play it haha.

But I’m loving it. So well. 3 weeks later got the news. I can’t believe it. I still think he’s out there I just can’t imagine that this is true. I will cherish him forever and try to play his songs at my bedroom, I don’t care if I make my own songs or spend the rest of my life trying to be as good as him, is been a really fun experience and that’s his legacy on all of us.

Thank you Wildchild Rest In Peace

Júlia Guerra

I am a huge music/metal fan but definitely not the kind of person who has lots of idols. However it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Alexi’s music, lyrics, and interviews. Since I was a young teenager I felt such a deep connection to COB songs, and unlike other artists, I never got tired of it.

I grew up listening to Alexi’s music and somehow he was always there for me when I most needed. It made me feel like I belong and like I should live my life to the fullest always, even in my darkest times, and never give up. I’ve never met him, but I’ve learned so much from him, and fortunately saw him play stunning live shows several times. He is the reason why I play the guitar - I struggled a lot to learn because I never wanted to play easier songs, I wanted to play COB. Honestly I am still not good at it, but I won’t give up! I keep dreaming of playing my favourite songs properly in one of his signature guitars one day.

I could never thank him enough for his gift to all of us fans. And I know that his music will forever be part of who I am.

“Ain’t got time for the future or the past
Live for the moment, make it last”

Rest in peace, Alexi. I love you so much.

Edson Abundez

I was 12 years old when I first picked up a guitar, my friend Rod Aguilera and I tried to learn by ourselves and it was quite hard, there where a lot of times when I thought of dropping it, if it wasn't because of Children of Bodom and Alexi's guitar playing I might have drop it. Alexi was amazing to hear and watch because he really was a showman, it it's a great inspiration to every player at any level, worldwide.
I appreciate that Alexi kept playing till the end, that tell us how much music meant for him.
I will always remember him as an inspiration and I will always be thankful to him for sharing with us his gift and talent.
Thank you, Alexi, you will never be forgotten.
¡Alexi no se ha ido, porque las leyendas nunca mueren!
Rest in power, Alexi!

Chris Gorham

The first ever concert I went to, was to see Children of Bodom. I had never been to a concert previously because I wanted my first one to be special. When I learned that CoB was coming to my town, I had to go. And that experience was so surreal, I remember dying of heat al the way until the band performed, and somehow someway I was still able to thrash and jump and scream louder than I ever had before. I’m so thankful I was able to see him and my favorite band perform. Alexi is a hero to the metal community, and will forever live on! \m/

Pandu Raditya

He's who introduced me to extreme metal genre, as a 14 years old boy i was fascinated how he plays the guitar and sounded sooo different from the other metal guitarists i knew at that time
Thanks for the music, And thanks for making me to pick up guitars Alexi..
Rest In Peace, Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho


Alexi was the best guitarist and vocalist. Because of him I started listening heavy music.

Jon Jones

The first time I saw Bodom was in Louisville, KY opening for Megadeth, Alexi had already been a huge influence on me and actually hearing and seeing was just amazing. As soon as Living Dead Beat kicked in the crowd broke down the barricade and the show had stop for awhile. It was wild. My father got me the Alexi-600 for my birthday. Best gift. Alexi was truly a inspiration for me. I will always be thankful that I got gotten to see him live multiple times. I also help the Bodom guys find a taxi in Louisville when they opened for BLS.

R.I.P Alexi.

Carlos A. Franco

Alexi was the reason I picked up a guitar in the 5th grade. Children of Bodom was the first concert I ever went to and his music was something that opened my eyes towards a genre that I will forever love. Thank you brother, I miss you and we miss you. Rest easy.

Andrew Knutson

Children Of Bodom has been my favorite band for 15 years. My best friend shown them to me and as soon as I heard the intro to "Living Dead Beat", I put it on repeat and I was hooked forever. Here's a story about how Alexi signed my ESP Edwards Blacky.

I bought Alexi's Blacky model back in 2009 when I was 17. I am no serious guitar player, I just wanted to be like him so much. I saved enough money by putting away tip money and $20 every paycheck from my job at the local pizza store. It took me a very long time but I finally did it. Waiting for that guitar to show up from Japan was the longest week of my life. I even invited my best friends over to watch me unbox it. Fast forward a few years and I'm seeing COB in Atlanta. I brought my guitar. I kept it in my trunk during the show and as soon as the show as over and we were all walking out of the venue, I went to get it. I wanted him to sign it for me. I ended up getting Henkka to sign the back of the headstock in blue Sharpie. I didn't see any of the other guys. After everyone cleared out and security was ushering us away, I saw one of the sound guys and I called him over. I asked if Alexi was coming out and he said no, he's staying in the bus. I was like, well I have this guitar here that I'm trying to get him to sign. So he graciously took it from me and took it back to the bus. He comes back a minute later and sure as shit, there's Alexi's signature. In bright, silver Sharpie. I almost jumped for joy as I profusely thanked the guy. He smiled and told me I was welcome. As my friends and I were walking away, I screamed as loud as I could "ALEXI FUCKING LAIHO JUST SIGNED MY FUCKING GUITAR!!!" I got several cheers and claps as we made our way back to the car. I wanted to preserve the signature because I still wanted to play it without worrying about it coming off so the next day, I stupidly made the decision to spray a clear coat of paint over the signature. It turned out great but I would eventually end up regretting it. Over the years, the edges of the clear coat started to peel but the signature remained intact about 99% (a small piece of the silver sharpie got scratched off with the clearcoat). That should've been where the story ended: me, happy, with my signed guitar forever.

Now, we travel not too far back in time to when my son was born in early March 2019. I knew Hexed was coming out and that COB was going to be touring and coming back to Atlanta. The day my wife and I got back home from the hospital after his birth, I realized I had Hexed waiting for me in the mailbox. I popped it into my computer, imported it to my iPad, stuck some headphones in and blasted it while my wife and my son slept. A month later in April, COB was performing in Atlanta. Along the tour, Alexi was going these guitar clinics at guitar shops. I planned to go to the clinic but not the show; I didn't want to leave my wife for that long and get home at 3AM, seeing how our son was only a month old. The day before we left, I carefully took the clearcoat off of my guitar and the signature along with it. I removed every trace of it. I had planned to have him sign it again and NOT clearcoat it this time. So I invited my best friend who was with me the first time I ever saw COB on April 20th, 2008. I live in Huntsville, Alabama. It's about 4 hours-ish away from Atlanta. We get there and see people with guitars leaving saying that it's been cancelled because Alexi was sick. The amount of disappointment I felt was unbelievable. I wasn't disappointed with him, just the situation. It had apparently been announced on Facebook a couple hours previously, but I didn't see it because I was driving. So we kinda walked around the store in sadness and the guys at Sam Ash told us to write down our mailing addresses and they'd sent us a free shirt. To this day, my friend and I haven't receieved our shirts and it's kind of a running gag/inside joke and we have a good time with it. So here I am with an Alexi Laiho guitar that used to have his signaure on it and I wasn't able to get it signed again. I was really mad at myself for removing it, but I told myself that hey, the next time they're close, I'll do my best to try and get it signed again. I did actually try to hint to my wife that I wanted to go to the show but I decided not to push it and we left and went home. Then later in the year, as everyone knows, it was announced that COB would be no more. I was devastated. My favorite band of 15 years was breaking up. It was at that point that I accepted that I'll never get him to sign my guitar again. Then it was announced he was forming Bodom After Midnight and they would be making an album and I thought maybe there would be a chance after all...

On Monday, January 4th, 2021 at 8:32AM, I opened Facebook on my computer and the first post at the top of the page is COB's announcement. I sat there at my desk not moving for a good minute just reading everything over and over, frozen. My brain was having trouble trying to process what I'd just been reading over and over. I started sobbing and struggling to breathe. I couldn't believe it. It felt like someone had punched me in the stomach and then ripped my heart out. I collapsed into my wife's arms as she tried her best to comfort me.

I saw COB 6 times and met the guys a couple times. I'm eternally grateful to have had those experiences because I know not every COB fan has them. I have Alexi's signature on 5 different things. One of those things is a Mayhem Festival ticket from 2013. He signed it and I asked him for a hug and he said yes. I got to hug my idol. My life was complete. I couldn't care less about that signature not being on my guitar anymore... I got the ticket signature tattooed on my wrist on January 10th. He will forever be a part of me. It hurts like hell, but I'll continue to celebrate his life by listening to the amazing music that has been the soundtrack of my life for so many years. Rest in Power, Wildchild.

"Death, be not proud. Though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, thou art not so."

-COBHC, Andrew Knutson

Kyle M

Alexi Laiho was a generational talent. Many people can play the guitar well, Alexi, played the guitar unlike anyone else. The fusion of classical influence combined with intricate riffs and blistering solos has made them my favorite band for half my life now. I remember hearing Hate Crew Deathroll when I was 14 and immediately I knew that this was what metal should be. Over the years I've come across many metal bands I've come to enjoy but none have even come close to CoB. Alexi was a creative force, a guitar virtuoso and if you've ever met him, a pretty damn nice guy. RIP Alexi, this one hurts

John T

The first time I saw Chuldren of Bodom, I was blown away. I distinctly remember how captivated I was with Alexi's playing. He instantly became one of my favorite musicians and changed the way I looked at music forever. I am heartbroken that Alexi left us so young but eternally greatful for the amazing music and he left us all. RIP Alexi

Carlos Andres Ballen Narvaez

I am very grateful to Wild Child because thanks to him I took the initiative to play an instrument and have very good musical tastes, although I do not play the guitar perfectly, I try to do my best by seeing Alexi at his concerts and when I can perform any of his songs. I feel happy and motivated, for me it is my biggest influencer in the world of music. I will always carry you in my heart.

Jani Koski

I started playing guitar in 2008 when I was 12 years old. Soon I stumbled upon Children of Bodom and Alexi's guitar playing just blew my mind. It was he and Children of Bodom that kept me playing guitar more and more.

I had the chance to see them live first time in 2017 at John Smith Rock Festival, on their 20 years down and dirty -tour in Finland (the picture attached). After that I went to see them couple times in Oulu, and I managed to get tickets to their last tour in 2019 too. Sadly due to Covid I didn't have a chance to see his late band Bodom After Midnight.

Rest In Peace, Alexi. Your legacy is living, you inspired so many metal guitarists in your time here. And will inspire even though you're gone, I believe.

Damian Dunn

He was the metal guitarist of Finland; how he took the Rhodes style shape and made his own, how he'd rest his guitar on his knee, have it high in the air shredding lines in sequences of fourths, his dive bombs plus with an iconic voice... And all of that came from a quiet lakeside in Finland with a bunch of friends wanting to write and play metal. I saw him 3 times in my life and wouldn't trade it for anything. He will be missed... I already miss him. I always wanted a signature guitar from him, I have to do it now and play in memory of him. Goodbye Alexi, we'll see you again soon. Condolences to the Laiho family and all that who loved him.

Olexandr Mikhno

My story will be about Alexi's influence on me and my music taste. I'm 30 years old seaman from Ukraine. First time i heared Alexi's incredible guitar skills in 2005, when my friend let me listen to Sixpounder and my mind just blew up. Then we got a chance to listen full album "Are you dead yet". Major speedy folk mixed with diminished scale melodies and all these things are metal with extreme vocals... It was something that my mind barely could handle. I remember how i fell in love with ESP Alexi Scythe guitar. I gave myself promise that i'll buy one. And in about 10 years i got one. Custom shop. The day i took this guitar in my hands probably was the most exciting ever. Rest in peace Alexi, the world will miss you. See you on the other side.

Griffin Payne

I first discovered COB when I was 16, just a couple of months after I started my first real band. At the time I was still kinda figuring out exactly what type of music we were wanting to write and put out. But when I discovered bodom I knew exactly what I wanted to do. It didn't take long for them to become my favourite band and Alexi to become my idol. Sadly I only got to see them once, but it was one of the best shows of my life. Its too hard to put into words how much Alexi influenced my guitar playing, and especially my songwriting. Alexi is the ultimate rockstar to me, and my band and I owe him so much for helping us find ourselves musically.


There is a lot to say about him and how much influenced me. 19 years of pure inspiration, he was and he still is for me a GOD. Its cause of him I started to practice more guitar, dreaming one day to play in a great band like COB...and even i didnt reach my dream, he made me dream for my whole teenage time,making me have hopes,something to look forward day after day. He helped me to go through hard times, Ive met many great people at c.o.b gigs, sharing same passion for the band and for his amazing guitar skills. I will never be enough grateful for all what he did, cause without him I wouldnt probably be who i am now or even ever met one of my bests friends (met them at various cobs gigs)...with his passing also a big part of me is gone but what is sure, is that i will never forget him and im sure also many others will be always remember such a great man!
Kiitos Allu!


...his love for metal music.

Marcos René Vázquez

He is One of my favorites guitarist of all time, With some guitarist like Dave Mustaine and Benjamin Burnley, he’s the third inspiration in my style to play the guitar

Wish i could see more than One time on stage, big love the first and last time to see him in Knotfest Mexico 2017


I remember being blown away the first time I heard “We’re Not Gonna Fall” by Children of Bodom. I was 14 and just picked up the electric guitar. The riff was so addictive and the solo was one of the first to inspire me to learn sweep picking.

Nearly a decade later, despite retiring from electric guitar, I still play the riff from We’re Not Gonna Fall on my acoustic guitar before church services or practice at home. His signature LTD guitar, the Blacky, a gift from my father at 15, still sits behind my bed frame today.

I never understood how some fans of musicians or artists alike could grieve, mourn, and even hold vigils for people they’ve never met. I still don’t, but now I empathise a little more.

I don’t think there’s a band like Children of Bodom or a guitarist like Alexi that had such an influence on me growing up. He’ll be sorely missed but his legacy lives on in the songs of the thousands he inspired.

Rest in power.

Eetu Filpus

First time I heard CoB I was amazed by the guitar parts. After hearing the song (Downfall or Follow the Reaper) my friend told me that they are from Finland and that the lead guitarist and singer is a dude called Alexi Laiho. Been a fan since and saw them 5 times total here in Oulu Finland. Laiho was and will always be the biggest metal icon from Finland and one of the all time greats in terms of writing and playing metal. My favourite solo from Laiho is from a song called "Ugly" and I think it perfectly sums up his playing. Bluesy, melodic and fast. Thank you Laiho! Kiitos Laiho!

Kma Sotomonte

Saw him in Costa Rica, MY HERO was flawless, awesome gig , cried the whole time. He's the reason i play guitar , love V guitars and love metal , forever in my heart and memories Allu !

Hari Thapa

inspired for playing guitars

Tyler Hopwood

It was sophomore year of high school when I got into weight lifting. I was following a bunch of bodybuilding and lifting accounts where I stumbled across a video of a guy deadlifting 900lbs with a heavy, yet melodic song filled with open notes playing in the background. I was wondering, “what the hell song is that?” And I scoured the comments come to find out the song was “Every Time I Die” by Children Of Bodom. The rest is history. I was intrigued and inspired that I HAD to learn these riffs and songs. I ordered a guitar with my small yet reasonable paycheck and it took awhile to arrive. So instead, I practiced on my hockey stick that had similar markings like a fretboard. I practiced power cords and when my guitar finally arrived I knew how to play it, kinda. The first song I learned was “In your face.” The rest is history from there, his music opened a ton of endless musical possibilities that I never knew existed, never would I have seen myself learning and playing an electric guitar. Children of Bodom has got me through the darkest of days and the shittiest days in the gym. I’ve lifted personal records listening to this band. I got the chance to watch them live during their 20 years down and dirty when they came to Minneapolis, Minnesota and I was blessed because they played a lot of their older stuff, nothing newer than Hate Crew Deathroll. I’m not going to lie, I felt a little intimidated at first being a black male and going to a metal concert, however when my friend and I went we were surprised at the love and mutual respect everyone in the venue shared because of their connection with this band. I’ve met some of the coolest metal heads there and even got a fist bump from Henkka the bassist. This was my first concert I’d ever been to, happy and sad to say no other concert will top my experience seeing children of bodom live. God bless Alexi, his band mates and friends, and family.

Out of Love for Children of Bodom’s music,
Tyler Hopwood

Robert English

Back in the early 2000’s my friend introduced me to metal. The first song I heard was Red Light in my Eyes from Something Wild. The moment I heard that song I was hooked. I studied a bit of guitar and went off to purchase my first... a white Alexi-200. For the past two decades Alexi/COB has been a staple in both daily playlists and songs of choice to play on guitar. The stage performance, the raw talent... everything Alexi embodied...pure heavy metal. You’ll forever be missed; but never forgotten. Shred in peace!


One of the first musicians I ever met. Gave me a solid fist bump. Massive influence growing up. I wanted his Greeny guitar for as long as I can remember, and finally got one not too long before his passing. It means much more to me now then it ever did. Silent Night Bodom Night in your honor, sir.

Marta Rogala tuskkaa_

I’ve started listening to cob and sinergy when I was 15. Despite the fact that I am 10 years older now, those songs help me in various situations in my life. I was at cob’s concert only once in 2013 but since I found out he passed away I can't hold back my tears. Even though I didn't know him personally, Alexi had a huge impact on my life. I’ve started to spend every spare moment learning to play the guitar, I couldn't help admiring the way he acted on stage during concerts. I’ve always remembered his voice, "Should I regret or ask myself: are you dead yet?", which keep me away from giving up in the worst moment of my life. I wanted to get a tattoo with this phrase on my hand and I think this is hightime to do it. He was the reason why I started to listen melodic death metal and death metal and various metal music. He brought so much melodies into the death metal music. During those 10 years I’ve started listening to other things besides metal of course, but Alexi has always been my favorite frontman. Besides being an amazing guitarist, writing great lyrics, he was unique on stage. I was painting my nails and eyes black. I even wore the same bracelets as him. Moreover, I bleached my hair, because Alexi was blond. My friends were laughing that I imitate his movements, for example the way he was walking on a stage or the way he was moving with his hair. I started a music band being inspired by Children of Bodom. Every single young fan of metal music who played the guitar and sang wanted to play, sing and look like Alexi Laiho. I have never taken off the poster with ,,It’s Alexi from Children of Bodom’’ (like he used to introduce himself in interviews :)’’ from my wall. I still have those bracelets and have ticket for a concert of Children of Bodom. I have packaging for guitar strings too. I have practised Alexi’s guitar lessons at this little altar. At this tough time, when I’m still crying, I hear his voice again ,,Are you dead yet?’’. I’m sure he’s gonna live forever by his music in our hearts and his energy will NEVER die. My deepest condolences for his family and friends. I’m so sorry for you loss. I hope you’ll always feel the love that his fans from all over the world send you. Much love for all of you.

Kris L'Heureux

Alexi has always been my favorite musician since I first ever started listening to COB back in middle school (I'm now in college). He instantly became my idol. His music with COB, still one of my favorite bands, was a huge experience with me and my music taste. I never heard anything like them before and I fell in love instantly. I remember when I Worship Chaos came out and I really wanted my fan photo with the album to be featured on their page- but young me was too shy, haha. However that never stopped me from having so much love for Alexi and his music- I had pictures all over my wall and the music always touched my soul. I had the honor of attending COB's 20th anniversary tour, my one and only COB concert (first show I ever crowdsurfed in!!). I remember seeing Alexi walk by me to the bus after the show, but he looked tired so I didn't want to bother him 3 I always thought, "maybe next time." He was one of the top people I've ever wanted to meet. I can remember being really excited for Hexed to be released hoping I'd be able to attend another show. I bought the album day of release, and when the first songs were being teased, I remember sprinting to grab my earbuds and I tripped on some stairs, haha. Always had great memories with this band, and Alexi, even if they weren't direct <3 What a crazy ~7 years it's been

Chakib Mesri

He had a huge impact on me as a guitar player but also as a writer, I wouldn't be the musician I am without him... RIP Alexi Laiho

Adam Reed

The first time I heard Children of Bodom was with my best friend Larry. Hearing Follow the Reaper was mind blowing the way they mixed classical and heavy together was very unique. Watching Alexi grow as a guitar player and rock god was crazy, he literally became my generations Slash or Dimebag! Throughout the years seeing them live and getting to meet him on Mayhem we’re childhood dreams, I’ll never forget the show in Camden NJ! My friend has passed now and hopefully chillin with Alexi, but the introduction to this band on that day changed me forever! Thank you Alexi and Rest in Power!! COBHC


I was just a 10 year old boy in 2011 when I first discovered The WILDCHILD ALEXI LAIHO! It was his In Your Face and Are You Dead Yet? EMGtv videos that I first watched of him playing guitar. My jaw was on the floor. Damn that guy was a legend! Since that day, he has occupied a big place in my heart and he will continue to do so! Rest in peace, my one and only idol...

Mehdi Abedi Madiseh

I started to learn electric guitar to cover Alexi's riffs and solos . I have been listening to Alexi's music from 21 years ago . Alexi is an inseparable part of my life .

Jonas Simões

Alexi was and will continue to be one of my biggest inspirations in life and music. A phenomenal player and composer that brought a whole new way to do metal and completely changed my vision and refreshed the genre. The violent vocal and agressive guitar but he still being a virtuoso, he really had a trademark and left me forever inspired to be a great musician one day. His music transcends generations, Rest in Peace Alexi

Garret Dhaliwal

I was in highschool just getting into metal when I first heard Hatebreeder and it blew my mind. The melodies, the solos, and the raspy metal vocals to put that cherry on top of everything. I listened to that album non-stop, I idolized Alexi and his playing, I drooled over his signature guitars and wanted one so badly.
Eventually I bought my first guitar, a flying V, not his signature model but still inspired by him regardless. I rocked that guitar on stage with my friends and loved every minute of it. Something I can't say would have happened without his influence. I'm in my thirties now, still playing music, still blasting COB, still idolizing Alexi. I wish I could have seen him live, you just never expect things like this to happen. He accelerated my love for the genre and I don't know if he would have taken any happiness in knowing that, but I still wish I could have told him how much his music stuck a chord with me. Rest in power, Alexi

Ketos Keith

Alexi and his music was a game changer for me. He was the EVH of a younger generation, and an undeniable genius of both playing and composition. Can't imagine my life without Bodom or how their music inspired me to improve as a guitar player, and still does.
Never truly felt sad about a celebrity death before but his death felt like losing a close friend. Rest in power, Alexi.

Mike Immonen

I pretty much grew up on COB and Alexi's playing was what sparked that obsession for guitar to start with. Never met him but the man essentially taught me everything I know. For most of the stuff I play I gotta give credit to him.

Andres Gómez

Where to start , Alexi was a big influence for me learning to play guitar ! Not only were his leads insane , he also had a badass attitude . Will always remember when I discovered “downfall” after that , my life changed forever ! Through the years I was able to see him live twice in USA . Both in ft lauderdale area . Till this day I remember growing up with his music and crazy sweep arpeggios ! Gone but not forgotten . Rest In Peace wild child !

Joseph Rodriguez

The first time I listened to Alexi's playing I was so amazed by his ability and incredible compositions back in 2006. I didn't hesitate to buy his albums. He still continues inspiring me to get better at guitar but also helping me in dark times. When I finally bought my LTD Alexi-600 I was so happy and felt so cool everytime I grabbed it! His music will always be a big part of my life! I will miss him so much.


Children Of Bodom was one of those bands that I listened to for years non-stop, during my adolescence after I moved, I was literally obsessed, they helped me fight depression and get back up, in 2008/2009 they were one of the groups top of the genre, I listened to the same 2 records for 1 year in a row, I watched every video every tutorial, concerts etc it was the first t-shirt of a band I bought from the live "Chaos Ridden Years" even if my favorite record was " Something Wild "dated 1997.
Not to mention the screaming vocals, the super successful covers and the super technique on the guitar and the super solos, another big inspiration for my material.
I am very sorry that I have never been able to see him live.
I had no idea of his illness.
I did a vocal cover and I'd uploaded it to my social networks, I attach it to you, I hope you like it. RIP

Amner Hunter

Playing with him at the 100 guitars from hel event

FX Royke

The Ugly World Tour 2011
Jakarta, Indonesia

Erlik Quadros

Through the ESP website I came to know Children Of Bodom (There was a player at the homepage playing songs by the artists), the song was "In Your Face" and it really impacted me. I've never been a fan of Death Metal and growling vocals before, and that really opened my musical horizons. Children Of Bodom became one of my absolute favourite bands and Alexi's hard riffing and fast and melodic lead playing influenced me a great deal. Every new release I was eager to get as soon as it was out. He was truely an inspiration for me and I'll do my best to keep his legacy alive.


I remember seeing Bodom for the first time in 06 on the Unholy Alliance tour. Arrived at the venue and Bodom had just started. Ran up to the edge of the crowd, and climbed over my friend into a crowd surf. Alexi’s one of the best there’s ever been. RIP - COBHC

Jeff Moore

Like many others, Alexi was a huge influence for me as a guitarist, and Bodom played a big part on my musical journey. Many great memories of shows back in 2002-2005 era.
I remember driving 4 hours to Washington DC to catch them. I even did a flying V guitar build inspired by Alexi and Randy Rhoads.

Fast forward to 2016 and I was fortunate enough to catch Bodom in Richmond VA on Easter Sunday of all days lol. Best Easter ever, I almost backed out at the last minute, I’m so glad I didn’t.

I took this pic at that show, and made sure to grab a guitar pick of course! I hope to get it printed and framed soon.

RIP Alexi. One of the best to ever do it

Jeff from Virginia


I can’t think of a guitarist who has been more inspirational to me. Bodom was the first band I went to see live almost 20 years ago.

Jukka Karmila

First of all he was a friend, allways there when you need it. When you were the misfit you knew that Alexi was there, on your earphones to make you feel not alone and that you were part of something, something wild.
And after that he was an example as a musician, as a man and even as a fucking punk rocker.
R.I.P. Alexi

Xander Stewart

My favorite memory of Alexi was seeing COB in Glasgow. The raw energy and power of the music was addictive. Having been a fan for 4-5 years by that point but never being able to see them made the experience all the more rewarding. His solo to Every time I die along with songs like Trashed, Lost and strungout, Hate Me, Deadnight Warrior and Blooddrunk have left and impact on me as a person and as a player. I will dearly miss his presence in music but forever cherish what he gave his fans in the short time he had on this world.

Thaeer Ali

For me, Alexi's death was a big shock that kinda left me incomplete, true that I was new fan of BODOM like maybe only 1 year ago but each time I saw him playing I wanted to get a guitar and start playing so badly, it stayed that way until I knew that Eric Calderone ( also known as 331Erock) was big fan of Alexi and BODOM and in a lot of his solo cover videos he had used couple different models Of LTD Alexi signatures which made even want to play guitar more, so I went and bought my first guitar (Unfortunately not an ESP because I live in syria and you can't find them here and even if you would then the cheapest one would cost like a full year salary because living in syria just includes thinking of how to live for the day without dying of cold or hunger, anyways) I got my first guitar because of this guy and now I ain't gonna stop playing it no matter what.
Awful coincidence that happened was that on January 3rd which is one day before that news and social media broke that Alexi Laiho had died the previous month I had posted an ESP LTD Alexi 600 as one of my two dream guitars.
After all I just want to thank him for everything he did through his music and for being such a great inspiration for me and hundreds of thousands of other people like me. I just wish if I had the chance to see him before he passed away.
Rest In Power legend.

Steve orr

I was 14 years old and had been playing guitar for a couple years and was progressing at a fast rate. A friend of mine told me I had to check out this band "Children of Bodom" , he then gave me some bootleg DVD of the band live in Seoul , Korea. I popped it in and began watching and was utterly blown away. By the time I was 15 I was full blown obsessed and was learning every little thing I could from Alexi's playing. Every detail, every nook every Cranny. Then the bomb dropped and I was invited to NAMM show where I would finally get to meet my guitar hero. He was so awesome and kind to me and I was in utter awe of the moment. 2 or 3 NAMM shows later he would remember me and my friend that I would go with, even taking the time out in the busiest of schedules to come talk to us before signings , talking about upcoming tours and taking pictures and laughing at our dumb jokes. He was an awesome person who radiated talent and positive energy. I and my band "Kill the Idealist" wouldn't be who or where we are today without the Legend called Alexi "Wild child" Laiho. For my tribute I just had to get the snake on my hand! RIP Legend, you will be missed by countless guitarists and future generations will know your name.

Ivan Mendoza

Obviously my favorite memory of Alexi was getting to meet the legend himself.

Jorge Isla (Chile)

This Sir means a world for me and my friends. We started listening CoB when we were teenagers, tond of music, whisky and savage stories at the time. Alexi gave us so much power, made us feel invencible with his sharp and lovely guitar and made possible many many crazy adventures because of his music. he still does. Saw him 4 times live and it their concerts were absolutely mind-blowing. He left us early but his music will live forever, is inmortal, my theory is that alexi spent all his energy creating such great music and he was called from heaven to compose but with the real gods. Rest in peace Alexi. Horns up wherever you rocking.

Ps I have been playing guitar now about 15 years, got 5 of them hanging on my wall (one is alexi hot pink). Playing guitar is where I feel like a rockstar and all of this is because Alexi inspired me every freaking day. l m l

Luis Hernández

Hello, my name is Luis Hernández, I am writing to you from Quito - Ecuador. My admiration for Alexi is so great that in addition to playing the guitar I also started singing at the same time, which is quite complicated. I can also tell you that there is no authorized ESP dealer here and it is quite difficult to find these guitars, however I am the only person in the country that has an Alexi Signature. I am sending you a video of one of my favorite songs.

Christian vidauri

Alexi was the guitarist who wants to learn to play, he was one of my greatest guitar idols and his departure left my world a great void that cannot be filled, thanks Alexi for your legacy , your músic Will live forever in ours


I started to listen to Children of Bodom while being a school kid. I saw Chaos Ridden Years and was very impressed by the energy of the band and by Alexi's playing. Still remember my first attempts to play Downfall on my mother's acoustic guitar. I saw the notes and thought "If I manage to play this, I can pay whatever I want". Several years later I bought my first electric guitar and started to learn once again. One of the first compositions I decided to learn was Vivaldi's Summer Storm. Because of Alexi and Roope performance I saw on YouTube. Many years have passed, I switched to different genre, but I still play some Bodom riffs as part of my daily warm-up. Glad that I could see CoB live in 2019 during their final tour in Russia. With his passing a part of my childhood has died. But I will never forget the man who made me finally take the guitar and start to play something beyond hard rock. And I will never forget his music.

Mr Marchena

Rest in peace master. ❣️


You were the man who made me buy my first guitar, you'll be the man who make me play until my last breath.
It's an immeasurable legacy

Tim Rijshouwer

A single humbucker, a tremolo, and a fretboard. In the end, he proved that you don't need a few thousand dollars worth of bells and whistles to inspire the world.


Thank you so much for your music, it has helped me go through some of the toughest period in my life.

The picture comes from the last gig of the Relentless Reckless Forever tour (Belgium). During the first part of the show, Alexi and the gang came on the scene only wearing a towel and they did "air guitar" with Ensiferum. I'll never forget that show.


I'm not gonna get dramatic about how his music saved my life and so. But here's something I need to admit. Alexi was the very first person I was emotionally attracted to, even though I couldn't ever meet him in person. I loved this gentle soul to bits, always will. Every single memory of this magnificent man is eternally engraved into my mind. His passing hit me hard as hell.
WildChild has always been a legend, and he'll remain so.

Jake Kearney

I never met Alexi personally, but I was fortunate enough to see CoB twice- once in 2016 with Megadeth and another time with Lost Society on their 20 year celebration tour. They put on phenomenal shows both times, and I got to meet Henkka and Jaska at the second show. The metal world lost an icon, he will be missed

Ola Jonczak

He inspired me in every possible way a person can be inspired by. Starting with most ridiculous things like fashion and choosing a color I wanted my hair to be, finding a tattoo style that spoke to me the most or even with a choice of jewelry… and ending with, during the darkest times, giving me something to live for. Alexi taught me how to be brave. How to fight. He showed me that I can never give up. That I have to get up just to say fuck off and keep going. Because the better times will come. During the darkest of times, his music and his words were always there with me and for me. None of them ever disappointed.

I was 17 when I got to meet Alexi for the first time. I had been preparing for this day for weeks! I gave him a drawing of him holding his guitar in front of The Senate Square in Helsinki for the promo shoot of 100 Guitars From Hel. I was so extremely nervous to meet my biggest hero and the coolest dude that ever walked on Earth, that I started crying. I was very embarrassed, but he just smiled, gave me a hug and said “it’s fine”. That was one of the first moments of my life when I felt truly human, like what I felt was okay. It was fine. That was another best day of my life.

I am 24 today. Alexi inspired me to learn English and he will always be my fashion icon. Thanks to him I learnt that I am brave and I am worthy of living. Thanks to Alexi I started taking care of myself. Alexi inspired me to be good to myself. He inspired me to fight. Alexi inspired me to live.

Silvia Bartoschek

The last concert of Bodom After Midnight on Oct. 25, 2020. I always wanted to see COB for more than 10 years, 2019 at Maters of Rock festival in Czech Republic my dream came true. Some weeks later was the announcement published that COB will play their last concert in December 2019 in Finland. I had no chance to get there but I was somehow happy that I‘be seen COB at least once.
In October 2020 I was in Finland because I had to postpone my actual planned stay due to travel restrictions of COVID-19. I absolutely didn’t know that on that weekend when I was there the three BAM concerts took place. A friend told me then that they had just played that day not far from his hometown. When checking the homepage of BAM I found out that there would be another concert on Sunday, just that day I had off in the evening before my flight back home. So the plan was clear.
The concert was just great - I was extremely surprised about the powerful show, fast riffs and good mood of Alexi. So my memory from this concert was Alexi in best shape. That this will be a memory forever nobody didn’t expect... this concert had to happen in my life and I will have just that best Alexi in my memory - a guitar god who reached the souls of his audience with his skills. R.I.P., master!

Isaac Lee II

I remember when the cob debut something wild came out sometime in the mid 90s and i was blown away by the musicianship of laiho and his band. Gone but definitely not forgotten in my opinion may his soul and spirit rest in peace my fellow metal musician.

John Schmidt

Before COB I was into heavy music but only the standards such as Metallica, Pantera Megadeth etc. Children of Bodom was the first extreme/death metal band I ever got into. I vividly remember finding them from an interview of Alexi talking about opening for Megadeth on the dystopia tour. I listened to I Worship Chaos and I was instantly hooked. The track from that album standing out to me the most being "I Hurt". This introduced me to a whole new world of extreme and progressive music that absolutely blew my mind out of my ass. If it wasn't for Alexi I would be an entirely different person and musician. The last time Children of Bodom was in my city was on the hexed tour. It was an 18+ show and I was still 17 at the time. Despite this I bought a ticket anyway. I went as far as messaging the band members on social media (messages I still have) telling them about how big of a fan I was, with the hope they would get me in. Obviously this they didn't see it and this did not work. I was so desperate to see them I tried to pass off my underage ID and just play it cool but that of course also didn't work. Bodom was #1 on my bucket list of bands to see. Music is the most important thing in my life and they completely set the standard for the music that ended up becoming a part of who I am. I will without a doubt be a member of the hatecrew for life. Alexi brought the beautiful gift of music to my life and for that I will be forever grateful. I never got the opportunity to meet the man however, whenever I was depressed or in a bad place I would come home and watch interviews with musicians and it felt like they were my friends that would always be there. Alexi was of course a major hero to me and for that I say, rest easy my friend \m/

Oscar J

I've been listening to Bodom since I was 12 years old! Always loved their sound and vocals. Happy to say I got to meet Alexi in 2014 at Guitar Center he was real nice to me. I asked him what his influences for vocals were he told me Darkthrone. I also told him i got hit by a bus wearing a CoB shirt and would've been proud to die wearing one of his shirts (true story; haha!). I will be composing new music in his memory and legacy. R.I.P. Wild Child, the best!

Erin Kelly

Okay so this story is pretty embarrassing but I’m gonna tell it anyways. So a few years ago I jokingly told my friend that I wanted him (Alexi) to take me to prom. So when the school’s yearly talent show happened I decided to play guitar (like a noob) and hold up a sign asking him to go to the prom with me in Finnish. No Alexi didn’t get to go to prom with me. Nor did he see it (thank God). But I still think about that every once in a while.

Regina Vargas

I met Alexi when I was 11 years old, I was going through a new stage in my life and listening to his voice and the way he played the guitar helped me find the confidence to discover new things. From the moment I listened to Children Of Bodom I knew that one of the goals of my life would be to see them live and to be able to look Alexi in the face to be grateful for all that he helped me see in myself when I needed it most. It was in 2016, when he was 17 years old, that I can see him live when he came along with Amorphis to play at the "Circo Volador" in Mexico.
It was crazy, I lost my voice and cried with emotion because I had him face to face. In that concert, I reaffirmed my affection and admiration for Alexi, I began to take guitar classes and every time I made some progress in the goals that I proposed in life I would think about the song "Was it worth it" because, all the time I waited to achieve my dreams, my falls and other things in my life have been worth it and Alexi's music always reminds me of that.
He will always be an idol for me, he will inspire me with courage and strength every time he falls and he will remind me at every moment that everything has been worth it. Thanks Alexi.

Jose Mena

Alexi is one of the most important guitarists and songwriters in my life, I wouldn't know how to describe my passion for his music. Even though he's not from my family, I still think about him day, noon and night. I will never forget to see him playing in front of me. His powerful musical legacy will always accompany me and I will play his songs with my ESP until the grave. Rest in power Wrathchild and thank you for everything, you were one of the best talents in the world.

Tommy lee Taylor

My earliest memory was having never heard of children of bodom happened upon blood drunk and I was completely blown away needless to say the following week I bought a cheap randy rhoads style v and I was learning the guitar. I needed to play like that I needed to replicate what I had heard it was unreal to me I'd never heard a guitar played like that and sadly now never will but I will for ever love Alexi and bodom and as long as you play his music loud he will be eternal COBHC for life.


Alexis been my sprit animal for the past 15 years
Can you reissue the pink alx ltd?

Jeremie Garceau

I never knew Alexi, but I was a huge fan of COB


Alexi changed everything for me musically.

When I first listened to Follow the Reaper album as a teenager, I distinctly remember it sending shivers through my spine. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was so different. Alexi's solos and pure raw talent were otherworldly.

That album still is and always will be my favourite album.

That album changed my life!

Rob Zalar

Theres too many memories of alexi for me to put it all in one paragraph. When i first heard Children Of Bodom, i was just getting into guitar and i never heard something that sounded so cool and so different. I have been playing guitar for 7+ years and i never would have done it without alexis music. When i first heard it, it was almost like an addiction like i had to hear more. Eventually i ended up as the top 1% of fans on spotify. Its crazy how one guy you havent even met can have so much impact on thousands of people. Rest in peace Alexi, we will miss you, and the hate crew will carry on your music for the rest of our lives and future generations to come. When its my time to go, ill be running up the stairway to get the chance to get to see you play again.


I think you had so much music to give yet. But every note you played always will be with me thanks for so many songs and till music put us together again ♥️
Oot niin rakas Alexi ♥️


Children of Bodom was the first band that got me into any metal and about a year later I bought one of us signature guitars. I’m gonna really miss Alexi.


Vu au sonisphere festival à deux reprises. J'ai été bouleversée par son talent. COB restera pour moi le meilleur groupe de tous les temps et Alexi un demi Dieu. J'ai été très touchée par son decès, c'est une personne avec qui j'aurais adoré partager une bière. Qu'il repose en paix.

Nikki Newlove

Alexi Laiho is and forever will be mine, and many others, guitar hero. I had played guitar for about 4 years before I had gotten into Bodom, but once I discovered Bodom and Alexi’s playing, my world changed. There was nothing I’d rather do then play guitar for hours every night, on my own Flying V, trying to learn as many Bodom songs as possible. My twin sister bought me Stockholm knockout live DVD as a Christmas present and I’ve probably watched it 100 times. I am so thankful to have been able to see Bodom 10 times, in Saskatoon, Penticton and Vancouver. In 2011, during the Ugly world tour in Saskatoon, I saw Alexi walking around the venue. I approached him, nervous as hell, and told him he was my biggest guitar inspiration and how much his music meant to me. I was just some young fan girl and he was so nice to me. We took a photo together. That night during the show, I was sitting on my friends shoulders, and following Bodom Beach Terror he tossed me his guitar pick. I caught it, and got super excited and got a big smile from Alexi. Hearing the news about Alexi gave me a hole in my chest similar to losing a close friend. His music was there during every wonderful and terrible part of my life. Although the feeling of no new music from Alexi, or never seeing him play live again is heartbreaking, knowing his music is forever eternal is something that brings me comfort. Rest In Peace to the Wildchild, the most renowned guitar player of my generation.


Main reason I picked a guitar in the first place. Here goes mu tribute playing Are You Dead Yet solo

Max Kliegl

I remember listening to Hate Crew Deathroll for the first time as a recommendation from my friend and after I listened to it, I was amazed how the album was! Everything about that album was amazing! I will always listen to that album whenever I have a bad day as well as any COB album in honor of Alexi. Alexi, not only was a hero to me, he felt like a personal friend. His lyrics brought me light on my darkest days, and his guitar skills are top notch! I will miss Alexi!

Samuel Honkavaara

Well, there would be many memories since I started following Cob and alexi when I was 14 and briefly after that I started playing guitar and going at their gigs... But the best memory was the 100guitarsfromhel, the event put up by the city of helsinki and Alexi Laiho himself where I finally got to meet him properly. I had a chance to play there and being on the stage with Alexi and the other 98, well man, I still get goose bumps from it. Also the crazy amount of people who has connected and made new friends thanks to him is just an amazing thing.
He was really kind and a crazy shredding rockstar. I hope he still shreds his guitar somewhere with the other stars up there.
Thank you Alexi.

Mike Valletta

I had the pleasure of meeting him at mayhem 2013... one of the most kind people I have ever met. He showed me a few tricks on guitar and he was an amazing teacher. His music? Forget about it. His lyrics were awesome, guitar playing? Phenomenal. One of the best, if not the best, modern day guitarists. Truly influential, if it wasn't for him, or the song are you dead yet? or Hate crew deathroll i wouldn't be a guitarist.

Juan Martín

When I was younger I only listened to ACDC and Iron Maiden so my father (non rocker) downloaded a bunch of Maiden songs without hearing them. One of those was the Aces High COB cover and when I heared it DAAM my head exploded with those amazing vocals and high gain tones. A year later a riend gave me the 20 years of lake bodom cd and I discovered my favourite band. I remember watching the dvd in that album with a friend and thinking it was really cool. I still watch it when I have a bad day. COB helped me through my most difficult times. The legacy Alexi leaves it's amazing, he will never be forgotten.

Olli Nisula

Was the very first guitarist I started looking up to. Followed him all the way from HCDR era to end of his days. I’m 29y old now so I spend my younghood playing mostly COB and learning from him. Fair to say that I am pretty good player nowadays, all because of him as an inspiration. Thank you Alexi from everything, I’ll raise my horns up from here, the northern part of Finland ❤️

James Butler

Been listening to them for many years! Alexi helped me in some of the darkest times of my life for that I’m always thankful!


Bodom wasn't an obsession for me during my teen years, it was very much a lifestyle. I lived and breathed Bodom, and Alexi's playing is what prompted me to get better on the guitar. Alexi was all about attitude and chops, and his emotionally-charged music got me through a pretty rocky patch during my teens.

Eventually I matured put of my obsession, but Bodom remained a deep part of my psyche, and I had Alexi to thank for that. Life meant that I had to pass up the few chances I got to see Bodom live, and I will forever regret that.

To commemorate him, I am attaching a picture of me using his signature LTD to play a live gig with one of my old bands, years ago... Alexi will be sorely missed.

My condolences to his family, close friends, and all fans that once supported him and admired him.

RIP Wildchild.


I saw Alexi first time on a DVD Stockholm knockout. I was blown away by the music, playling, guitar shape, nailpolish basicly everything as a 17 year metalhead. It was in 2007 and till today I use nailpolish just from that dvd. My first guitar was Jackson RR model cos theres no way I could get an ESP. Never could play any of his solos but now Im really practicing for a Bodom Beach Terror as my dream from 14 years ago. In 2010 I really wanted a better guitar but went into Jackson RR again I just love that shape he used to play because of him it stuck so much that I ordered another RR model this year I just couldnt help myself with that he hooked me on RR shape for life. The most influential album for me is Blooddrunk every track from it I basicly loved straight up. Had a poster of Alexi and Roope for all my teenage years. I digged deeper then and find out also Sinergy where he played with Roope too. Was my second favourite discovery then. Now Im on a COB marathon since 4 january and cant get enough. We are lucky that we can eat enough material and videos of alexi online. Im mezmerized every time I watch that DVD from Stockholm I basicly memorised it. He was such a carater guitar player that it influenced my path in music, I will still play my RR models even on cleans. I was looking forward for a new Bodom After Midnight material but even if we only get those 3 songs all his past work with COB lives forever.

Shant Atamian

The first time I ever heard COB was when a friend was blasting the solo to Kissing The Shadows and I was obviously blown away. I was never into metal and was tired of playing guitar, Alexi changed both of those things.

Daniel (Munich)

I saw him playing guitar in germany (Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg) I think.
Some funny guys sreamed "Alexi I like a child from you". 20 years ago! Crazy solo play!!
Had also some COB pics in my room where I lived in my youth. Too young I thought this year!!


Children of Bodom always have been my biggest Inspiration when it comes to music. Alexi was my Idol. Their music got me really into playing and mastring the guitar. I met my best friend through jam sessions where we played Bodom songs and I even bought the Greeny model some years ago. This music is a big part of me and I am shattered that he had to go so soon. My deepest condolences for his family, band mates and loved ones. Rest In Power Wildchild, you won't be forgotten.

Josh Bennett

Alexi actually didn’t inspire me to START playing guitar, I actually started playing guitar before I ever knew knew about COB or Alexi but I can distinctly recall the very first time I heard Children of bodom. It was about 15 years ago when I was 10 or 11 years old. At this point in my life I had been playing for almost 4 years and was getting very discouraged and didn’t want to practice because I felt like I wasn’t getting any better than when I first started. I remember sitting in the car with my brother and he was listening to Bed of Razors through his iPod and I overheard the main guitar riff and I thought to myself what in the hell is this wizardry??? So I asked if I could listen and it BLEW MY FUCKING MIND. I then listened to more songs off hatebreeder and at first I have to be honest, his vocals were a little too much for me at 10 years old because I was more used to Ozzy Osborne and iron maiden. But holy shit after listening to all of the COB songs my brother had I can just remember how much I wanted to get back into playing guitar and he made me realize WHY I started playing in the first place. It only took about a week to start living his vocals as well HAHA. So from then until about the 9th grade I took my music lessons incredibly serious and practiced for hours basically every day. They also took the spot of my favorite band replacing Maiden.

Fast forward to my first year of university, I probably had only touched my guitar a total of 10 times a year since the 9th grade for the same reasons—I felt like I wasn’t getting any better and in some cases I felt like I was getting worse. I was also not really listening to too much metal anymore at that point, I was actually listening to a lot of electronic music which got me into music production, so I had also been doing that instead of playing guitar.
One day I was studying or doing a project or something and I was listening to my study music playlist and Taste of my Scythe came on because I didn’t have the playlist on repeat or anything so it just shuffled all of my music in my laptop. It was around 6pm so I figured what’s the harm in listening to a fkn throwback and then getting back into studying after. Not only did I realize I forgot how absolutely next level his playing was, I also started to realize how incredibly talented he was at songwriting and because I had started to produce music, it made my appreciation so much greater than it was when I was a wee gaffer. Next thing I knew It was midnight and I’m still at school watching children of bodom shows on YouTube. They instantly became my favorite band again and I became even more into metal than I ever was growing up. I also realized they were coming to my city in a couple months so of course I got tickets for my brother and I. After seeing Alexi live for the first time, it inspired me to play guitar and make music even more than ever and I have been playing, practicing, and learning more every single day since. Of course I have those moments again where I feel discouraged, I’m sure any musician knows how it feels when you get stuck in a rut, or you feel like you aren’t making any progress or can’t come up with anything. Everyone has their own ways of getting out of these funks. I can say for certain that I get into these a lot, but all I need to do is throw on my favorite band or just watch Alexi shred on YouTube and it immediately ignites the spark again.

Thank you Alexi, for writing mind blowing music, for inspiring millions of people to pick up a guitar, and for creating an immortal legacy!

Hate crew for life
Wildchild FOREVER!!

Shane O'Brien

So it was Wacken 2008. Me and some friends had traveled from Ireland for what was an amazing festival.

COB were playing and the crowd was absolutely nuts. There was tons of people crowd surfing.

I decided at one point to join in on the crowd surfing, my first time ever. So I got to the front of the crowd and two crowd attendants at the front dragged me off the crowd to the front, but one of them managed to pinch my ball sack. When they got me down I dropped like a sack of bricks and couldn't really stand. One of the crowd attendants saw what happend and said I could sit for a few minutes until I could walk.

So there I am, sitting on the ground at the front of 80k people, grabbing my nut sack in pain about 1 meter away from Alexi!!

I milked it until the attendant told me to move on!

Balázs Szabó

In 2003 my friend gave me first ticket to the passage to metal music, by letting me listen to Hate Crew Deathroll and Follow The Reaper by Children Of Bodom. From that point I can say that I became a „metalhead”. One year later I was so fascinated by Alexi’s playing and style, that I bought my first electric guitar because of him and started playing guitar. From the beginning I knew that I had to have a signature Alexi ESP guitar, no matter what. Fortunately I found a very good deal and got a Custom Shop Sawtooth in 2007 and by having that instrument I was thinking that it will give me a reason to keep practicing and playing so that I’ll be worthy such a guitar . Also because of all this I created my own band, Begotten Silence, which was heavily influenced by his playing . Many attended Bodom gigs later, I won a contest in Hungary , and was one of the five lucky ones that got to do a meet and greet with all the Bodom members. It was a moment I will never forget, to meet my idol in person. I was very sad to hear what happened, but I have the memories that live on, and two of his signature guitars, so whatever happens they will remind me of him and how exceptional of a guitar player he was.

Ralitsa Uzunova

The first time I came across COB was when Blooddrunk came out. I saw the video for Smile Pretty for The Devil on TV. I was immediately hooked by the sound of their music. They were different to the other bands I was listening to at the time. COB quickly became my favorite band. I was super impressed by their live shows. How masterfully Alexi was playing his guitar, the level of his skill was impressive, and yet he made it look so easy. He was a truly great frontman and musician, he had such a strong presence on stage. Him and Janne were doing the craziest battles between guitar and keyboards. I loved them for it. I had the pleasure of seeing Children of Bodom live on their Halo of Blood tour. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to and one I waited a long time for. The atmosphere was incredible and the energy going around the hall when Bodom hit the stage was intoxicating. I am truly grateful for Alexi sharing his talent with the world. My life wouldn't be the same without his music.


My brother used to be obsessed with CoB when he was in middle school and I got introduced to their music through him and even though I hesitated to pick up the guitar because as a teenager I was really self conscious,I always wanted to learn to play like Laiho and I spent literally hours on YT watching him play and doing all those guitar clinics..His vivaldi stuff where he plays along with Roope blow my mind to this very day or his remarkable his epic solo battles with Janne and how well they blended their guitar/keyboards solos together...

CoB has been a soundtrack to my life literally through many ups and downs especially in my formative years...From the many wasted nights singing my lungs out to a Britney Spears cover with my friends(they are the reason I begun to listen to Britney no shit XD) to the sudden passing of my mother on the day I was supposed to attend their concert...I guess life works in mysterious ways,doesn't it?

All I want to say to Alexi is nothing but a huge thank you...I know it sounds pretty simple but really...thanks for all those great memories....I'll most certainly have a chapter in my life called Children of Bodom.

PS. Death be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so,
For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow,
Die not, poor death, nor yet canst thou kill me.

Emil Partsch

I first started listening to Bodom when I was 13 (I am now 27) and have listened faithfully ever since. I saw Bodom live only once, but I am glad I did. Even though I didnt know Alexi personally, the hours spent listening to his music, Watching YouTube videos, buying instructionals and following his style note for note, buying the same gear as him (I imported a GP1000 preamp to Denmark that I still use) reading every interview has made me feel like I lost a close friend. No one can replace Alexi. Hes the reason I play v guitars live, that Im into the music I am. Children of Bodom made me love metal, though I never found another band in that class. In tribute of his passing, I bought the ESP mm04 boost which is going to be all over my next album.

In loving memory of the Eddie Van Halen of my generation.

Kim L.

I have seen Alexi 2014 at the Rockharz Open Air for the first Time. Because of him, i‘ve started Playing Guitar and formed a Band. As i knew Children of Bodom is playing at Rockharz my Band and i bought Tickets for the Festival and went to a Hobby Studio to record a Demotape to give them this Demo at the Festival. To There Sign Hour we wanted to give them the Tape, but the bodyguard wouldnt let us in... so we called Alexi and threw the tape and hoped he would catch it. But he didnt. the tape flew straight in his face. We were speechless... Alexi was really confused. But a few seconds Later the Band started laughing about it and let us in. We talked with him, Janne, Henkka, Jaska and Roope. We felt so damn sorry! But he was really cool with it. It was so amazing to meet the guys! Children of Bodom Are the reason why we formed a Band. Thank you Alexi, thank you for your Music and for your great Personality! And thank you Children of Bodom! We miss you! Rest in Peace!

Chris Athanasiou

My cousins got me into metal when I was fairly young, maybe 7 or 8.

The first band they showed me was Children of Bodom.

I can happily say I was lucky to have such metalhead family members because I instantly fell in love with Alexi's playing and now, at 23 years old I still listen to his music all the time.

Thank you for the music and leaving your mark on the guitar world.



Cuando vino a Mexico en 2017, descanse en paz Alexi Wildchild Laiho


Hi ESP Team,

I remember hearing Children of Bodom the first time like it was yesterday. Something Wild was a completely new genre for me and I was just blown away by Alexis guitar playing. He brought me into that kind of music and made me pick up a guitar my own... I always wanted to play like Alexi since I heard him the first time.

Im 36 now and listened to their music for a very long time. Whenever i felt sad or exhausted, their songs gave me the power to move on.

When I hear about Alexi passing away i was just shocked, and still it feels totally unreal to me that he is gone.
He was so influential for my whole life an I’m thankful that i was able to see him live several times.

Rest in piece Wildchild, you will be missed

Oskari Tuomisto

Alexi was one of the main players that inspired me to get better at guitar. His insane technique is unique and his blazing solos are one of the best ones in the game. RIP to the legend.

Dillon Ivester

My entire guitar playing career is shaped around Alexi Laiho. I stumbled across the live video for Living Dead Beat when I was in my first two years or so playing guitar and was absolutely captivated. I immediately showed all of my siblings and my mom and my entire family from that moment in 2010 onward have been huge Children Of Bodom fans. I've made so many friends because of being a fan of Alexi Laiho and Absolutely love V shaped guitars because of his influences. I would post a picture with an Alexi signature model but I'm still saving to buy one. So in the meantime here is a memorial to him on the back windshield my Monte Carlo, not unlike Alexi's own Monte Carlo that he drove all over Finland.


A riff master! shredder! singer! showman! an absolute Wildchild! True legend!
Rest in Paradise, Alexi Laiho.

Joseph Bursey

I jumped a fence and snuck past security in Atlanta during Gigantour in order to meet the band. Alexi and the whole band were absolutely the nicest people and super welcoming to a dumb kid.


I remember vividly how i was 11 years old and browsing through cd's in my hometown's local library. I had no clue what i was looking for, I had never heard of metal before. I stumbled upon the Hatebreeder record and for some reason, it spoke to me with its grim yet stylish artwork. I took it home and ever since, I was hooked on Children of Bodom. Alexi was my gateway to extreme music, my passion and hobby for 19 years now. He influenced my taste in music, the way I look and my view on life (I only realised that after his Death, rewatching all these shows and interviews). The reaper was even one of my inspirations to start drawing. Looking around, it seems that he had a similar impact on so many people and generations in my environment. It feels weird to know I'll never be drunk and watching Alexi kick ass and doing stupid shit on stage again. We have lost a brother and a friend we have never met :-( RIP Wild Child

Elliot Carroll

Alexi was the embodiment of a guitar hero. His way of composing perfect melodies, crushing riffs while signing and keeping that rockstar attitude was what made me idolise him. So much that I bought his signature guitar and learned over 15 COB songs. Every time I put on one of his tracks or watch an interview of him, it truly lights up my day and it did for so many people. I think that's what made him so special to me. It's the effect many musicians want to have on people but few do.


A friend from high school introduced me to a compilation of bands that would inspire my guitar playing journey. Children of bodom and the song was needled 24/7 was the one song that opened me up to there whole discography and loved them ever since RIP Alexi Laiho you’ll be missed.

Shargaz Isidor [Zanpanzar / Unholy War]

... Children Of Bodom played a big role to me when moved from playing in rockbands to playing metal. Not only I fell in love with Alexi's signature guitars during early teenage years so I had to buy one, also the style of playing influenced me a lot during my Melodic Death Metal years before I started to play Black Metal.
Also: One time Alexi threw a waterbottle at me during a liveshow - classical "In Your Face"-moment.
Legends say I still have it today!

Riccardo Ragusa

Words are not enough to describe what you represented and what you will always represent for me and for the worldwide Heavy Metal scene;
words can't even pay a proper tribute to what you've given to all of us, but I'll try my best.

As far as I concerned you were the reason why I chose to become a musician and started to play guitar back in the days when I was 15, and since I remember I wanted to play the guitar as you played it: my main goal has always been to be able to equal you, a very difficult thing to do because I'm just a mortal man, while you've always been a music god, I knew I would never succeed.
And year after year you never ceased to surprise and excite me, and this encouraged me to improve myself, not only as a guitar player.

First time I heard you play I was amazed, then I saw you playing virtually live for the first time on the COB live dvd called "Stockholm Knockout Live - Chaos Ridden Years" and in that moment I knew so well what I wanted to be in my life; many many years has passed since that day, but I have no regrets on that choice.

You were my main source of inspiration that not only made me a big Heavy Metal music fan, but you were the main reason why I felt in love with this magical and unique musical genre, and often your music gave me the strength to not give up when things were a little bit harder, your music has been the soundtrack of so many years of my life, and it never stops to be it.

Unfortunately I've never had the honour to meet you in person, but I know for sure you were a great human being, I can tell this for sure, but you were also a king, the greatest songwriter I've ever heard.

Few years ago I bought one of your ESP custom-made guitar and I was pretty sure that one day I would be able meet you and to make you sign that guitar, along with probably all your records; you would have probably remembered me as that silly and nagging italian guy because I would praised you beyond beliefs.

You were a fuckin' rockstar like none exists anymore, my hero of a lifetime and my main life and music inspiration.

A piece of my self has died with you, and now our magical and unique world is a really colder, darker and smaller place.

Thank you for coming to this planet and delighting us with your art.

You will always be our "Wildchild".

R.I.P. Alexi Laiho

Tony Holopainen

This photo is taken in 2019 december, on Children of Bodom's last tour.. Last time i saw him, gig was in tornio club teatria. The whole place blew up when they started to play, it was so fcking sick. I still can remember when Alexi came on stage, i felt something, something wild. Since i felt that i have played his music every single day on my guitar. I have listened cob like forever, but after that i have listened cob only every single fcking day, he changed my life truly, i became a real member of HATECREW. "we are the hatecrew we stand and we won't fall!" He was phenomenal guitar player and musician, and great lovely person for sure, his closest one's were really lucky to have that kind and nice beautiful person in their life. I have survived many many dark times through his music, it has helped me so much that no one can understand, that all means so much more than a just good metal music or great guitarist for me. He let go all the sad feelings and buried his anger through music and i can do the same through his songs and playing them. Couple weeks ago i spent all my money to get Jackson rrxmg with emg's and cool pinstripes, it is similar to his guitars and i have wanted one soooo bad for long time but sadly i never got one in my hands. I will never stop listening cobhc, that is my promise for life. I am broken but i will survive for him. I pray everyday for him. Wildchild for life!! im also planning cob tattoos for myself, i have one already. He is my god. I have watched all of his interviews and clinics and all material where he speaks and being just greatest him as always, and im still wondering, wow, he is coolest motherfucker ever. never forgotten. He is true legend. love for all of you and love for Alexi -Tony p.s. i will stand for HATECREW rest of my life, WE WON'T FALL

Forever grateful

I had hard depression and some other problems before when I was teenager. It was few times very close that I would kill myself. I visited psychologist many times but it didn't help. Then I some way found metal music and Alexi again (I had listened metal before something like 5 years ago). This maybe sounds cliché but when I started to listen metal again I started slowly to heal and look my life in a different way. And novadays I feel better than ever! COB was one of those three bands that made me to love my life again and Alexi has truly inspired me to play music! I haven't ever had change to meet or tell to Alexi how grateful I am to him and now it's too late... I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be alive anymore without him. I'm so grateful and now so saddened and broken, writing this with tears in my eyes. I can't even think how saddened Alexi's close ones would be now. My biggest condolences to Alexi's family and close ones. Still can't believe this. You will live in our souls forever. Lepää rauhassa Alexi❤

Jimmy Mahoney

This video is from my high school days, maybe fifteen years ago.

Alexi basically taught me everything I know about guitar. He never knew who I was, but ever since I was a kid I would spend every day learning all the Children of Bodom albums, just playing them back to back all day.

He was so different, he was so unique. He motivated me to commit so much of my life to heavy metal, that ripple effected into the bands I joined, the shows I played, the people I met, and the life I lived. And somehow it was even more than that.

For my friends and I, Alexi and COB were part of our way of life during some of the best years of our lives.


It's hard to say goodbye to someone you've shared a good part of your days with every day, for at least 18 years. his voice and his guitar were the soundtrack of my dark moments, my moments of charge, moments of peace and as an accompaniment during travels. his creations were the stimulus to learn to play the guitar and the daily will to improve. it's unbelievable, I wish I had the opportunity to thank him verbally

Eddie Troy

From the first time I saw the “Trashed, Lost And Strungout” music video on Headbanger’s Ball when I was 13, I knew this man’s music would be a huge influence on my life. He influenced me as a song writer, impacted me as an overall artist, and touched light on so many themes I could relate to. In my darkest hours I could count on his music to pull me out of hell and fight on. Thank you Alexi. You are missed but you will never be forgotten.

Francesca F

I discovered C.O.B in 2003 when I was 14.
I remember "Sixpounder" video was on tv and I fell madly in love with Alexi and the guys! After a few days I went to buy "Hate Crew Deathroll" (and through the years all the others cds and dvds as well).
They quickly became my favorite band.

My backpack, books, desk, case and my boots were full of their names, dedications and lyrics of their songs.
In 2006 I went to my first metal concert: The Unholy Alliance.
I remember I was so happy to see them live I cried a lot and I waited a few hours after the concert to meet Alexi but unfortunately it never happened and it's a pity I don't have any photos of that concert (I was too young and there were no smartphones at those times).
I will never forgive my self for being so stupid but I wish I could have seen Alexi one last time...

I feel like I have lost a piece of myself and my past that I will never have back again and this literally tears my heart into pieces.
My most inspiring hero.
He brough so much light and passion into my life when I was just a kid that I surely know I will never get over this... So beautiful, so down to earth, so young, so talented. Simply unbelievable...

I started singing, or better "screaming" because of you and I've always wanted to play guitar but never did because you were too much for me.
Now I am 31 and yesterday I bought my first guitar because of you (yes, again).

I will miss you and love you eternally, till the end of my days Allu.

"End of fuckin' story".


6 COB gigs and first Bodom After Midnight gig in Seinäjoki. Few years back i bought meet&greet tickets to COB gig and had opportunity to chat with Alexi and rest of guys and take pictures. Alexi was awesome guitar player!

Edu D.

I hadn't the pleasure of see him live, but is surely one of my biggest influences, not only because of the guitar playing, but his style, attitude and melodies, wich is, in my opinion, the COB signature.
Hope he rest in Peace, and he leaved all the suffering behind. His legacy in music and art will remain forever.
Rest in Peace brother.


I am not a guitar player, but a long time fan tho. I’ve born in 1993 and since I’ve understood something about music i’ve listened to his work and being on their journey. So about 20 yers now. His music influenced me so much. Got me feeling better. Let me get my own anxiety and anger out of me throught it. And still does. No one will ever write music that impacts me this much. Cob as a band is also one of a kind. There is not gonna be something like that again. They did it for so long. They did what felt like them. I can’t wait for his last 3 masterpieces to come out. Hope he finally has found some peace for himself. You are one of a kind. I hope we will meet again. I can’t believe you are not here, but glad your music and work will always be. Legend.


Alexi is a big inspiration for me as a guitar player. He was the perfect mix of a super talented shredder guitarist and rockstar-attitude. His lyrics have also been a huge thing for me. They speak to me in a way that no other band does. It’s just raw emotion without filter. I have never personally met the man, but I will always honor him through my guitar playing.
I did manage to see him and the rest of the Bodom boys one time live. This is a photo from that show❤️

brandon moore

i clearly remember hearing Bodom for the first time. it was in Headbangers Ball, the video for “sixpounder”. the whole bands sound stood out so much. Alexi’s vocals were unique, his playing godly, and that riff is the epitome of heavy. i bought their latest CD the next day, HCDR. best decision ever.

Serge Steltsov

Alexi is one my biggest influences as a guitarist. He had shaped my guitar playing. I’ve studied a lot of his riffs and scales. Learned Bodom covers and so on. His music definitely pushed me into the heavier territory of extreme metal. I got to meet him in 2010. I caught him outside the venue walking to his bus and he stopped to take pictures and sign some things. Ill never forget that moment. Glad I got to see Children Of Bodom at least 6 times. Rest In Peace Wild Child!


I'll never forget the first time i listened to the "Follow The Reaper" Album. I couldn't believe how genius a songwriter and guitarist can be. He made me pick up a guitar after several years of not playing. R.I.P. Alexi, i'll never forget you.

Juan Carlos Goicochea

Thank you Alexi. Your music really influenced me during many years. Thank you for giving us such great music and for helping me through such hard shit. You will be very missed.

Alex Sibrikov

In memory of the guitar genius whose music has been an inspiration to me for many years. rip Legend.

Vilho Vanhalakka

CoB was the band that got me into screaming/growling in metal, Aydy hit me like a ton of bricks. I also met the band i play in now because of Bodom, the guys have become my best friends. Couldn’t thank Alexi enough, fortunately got to see CoB live twice on the last finnish tour, here is a picture from Lutakko, Jyväskylä 14.12.2019. Rest in Peace Wild Child

Saul Torres

I remember i was so fucking influenced by alexi in my younger years (18-20); I used to had a work at a pizza place when COB came to my city, el paso, and i faked that i was sick so they let take off earlier so i can catch them playing, and they did, but i showed up late to the show... COB was already off stage.... years after that, COB came once again, and now i was in my mid 20's and i had my career as a concert photographer, i got a photo pass for the show, and honesly i dont really remember what happened, but some shit related to work was in between my chance to go or not, i think i quit the job days after that and went to take those photos from children of mother fucking bodom and witness alexi playing live at last in front of me!
these are the photos from that amazing night

alexi laiho never dies!


When I first heard Alexi playing guitar I was blown away. He is the reason I am playing guitar for 9 years now. His music means a lot to me and he will be forever missed.

Foued Yahya

My first and best guitar player of all time


"Hey, what are you listening to? Bodom?" asked my wife very gently as she entered our bedroom - also serving as my home office these covid times - on the first working day of 2021. I was. I like listening to metal while coding. I was somewhere in the middle of Tokyo Warhearts.

Tokyo Warhearts was the first Children of Bodom recording I ever heard, waay back, some 20 or so years earlier. Before that I had only been into melodic stuff, the likes of Hammerfall, Rhapsody, Sonata Arctica etc, staying away from bands with harsh vocals. Tokyo Warhearts was the first time I heard such vocals paired with highly melodic, heavy/power-metallic instrument usage. Exactly the type I had been into. On top of this, it was packed with lovely harmonies, incredible virtuosity and was extremely energetic - it was an instant love. That album also opened a door for me towards other bands that I never would have considered listening to otherwise.

"I guess you heard, then..." she continued quietly. "No, what is it?" I asked.

CoB became one of my most favourite bands, and the one I probably listened to the most during the naughties. They had a huge effect on my musical taste and guitar playing. Before knowing them I had never realized how much I like harmonization between instruments and especially guitars in metal. My favourite album from them has always been Hatebreeder, followed closely by Follow the Reaper and Something Wild. HCDR, while still good, felt like going in the wrong direction for me. Sadly, that became a prediction come through with their albums after that one. I'm still not entirely sure what changed or is missing from those - while they still had the melodies, harmonies, technique and speed, their atmosphere was completely different to what I loved in their Jackson-playing, Alexander Kuoppala-supported era.

"Poor lad... He did look frighteningly sick in recent years alright... Could have been the heavy alcohol abuse..." I remarked when my wife broke the news. The grief had not struck me immediately.

The last album I actively listened to was Blooddrunk, but as I wasn't finding what I was looking for, I moved on and CoB was replaced in my most-played list with others, like the excellent Kalmah, which did give me a similar sense of atmosphere as early Bodom. I gave a listen to all their newer albums but they did not stick at all. In the past dozen years or so, I only came back to them every once in a while, and only to their early stuff - those still give me chills - and the Inearthed era. Why I was listening to Tokyo Warhearts on that early January day was to capture some of the dual-guitar stuff, as my wife's brother - who is into early Bodom just like me - and I finally live close enough to each other so we can learn some of their songs and play the harmonies together. It is gut-wrenching to think that the first time we played Downfall through together was only a few days before Alexi Laiho passed away.

The pain came slowly. I have been checking the internet for tributes since then and listening to their early albums on repeat. Played along with some of the songs that I know more or less. Never would have thought I'd shed tears playing rhythm during the outro of Hatebreeder.

Perhaps one thing I keep coming back to the early albums for is - and this might sound strange - the positive energy. Despite the dark lyrics, the accompanying music always cheers me up. Reminding me of old times, when all of us were younger, the band members all had huge smiles on their faces in photos, Alexi looked a lot healthier, wore less eyeliner and black nail polish, concentrated more on playing and less on profanities on stage, and the music did not strengthen the sorrow and disregard coming from the lyrics but seemed to convey that there is a way through.

And that is how I choose to remember him, how I choose to remember you, Alexi. Thank you for the incredible experience. Rest in peace dude, a Reaper nyugosztaljon!

Flavio Gomes

Words don’t even describe the feelings.
I was only 9 years old when I listened to Children of Bodom and I fell deeply connected. 20 years later I can say that Alexi influenced me to worship music, he influenced my lifestyle, the way I’d dress, the people that later I would meet because of metal music. I’ve met him several times and I travelled the world to see Bodom play. I can’t thank him enough and heaven gained a new legend.
Rest in power master


I started listening to children of bodom in the year 2000 it took a while to know what Alexi was like .. back then in internet access and the information was a little more difficult. The first time I saw him I thought "damn it can't be more impressive or look so cool playing the guitar" later I started playing guitar and Alexi was one of my influences, I used to imitate his poses with my Ltd Ex400bk and wear children of bodom t-shirts . I have a cute photo with my grandfather (rip) made in 2006 and of course Alexi is present

Alex Valentini

Alexi was one of the reasons why I started playing guitar. A true idol and legend!

Evan Caunce

Got to see 2 Children of Bodom shows in Edmonton (2009, 2011). Been a Bodom fan for over 15 years and was always eager to hear more from Alexi. Have every album (multiple copies of some), and still listen to them all the time. Alexi’s music helped me through the darkest parts of my life and I will be forever grateful.

Dayan M'Car

Alexi Laiho Forever in our hearts Rest in peace!

Monday, January 4, 2020 I woke up in the morning and was struck with the news that my favorite guitarist Alexi Laiho had passed away.
I was in shock, I had to go to work and did not know what to do, or what to say about it. I felt a hole in my stomach, my anxiety shot up.

One of the best guitarists of all time and my biggest musical influence.
I remember one afternoon in 2008 when I listened to them for the first time, I didn't pay as much attention to it as when I listened to two albums again in 2011, I had started playing guitar for two years. Hearing the solo from "Children Of Decandence", I was amazed and repeated the guitar solo over and over again, I passed up every song from the album Hatebreeder and Follow The Reaper and said, "What I've been missing all this time" Alexi Laiho marked my beginnings and saved my life musically.
When I formed my first band I called it "Hatebreeder" after one of his albums, which is not missing from my playlist wherever it is. I have so much to tell about my fascination with this artist and his music that I couldn't finish today. I could never see him play live, I dreamed of him and a few months ago, and just yesterday I was looking for a Jackson Flying V guitar. Because I've always wanted to play his songs on one of those guitars, because it was on them that he wrote his best music.
The closest I could get to Alexi Laiho was on a live broadcast on his last show in 2020. A friend from Finland promised to send me videos the moment Bodom After Midnight was on stage.

Goodbye master, I hope to see you in the afterlife! ❤

I share one of the mentions I had on the Instagram account of Bodom After Midnight:

Jose C, Spain

For me Alexi Laiho has been a reference since I started listening to metal at the age of 12. Now at 28 I continue to listen to his music daily. Thanks Alexi

Vahan Aslanyan

To simply put it, Alexi Laiho was the soul reason I wanted to become a guitarist. In my later teenage years when I discovered Children of Bodom they were quite literally the only band I listened to, and based my life around. To further add, since I was so invested into guitar all I would do was learn COB songs and solos off videos on Youtube of Alexi playing. If it wasn't for that man, his unique style, attitude and songwriting I don't know where I would be. I remember seeing his signature ESP and being blown away at simply how cool it looked. I was sold! I bought an LTD V401 and started playing V shape guitars and the only reason was because "Alexi is doing it."

My favorite memory was actually catching COB live opening for Black Label Society. As a young dude from a suburb city that never got to go to shows that one blew me away! He was just as great live as I thought he would be.

All in all, Alexi introduced me to the passion of guitar. He introduced me to ESP guitars, and changed my life for the better.

Thank you Alexi Laiho.

Henri Vuorenmaa

Alexi was the reason I picked up guitar when I was 15-years old. His unique playing style, sound, guitars and his attitude towards music has inspired me to this day (17-years later) to be better at guitar every day.

My ultimate memory of Alexi is when I got to meet him in person during 100 Guitars From Hel -event in Helsinki. I was invited to pre-event press conference with two other guys and we got to meet and briefly hang out with Alexi during that time. He was so nice and polite and very down-to-earth. I even got to joke about Kummeli (old Finnish comedy show) a little bit with him.

Alexi will be missed, but his music will live on!

Rest in peace, Alexi.

Photo credit: Markku Ulander / from left to right: Chris Bollyn, Alexi Laiho and me (Henri Vuorenmaa)

René Kanzenbach

Children of Bodom was the Band with which I started to listen to metal and Alexi was the reason for me to learn playing guitar, almost 15 years ago. Metal music and guitar playing is still a big part of my life. Without Alexi my live would look quite different right now, so thank you for that!

Rest in Peace


I remember very well the first and only time I saw Alexi and Children Of Bodom live. Simply the best concert I have ever seen. Alexi for me (as for many many others) was an inspiration, a hero. He actually changed my life because it is thanks to him that I understood that I want to become a musician. I always tried to be like him and I let my hair grow, I bought two ESP Ltd Alexi-600 and I have now my nails black. He will always be immortal because his music is immortal. I am very grateful to him and I will always be. So... thank you Alexi, from the bottom of my heart.

Scott Wright

I had the privilege of meeting Alexi and the band at an ESP signing for their ‘The Ugly World Tour’. I was able to have a quick chat, grabbed a photo and got a piece of memorabilia signed. Me and my mate waiting 3 hours to be second in line. Alexi and Bodom were massive in my teenage years. RIP Alexi.

Anthony Q

I remember hearing Children of Bodom's "Are You Dead Yet" for the first time back on Rock Band for Playstation 3. It blew my mind. I was a die-hard fan ever since. Alexi inspired and influenced so much about my guitar playing and music. He taught me that simplicity is key - that you don't need dozens of pedals and effects to build a radical tone.


Hearing Bodom for the first time was a religious experience. Ten years ago I was lucky enough to become an artist in the ESP family and my first request was an Alexi 600. I saw Bodom more than any band in my lifetime so far (12 times) and no matter where it was or how many people he saw, he always remembered me. I’d hear “EROCK!!” And he’d throw up the horns and stick his tongue out. I couldn’t be more proud to, at the very least, play the same guitar brand as he did. COBHC!

Yibrian Grajales

I was 14 the first time I heard children of bodom, I was so impressed that my first thing to do was to get an album, so my very first disc was “something wild” with amazing guitar lines, and very incredible music, the first time I let my hair grow I straightened it , I just wanted look like Alexi . He is gonna be a constan Influence to me and a motivation to improve mi guitar skills, thank you so much Alexi .

James Fox

My childhood idol. He is the main artist that inspired and fuel my passion for guitar. He will be surely missed but his legacy will on forever. Thanks for the jams Alexi.

Peter "Neo" Eke

I remember being blown away back in my teenage years, when i just started playing guitar, by his and Roope's instructional video, Passage to the reaper. After that video, I started listening to Bodom, went to 2 of their concerts in my country (Hungary) and was just so inspired by his playing. Devastated by his loss, but at very least he lives on in my memory, and my playing. I know he is still shredding in the afterlife.


Legend! Best guitar player ever.

Jordan Grimley

Can’t believe I’m writing a tribute to Alexi Laiho, one of my most favourite guitarists, vocalist, songwriters and I’m gonna include him as a comedian, cause his interviews and behind the scenes and ‘making off’ dvds are fucking hilarious.
I listen to Bodom everyday so he’s always here! But even tho he’s always here I’ll always miss him too I love and miss you Alexi

Jamie Stiller

From the moment Children of Bodom took the stage at Heavy TO in the summer of 2011.. I was hooked. They became my favourite band and Alexi absolutely mesmerized me as a guitarist. To this day I have never heard a better, more creative and genius composer in the world of extreme metal. One of the best guitarists to ever do it, I studied every riff and lick I heard from him, and it has shaped the musician and guitarist I am today. Since they toured relentlessly, I am lucky enough to have seen them 6 more times after that first time, and they blew me away every time. Alexi Laiho is a huge reason I am who I am today as a musician, and his legacy lives on in the countless guitar players he has inspired. COBHC forever, cheers

Antti Rajala

Alexi and the music of Children of bodom is the reason i became a metalhead... when i was 14 years old i listened everything else but metal.. in 2003 my cousin gave me the hate crew deathroll album and said ”listen to this and tell me you don’t like metal” from the first sounds of Needled 24/7 i was sold, but what really hit me was Bodom beach terror and especially angel’s don’t kill... when i heard those i realised that i should be more open minded towards music... been idolizing Alexi ever since and seen bodom shows i cant even count how many here in Finland... Alexi’s music has saved me from a lot of shit in my life and i am forever gratefull to him... one other thing, been wanting the pinky signature guitar like forever from esp custom shop but allways been something else that couldn’t afford one... maybe this would be the perfect time to actually get one somehow... Thank you Alexi for everything you have given me through music... you will be missed. Rest in peace Wildchild

Loïc forestier

he was my idol, my favorite guitarist and always will be. Alexi has influenced so many people including me .. it's really hard for me, for all the fans, and for his family who we think about and strongly support. Rest in peace wildchild ❤️


I remember when I first saw Children of Bodom I was a teenager back then with a lot of supressed emotion, I just started to learn playing the guitar. Alexi became my role model and guitar hero. Their music helped me to survive and gave me so much energy. I picked an Esp guitar by Alexis suggestion and I did not regret it. RIP Alexi Laiho! :( Forever in our hearts!


Hey influenced me so hard! It was my teenage hero for over 10 years!!! I loved him so fucking much... Rest In Peace Alexi


Children of Bodom is the first extreme metal band I ever encountered, back when I was 7. It's a very important fact for me since I remain to be a fan of extreme music to this very day. I admired (and still do) Alexi's playing, screaming and his overall stage presence. His music will always remain as one of the most important soundtracks of my childhood and will always remain as a classic listen for me. Finally, I'm very happy I got to witness Alexi's craft live in 2017. It was probably the most powerful concert I ever attended.
RIP Alexi, never forgotten

Evgeniy Vitchenko

Alexi was my all-time favourite guitar player, my guitar father. Words cannot describe how I feel right now.

I was 10 years, it was the summer of 2010. My cousin showed me Children Of Bodom music video for 'Everytime I Die' and 'Trashed, Lost & Strungout' and I was just blown away by Alexi's tenchique and talent! That was the moment when I decided to play the guitar.

So glad I managed to see him with my favourite band Children Of Bodom at the show in Kiev in 2019. I was literally 1.5 meters from him. I was almost crying. It was unbelievable to see my guitar and extreme vocal idol that close after I'd been waiting for that moment for 9 years.

Alexi will be always missed. He's gone too early and I'll continue his path. He's the reason I grabbed up a guitar. He is my inspiration forever. He taught me how to scream and play the guitar fast by just listening to him.
The greatest musician and the greatest songwriter. Rest in peace, Alexi.

Guillaume Grandamy

Thanks to his life's work, Alexi Laiho gave me the will to learn Finnish and I spent a year in Finland as a french exchange student when I was 15. It was the richest experience I've ever had and I had the dream that one day I could have a conversation with him in his native language.
Alexi has been my main inspiration and hero for a very long time and without Children of Bodom and Sinergy, I wouldn't play guitar the way I do today.
RIP Metal God you'll never be forgotten.

Ryan Fawley

I saw Children of Bodom in San Diego, Ca on 7/20/2006, it was a rescheduled date from the Unholy Alliance Tour with Slayer and Lamb of God. The original show was supposed to be 6/6/2006. Bodom had such a different and unique sound, with the grooviest grooves, crushing riffs and ripping solos. I remember learning Bodom songs and writing the tab on my binders in High School so I could practice everywhere I went. With my band, Despite The Wolves, it was an honor to play the Alexi Laiho guitar, encompassing his legacy and sheer level of shred. We only played ESP guitars, they are the best instruments out there.


First hearing COB in 2005 when I was in 5th grade the song was Neddle 24/7 and I had never heard anything thing like it. The guitar playing absolutely blew me away and from there on out completely molded me as a guitarist. Alexi Laiho was my favorite guitarist of all time and I’m thankful I got to see him live a few years back. Love Live Alexi Laiho

Damien from Serbia

Alexi made a huge impact on my life as I discovered CoB in early puberty. No music or lyrics had given me the strenght to say "Fuck everything, I am who I am. Deal with it." Alexi was great in that, so I painted my nails black, its an awesome feeling to flip off haters. My brother wanted me to see Metallica with him, tbh if CoB didn't open I wouldn't have gone and had the best concert of my life. Musically, I am thankful for Alexi's impossible riffs, I'm sure they made me and half a world a better guitar player. CoB is my youth, present and future. R.I.P to my first guitar hero.

Tiffin Mullenax

I’ve seen bodom 10 times and each time was an amazing experience. I had the privilege to meet Alexi a few times and he was the nicest most down to earth dude. His music has gotten me through some of my darkest days and I’ll always miss him now.

Barry McGrath

2011. Alexi joined Annihilator onstage at Heavy MTL in Montreal to perform King Of The Kill. In 2011 I think. Videos on YouTube.

Erik Abdukarimow

Alexi Laiho and his band Children of Bodom kickstarted my love for extreme metal. Up to that point I only listened to power and heavy metal. But when I discovered the album "Are You Dead Yet?" I was just mesmerized by the heavy yet melodic riffs and technical solos. The solo for "Next in Line" is still one of my all time favourite guitar solos. His music inspired me to practice guitar even more seriously, and therefore made me a better player. I was lucky enough to see Children of Bodom live when they played their only concert in Dresden in 2017, the performance of the whole band was top-notch. Words cannot describe what his music means to me, and I will continue to blast Children of Bodom as long as I´m not dead yet.

Daniel Dekay

A true icon & a gateway into extreme metal for so many young heshers. Your impact will be felt forever and your music is timeless. We miss you Alexi.

Luke Lewis

I always wanted to see Alexi Laiho live, but never got the chance to. He was taken away from us way to early and everyday feels weird without him. Alexi was one of the greatest shredders who ever lived, and I hope to someday reach the same level of guitar playing as himself. We miss you Alexi


I discovered Alexi and CoB back in 2003, when "Hate Crew Deathroll" album came out. I was 15. I remember how many times i listened to it and how much i loved alexi's play style. He was so inspiring!
Alexi left an indelible mark in my childhood.
Rest in peace my friend, you may be gone but your memories will live forever through your beautiful music that you left. I will never forget you. Thank you for everything. ⚘❤

Nicolas Evangelista Silva

I've been a fan of alexi and COB for 4 years since I rediscovered the band.
It helped me through the hardesters times and with my strugles with life, and head tumors i've had, keeping me inspired to play guitar.
Thanks for everything,
unfortunately never had the chance to see him live, but his music will aways live on.
Rest in power bro.

RJ Spencer

No Fear Tour, Louisville KY 2009. Alexi played a full set with a broken shoulder; he’d apparently fallen from his bunk on the bus the night before. He was clearly in a lot of pain, but he did the damn thing. The show must go on. Absolute legend.

Javier Fragoso (Etiäinen)

He was, he is and he will be my master.

Alex Aternal

I met my life long best friend because we were both listing to the Follow the Reaper album on the school bus. We both have went to Bodom 4 times and never stop talking about amazing the trips and shows were together. Spending hours in line with 1000s ov Bodom fans all instant friends over Alexis music, style and influence. These are stories that complete my life and will never not be an integral part ov who I am as a musician and metalhead. I will always till my end be part ov the Hate Crew!

Rhanex Guitar

I was almost 14-15 when a friend introduce me about Cob. I was absolutely shocked: “what its this guys, why he plays like this” the same year i started to play electric guitar, obviously, not his solos (not yet) i had the luke to saw Alexi when he came to Chile a few years ago. like others im really feeling his death like when a gold friend that taught you a lot goea away. I made a humble tribute to him in my YT channel: RHANEX GUITAR


I picked up the guitar thanks to Alexi. His energy, aggression and virtuosity inspired my 14-year-old self in a way words can't convey. Today I am an ambitious musician and composer with a vision of my own. It all started thanks to Alexi's communicative passion and the artistic generosity conveyed in his music. Thanks and rest well, old friend

Troy Asturias

“I puked in Greece, what have you done?” - Alexi Laiho, Chaos Ridden Years Documentary

I framed his autograph from ESPs 35 year anniversary NAMM show (2010)

Ville Kuure

Alexi was and is so important to me even I did not even know him. He and his music helped me more than anything when I was sad and he got me through so many thins for example depression, anxiety and heartbreak. When no one else was there for me, I knew that Alexi and his music would be. His music makes me feel so good because I know some day I will have no issues and I'll be living my dream. He is the biggest influence in music for me. The music he made motivates me in everyday of my life and I couldn't even think about where I would be if Alexi didn't exist. I will always be admiring that man and I will always be thankful to my dear Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho❤.

Joaquin azriel

Alexi, thanks for all the years of amazing music, for being such a nice person to your fans, for setting amazing shows, amazing riffs, solos, vocals. No doubt you will be missed, i wanted to meet you once again and see you live again here in buenos aires. Thanks for all you have done as mucisian, and as person. Thanks for your amazing discography. You will be eternally missed. Forever in our hearts.

Luke Sackenheim

I remember going to Gigantour 2008. I'd never heard of COB, so I listened to their entire discography up until that point and got caught up real quick. It blew my mind and I was almost more excited to see them that night than Megadeth.

They took stage and put on one hell of a set. With only one song left in the set, Alexi addresses the audience; "We got one more, who wants to hear a Whitesnake cover? [keyboard player starts playing "Here I Go again"]"

The entire audience instantly starts BOOOOOOing them. Alexi looks at us with a chuckle; "Oh fuck! I was kidding. Fine haha. Okay here's a new one off of Blooddrunk!".

That's when I knew I was a fan. My god damn hero.


2006 in a cyber cafe was the first time I saw Alexi with COB on YouTube, I couldn't believe it, my head exploded. I feel enormous sadness, I would like to greet your family who are having a difficult time. i love you alexi

Alexander Kadcyn

Ekaterinburg, Russia 12.10.2019. One of the best shows I've been to Alexi and COBHC. This was his last visit to our city. Rest in peace, Alexi...


I was a 9 years old when I heard my big brother playing some COB with his guitar. I asked what he was playing and he showed my Something Wild and Hatebreeder. After that I sneaked many times in his room to listen these two albums and later bought them myself. Few years later I started to play guitar myself and my second guitar was ESP-LTD MMV-04. First time I saw COB live was in august 2004 in Nivala Finland. Me and my friends met Alexi and other guys from the band before and after the show. Alexi was nice and friendly towards the fans and chatted with all. I followed their career to the end. I saw COB again maybe 2014 or 2015 in Joensuu. Music that Alexi composed to COB and Sinergy has been a real influence through the years. In highschool I listened COB all days and all nights. Alexi was amazing player and composer and I started playing guitar in hopes that I could play just like him in one day.


I had the luck to meet Alexi twice. The first time - he was playing with Sinergy - I was invited on stage by Kimberly Goss. My legs were literally shaking. The second time it was at an after show with CoB. We talked a bit and took that picture. He was my favourite guitar player and artist, he will be forever missed.

Antti Pöllänen

In 2003 i heard/ see first time bodom In finnish television. I was 10 years old. Quickly after that i get my first guitar (esp ltd mh-50. I have still that guitar.). Now i have 2 Alexi signature models. Alexi was my biggest influence guitarist and musician. Picture is from 2019 in Helsinki just after Hexed- album prelistening session (I and 11 other fans get a change hear that album first in world! AWESOME EXPERIENCE)

Randy Nongthombam

I grew up listening to Children of Bodom almost every song till date.. The reason I was addicted to their music was Alexi Laiho, he is really my Idol.. The way he play guitar and scream is really awesome.. What really makes me joy is the way he hold the guitar and play, and talk shits during the show.. His voice is awesome...he is truly a Guitar legend.. I saw children of bodom played once in India, Bangalore, I watched it from the front and that is one of the best thing happened to me in my life.. I' m so sad that he left us too soon... RIP Alexi, Your Music and Song will live Forever..

Kevin I.

Will never forget when I saw Children of Bodom for the 2nd 2014, it was also my birthday, and although bombarded with fans at the door. I got to see Alexi as he wished me a happy birthday with horns up. It was memorable night of metal madness. Rock In Power!

Rohan Dasgupta

Stood in the rain for 6 hours to watch COB play at Bangalore (India) in 2012. NO REGRETS! If wish I could do it all over again.

Angel Alvarez

Después del concierto en Monterrey México 2014 lo vi afuera del hotel

Eric Esquivel

a great artist, who influenced enough musicians and left a great legacy

Archie Cruz

Alexi single-handedly put me on the guitar map with this ”battle” we had at The Local Band show in 2014! After, we became the closest friends and had many unforgettable nights, including a NYE shooting fireworks accidentally towards a very angry elderly person and drinking Champagne at Lake Bodom, FIN with our significant others. Alexi was always so much fun and made sure everyone around him was always having a good time. He was a kind soul and will be dearly missed

Daniel Martinsen

I remember the fist time I heard Children Of Bodom, in 1999. I was just amazed, it just gave me so much inspiration! Thank you Alexi, I still play guitar today, and you are still my inspiration.

Aleksandr Abramov

I was take electro guitar first time to my hands 15 years ago when I hear “in your face”

Jorge Gomez

Alexi was a hell of a performer and musician. Got to see him with Children Of Bodom twice in FT. Lauderdale FL. I had been playing guitar for a couple of years and the first time I heard the song “Kissing The Shadows” it blew me away!!.. Alexi’s playing inspired me to continue playing guitar and discover a new genre in metal. Throughout my last years of high school I played all his music daily in my car and had the chance to show other people his music which they fell in love with as well. I am now 34 years old and I can still listen to his music and know that it will continue changing people’s lives and inspire a new generation of musicians due to his flawless playing and emotion captured in all his songs. Thank you for all the great memories and the awesome live performances!!! RIP Alexi Laiho


Without Alexi I haven't started to play Guitar in 2008. His music, interviews and Shows got me through a lot of time.

Kiitos Alexi and may your Soul Rest In Peace

I only got a YouTube Link from my Bodom Cover if you want to take something of this.

RIP Alexi Laiho | Children Of Bodom - Everytime I Die Cover

Dimi Shining

The best guitarist in the world


Alexi was my favorite guitar player. Has been since I was in high school over a decade ago. Him and Dave Murray of Iron Maiden are the two reasons for me wanting to learn to play guitar. I had wanted to learn to play for years and finally picked it up last year. Although a lot of Children of Bodom's songs are hard to learn, especially for a beginner, I spent the time to learn a few of his licks. They are so fun to play. If I could have any guitar in the world it would be the Alexi Greeny model. I will one day have that guitar. Mark my words.


Although I mainly play thrash metal and got influenced by Metallica at first to play metal, Alexi and CoB in general put my songwriting skills to another level, putting more melodic effort in my music. In other words: His influence is marked in my upcoming songs after listening to CoB music more and more, giving my music some more extras than just raw elements. Even if it's riffing instead of soloing, his influence is given. This even goes so far, that this influence helped me to improve an older song of mine which was written 4 years ago. And the song got way better.

So sad he had passed away and there will never be a chance to meet one of my heroes and that's the moment, where I want to say: Thanknyou for everything! Your music lives on and deep inside I know, that your influence will take part in my further creations.

Rock in Power Alexi

Daniel Moldovan

Sadly I only started listening to his music in 2020 first with The Local Band and then I really started to get into Bodom. He along with Archie and Sammy are the reason I have purchased an ec-1000. Although he is gone I am sure he, his music and the legacy he left will continue to influence myself and milions of people around the world for a lot of years to come. Rest In Peace Alexi.

Tyler Leslie

Effortless shreddage at every show!


I’ve uploaded a YouTube video with pics and vids of Alexi. At the end of the video, I’ve written a short text about him, as well as on Insta and in the children of Bodom forum.

Here’s the link to the video. Hope you enjoy.

Adam Koehler

Met him in 2004 or 05 at the Diamond Ballroom in OKC nice guy I was messing with Janne calling him Yanni lol Alexi I think he laughed a bit but they were great guys all were nice signed my album covers etc..this was a hard one to take Alexi's death hit me harder than EVH he was a much bigger influence on me as a guitarist than Eddie.He is the reason I play ESP guitars. Rest Easy Alexi.

Corey Whittaker

My favourite memory of Alexi, was during the Reckless Relentless Forever, tour in the UK, In Manchester academy Saturday the 2nd of April 2011. I loved that album, I got to see songs such as Ugly, Shovel Knockout!, Northpole Throwdown and Not My Funeral was great but specifically half way through the Gig him and Janne Wirmen the keyboardist of COB was messing about and and Alexi flicked his plectrum at Janne the atmosphere was both funny yet serious I love it. I will forever remember him as a force of damn nature vocally and guitar wise, even in 2019 at Bloodstock I was right at the front and meet some random strangers and we all sang along to Hatecrew Deathroll it was unreal the amount of people there and who got involved in the gig was, atmospheric as it wasnt even mid day yet. I snapped this photo on my phone quickly and joined back in with the chaos that was both beautiful yet farce and that's how I'll remember him, powerful, funny and always enjoying music. Farewell Alexi.

Allen Gunn

Alexi Laiho and Children of Bodom have both served as the inspiration for my growth and pursuit as a guitarist and musician, so it feels like a part of my childhood has died with his passing. There’s not much people can say they’ve held onto for over 20 years but Bodom and Alexi were certainly one of those constants in my life.

From Inearthed to Sinergy, to Kylähullut, The Local Band and everything in between, I thank you for being that lifeline and hero that I and many needed.

We certainly lost one of the greatest to ever pick up a guitar. RIP Alexi!


Children of Bodom was one of the first metal bands I was introduced to when I was in highschool more than a decade ago. I've finally got to see them live last year on Masters of Rock, and Alexi was as good live as he was in the studio. I remember some fans in armor crowdsurfing throughout entire CoB show, running back to the end and doing it all over again. After Masters of Rock I spent a few more days in Czech republic, and coincidentally when I travelled to Vienna airport a few days later, I saw Alexi walking around the airport, classic beanie on head, perhaps as lost as I was. I'm still sad I didn't ask him for a picture, but I didn't want to intrude on his privacy. After all, only my friends and I were the only ones who recognized him. I'm happy for that coincidence happening. He'll definitely be missed and irreplaceable. Since I don't have any photo with him, here's a photo from the Masters of Rock festival taken from the front row.

Ricky Raven

I met Alexi one time in Luxembourg on the 20 years down n dirty tour,my girl and me stood in the first row right before Alexi,right in front of my hero,he looked down to us while singin' and shreding for about 20 minutes (no joke) i'm still wondering why... after a few songs more i asked him : Hey alexi!! Do you want a cigarette? And he goes : no thank you :p. Then he threw a bottle o' water into the pit and i was the lucky last..i got to keep that bottle,the bottle he drank out and we did too.

Well..after the gig we were waiting at the bus and met the whole band, there was so many people that alexi came with a Bodyguard carrying Pinky and he got right into the Bus.. that was the first and last time i saw him.
Well as a fan im collecting his guitars and i had 3 of 'em now there is 2 left..had to sell greeny cause i went into hard situations "getting an adult isn't verry easy" :D what the f*ck so ever..
Pinky and Scythe are left and damn..those monsters scream. Alexi,you were and you will always be my hero. -Ricky


Amazing guitarist. Sadly never got to see him play live. I lost count how many videos I watched. He will be greatly missed.

Viljami Mäkinen

I never saw Alexi live, which i wanted to do ever since i heard kissing the shadows for a first time. Alexi was the main influence for me to pick up the guitar and the reason why i always aspired to become better. His tone was unique, raw and crushing i’ve always wanted one of his signatures from ESP and wanted to play like him. When i got the news about his passing i instantly started listening to bodom and weeping. Bodom is still my favorite band and Alexi is my favorite guitarist Rest in peace my idol, inspiration an hero. I’ll never forget your music.

Corey Hendriks aka Coco Caliente of Metalachi

I first learned of COB when I was at GIT Learning to actually play guitar for real. As a singer also I naturally gravitated toward acts like James Hetfield and Alexi because of their ability to play and sing. Alexis in your face raw vocals and absolutely soaring arpeggios and riffs captivated me and forever changed my approach to music. Thank you for the beacon of Heavy Metal guidance shred-god, can’t wait to see you blow the roof off again sometime soon... ❤️

Nico RR

Alexi était pour moi le meilleur guitariste de tout les temps, il avait une imagination incroyable pour composer ses riffs et ses solos. Il a complètement influencé mon jeu de guitare, il m’a donné envie d’être meilleur, de me surpasser, de complexifier mes compositions.

Il m’a aussi aidé à me moquer du regard des gens car j’aime également mettre du vernis et du maquillage.

Il m’a aidé quand je n’avais pas le moral et dans les moments les plus durs de ma vie, les chansons de Children Of Bodom m’ont accompagné chaque jours.

J’aurai eu la chance de le voir en concert et même de le rencontrer, il était si aimable et humble.

Lorsque je serai sur scène avec ma guitare, je penserai bien à toi et je n’oublierai jamais tout ce que tu m’as appris.

Merci Alexi..... du fond du cœur merci.

Nico RR from Belgium


Alexi was the reason I started playing guitar. Already listening to metal music and seeing his awesome signature guitar back in the day was a big influence on my young mind at the time. Through the years I was lucky enough to buy one of his ltd signatures and see Children Of Bodom live in a near by city. He will be greatly missed.

Pellumb Qerimi

COB’s music was the soundtrack to my highschool years..
Alexi has inspired many young guitarist’s who are into metal with his badass riffs,solos and songwriting!

Aleks Kolev

I never got to see Alexi play live. There were 3 ocassions when COB were playing close to my city but it was always school/exams stopping me from going. Still Alexi remains one of my biggest guitar influences, so i sat down and wrote a short song, which i dedicate to him:
You can also find the song posted on my instagram account @alekoshredd

Charlie Corletta

It was 1998 and “Something Wild” had just released worldwide. I was 15 years old. I found out that the boys in COB were only 2-3 years older than me and my band at the time. This inspired us to move towards a more extreme sound. We thought, “If they can do this, what is stopping ng us from reaching out potential!?” Alexi’s sound and attitude were really appealing to a group of young musicians trying to make their mark on the metal world. A few years later he embarked on a working relationship with ESP guitars, releasing his signature model flying V. As a fan and musician I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. I was poor at the time but came into a little bit of money. Without hesitation I went out and bought said guitar. At that moment my dedication to my craft of guitar playing went to the next level. I spent hours a day writing and practicing all in hopes of some day being able to be in the company of the dudes I looked up to. That black and yellow ESP Alexi-600 was my first quality instrument. It followed me through life with all the ups and downs as I continued with my craft. A few years later I worked myself into the position of getting to be friends with my childhood heroes In Flames. It was through them I got to hang with a meet Alexi. We shared in some great times, stories and of course outlandish partying. Through his inspiration I have gone on to play in national bands, perform on WWE Television, and have my music played on stations like Sirius XM Liquid Metal. All of my successes I directly contribute to the impact Alexi had on me at a young age. I owe a great deal of my riffing style and approach to music to him. The world lost a truly uncompromising and impactful musician. Words can only begin to describe the amount of gratitude I have for Alexi and his contributions. His passing leaves a hole in my heart.

Ryan Whitaker

Alexi was THE guy who got me into listening to and playing extreme music such as his. At the age of about 15, "Are You Dead Yet" was the first extreme song I ever heard, and it got me instantly addicted. I was just picking up the electric guitar at the time, and I can fully accredit my immediate progress in skill from that point forward to the exploration of the rest of Alexi's lead work in literally every single song of Children of Bodom and Sinergy's discography. I have forever loved and looked up to his mind for melody and skill with the instrument.
In 2019 I finally got to meet Alexi in LA, twice in one day! He hosted a Sam Ash guitar clinic (pictured here) where I got to directly observe and ask questions about his musical process and technique, then later that day I got to meet & greet him and the rest of COB before their concert that night, which of course kicked ass!
I forever cherish that day as one of the greatest in my life, and to this day I still call Alexi the greatest musical inspiration of my life. RIP, oh great one.

Missael Reyes

Alexi, you were the hardest test to myself since I was just a kid with a guitar trying to get better and better. You influenced my music, my shredding and My style somehow. I got pretty influenced by you to design my own guitar. Wherever you are Now, thank you for your music and your incredible talent, Rest in power Alexi Laiho.

Benjamin Sobarzo

Children of Bodom was always the band that motivated me on a day-to-day basis, they accompanied me for my exams at the university etc ... By 2014 I finally got to meet Alexi but I was so nervous that I couldn't say a word. Anyway, losing him felt like losing a lifelong friend. RIP

Chris del Math

The passing of @alexilaiho.official yesterday hit me way harder than I expected. Even though after are you dead yet I barely listened to @cobhc Alexi was my absolute hero and idol when I was a young kid. It feels like yesterday when I first listened to "Needled 24/7" and it changed everything. It was the first time I heard this kind of vocals, the leads where so fast and the guitar sound felt like it's not from this earth. Hate Crew Deathroll opened up the avenues towards heavy music for me. From that moment on I was fascinated by the incredible guitar playing, the haunting melodies and the groovy riffs. I would paint my nails black, put on some eyeliner and headbang and pose like he did in front of my mirror, trying to sound like him. I would tube my guitar to dropped C for the first time and dove deep into such bangers as Sixpounder. Children Of Bodom were also the first band to feel deeply connected to the music as well as the lyrics. Songs like Everytime I Die and Bed of Razors made me feel like I'm not alone with my struggle, my pain and the darkness in which I was trapped. The music gave me comfort and inspired me to practice the guitar for hours and hours. It was always my dream to be able to play his solos. Damn, I was so proud when I finally nailed the guitar solo for Downfall. I guess that must have been one of the happiest moments of my entire youth. He inspired me in so many ways. Without him, I would not be the same as a musician. He made me try to scream while playing and his attitude had such an impact on me when I was this shy depressed teen. Songs like Children of Bodom or Red Light in my Eyes got me into neoclassical licks. Towards Dead End was the first sweep picking lick I ever learned. Seeing Children Of Bodom live for the first time was such a game changer for me. Musically, I owe this guy almost everything. Getting his signature guitar for my birthday one year ago now even feels more unreal and I am so thankful for that. There has never been any other guitarist that had this impact on me. THANK YOU! REST IN POWER Wildchild.

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Kyle Shannon Lindsay

I randomly bumped into Alexi and the rest of Children Of Bodom at a bar after playing the Frankfurt Music Messe.
We got talking and landed up spending the night beer’ing it up talking music and life.

What a legend

He was gracious, humble and a damn great party.

He influenced many areas of my life after that night.

Here’s to Alexi

Ali Yucel

I was the only one waving a huge poster at their first concert in Turkey back in 2011. He saw it while they were on stage, and I got him to sign it after the concert ended. He was the most humble guitar god you could ever know. He was the reason I picked up the guitar again after neglecting it for so many years. I will miss him like he was family.

Arko Roy

He was not only a great player but also a great human being. I started gathering interest on metal initially after listening to children of bodom.
Thanks a lot sir.
You will be missed.

Titus TH

When I started listening to COB I was immediately catched by his amazing melodies which sounded great to me. After a while of listening to COB I also wanted to learn his melodies, learn his solo's and his way of writing riffs and songs.

It even has resulted in me buying an esp ltd arrow and mimicking his licks and playing style. I truly love his style of music and I think it's one of the most unique sounds out there.

I'll never forget you're great songs Alexi


I don't need to say anything else but I bought an ESP SV Standard because of this mofo ! Love this man for Always


I first learned about COB years back between the Are You Dead Yet? and Blooddrunk albums and have been a huge fan ever since. The first time I was going to see them our show got cancelled after Alexi had fallen out of his bunk on the tour bus and broke his shoulder again, but I'm fortunate to say I got to witness their greatness together five separate times. I even got to meet them all twice and was just so in awe I didn't even know what to say besides thank you and shaking their hands. It's an impossible thing to wake up one morning just to find one of your real life heroes is gone but his legacy and the memories will live forever through all of us. All that's really left to say is, again, thank you Alexi Laiho for all of your accomplishments and for truly changing my life. May you Rest in Peace.

Horns up Peace out ✌ Ciao

Evelyn Hodgkins

I had the honor of being front and center to see Children of Bodom live on their last US tour in 2019. It was something that I had dreamed about since I was a child, and it is a memory I’ll never forget, and that was the hardest I’ve ever headbanged in my life. COB got me into extreme music at age 11, I got to see them twice at 16 and 18, they will always be my favorite band. RIP Wildchild


Thank you Allu for changing my life, for everytime you made me happy with your special sense of humor and of course with your unique guitar riffs and melodies. My biggest regret is that i was never able to go to COB concert. Sleep well my hero, see you on the other side


Alexi combined my love for 80’s metal with brutal riff and melodic writting.
i will never forget the first time i heard COB it was the rebel yell cover and my mind was just blown . I miss him rip

simon diego palomero

me inspiro, motivo y cambio mi manera de encarar la musica y la guitarra, su musica jamas sera olvidada por los fans y seran influencia para las generaciones futuras

Farhad Kalwar

I remember listening to COB for the first time on Headbangers Ball back in 2007. They definitely paved the way for me to get into heavier bands as I got older. May his legend live on.

Samuel Gandara

Alexi was a big part of my life, got me through a lot of rough times. i went to as many of his shows as i could and even flew to finnland for bodom's last show together and im glad i got to record all of it. He got me back into playing guitar years ago and i listen to his music everyday almost. Never get tired of it.

Luke Frigot

Too be honest I wasn’t the most biggest fan of Alexi/Children Of Bodoni, but I certainly did respect him as a artist and as a AMAZING guitarist and his amazing guitars at ESP and I was utterly devastated when I heard the news of his passing RIP Alexi

Giovanni Vaghi

Like a Thunder a great Axeman i love your music and i estimate you untill the end , RIP Bro see u in Valhalla


He was the reason I started playing guitar, doing scream vocals and ultimately the reason I got into heavier music which is now an everyday in my life. Alexi had a massive input into where I ended up in life and it sucks we never met, I always wanted to let him know what a big impact he had on me. R.I.P Wildchild.