Eclipse, gibson flying v, esp ltd viper-401, 7 string, ESP 8 String, ltd alexi greeny, and esp gary holt liquid metal lava
Heavy Metal Music, pro wrestling fan, and gamer
That metal show and George Lopez show
the terminator series, Friday the 13th, and the predator
thrash metal, crossover thrash, melodic death metal, technical death metal, old school death metal, deathcore, black metal, grind core, crust-punk, hardcore-punk, and metalcore
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
randall thrasher, randall amps esp&ltd guitars, crybaby whawha, and digitech whammy 4
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
kirk hammet, james hetfiled, Gus G., gary holt, nergal, tony iomi, Joel Grind, michael amott, jeff hanemann, kerry king, robb flynn, gezzer butler, billy shehan, frank bello, lemmy kilmister, and joey vera
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