The album "PRIMAL" is finally out and you can hear it! Share, like and comment! Cheers!! STIM - updated
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ESP Horizon FRII
playing guitar and have fun with friends
the big bang theory
the hobbit, lord of the rings, star wars movies, and fast and furious movies
metal, rock, and pop
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Randall RM100KH, CrayBaby Kirk Hammett, Line 6 Relay G50, Joyo Vintage Overdrive, MXR noise clamp, Randall RS412KHX, and custom midi pedalboard
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Kirk Hammett, Gus G., Chris Broderick, John Petrucci, Alexi Laiho, Andy James, James Hetfield, and George Lynch
About me:

I'm Nenad Zorman, lead guitarist of the band STIM, Ludbreg, CROATIA

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