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ENGL 570, Marshall JCM 800, Marshall EL34 100/100, and Fender Twin
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If you guys want a Killer E-II FR7 I recommend you guys check out the limited run at the Axe Palace. Only 10 made, limited run! Trans purple with Dimarzio Titan Pickups. I just put my order in today.  ......MORE »
Marius M.

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I kind of like Eclipses.L to R - See Through Black, Vintage Black Satin, Dark Purple Satin, See Through Blue, Snow White, Vintage Honey Burst, Amber Cherry Burst, Black Cherry, Krypton Green (refinished Vintage White.)......MORE »
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Marius M. replied to the forum post ST Series

I've an ST1 with rosewood fretboard and EMG's. It's amazing, the best super strat I own (and I own super strats by suhr and fender which are incredible top notch guitars) mine is incredibly stable, I've used it on freezing......MORE »
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M-III 2 PT - Marius M.