ESP, LTD, ESP E-II, LTD M-1000, and LTD EC-1000s
music and writing/recording/playing/listening to music
action, horror, comedy, and tv series
deathmetal, extreme metal, brutal death metal, metal, melodic metal, and classica
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Line6 pod 2.0 and engl
About me:

Born in Rome, Italy, in May 1985 and started to learn music when he was 12.
He starts with classical guitar and piano at the age of 13. 
Extreme metal guitar player for the band Devangelic, Vulvectomy, Corpsefucking Art
Official Italian ESP Guitar endorser 

- Italy (Vulgar Fest 2009, Tattoo Deathfest 2009, 2011 e 2012, Slaughter in the Alps 2012, Lowlands Deathfest 2010, 2011 e 2014, Rockcult Extremefest 2012, Chromium Deathfest 2012, Bleeding Ears Deathfest 2013, Purulent Deathfest 2016, Salento Deathfest 2016)
- Germany (NRW Deathfest 2012 e 2014, Holsteiner Deathfest 2013, Deathfeast Open Air 2015, Frankfurt Deathfest 2016, Berlin Deathfest 2016)
- The Netherlands (Neurotic Deathfest 2011, Houten Deathfest 2010, Little Devil Deathfest 2013, Little Devil Deathfest 2015)
- Belgium (Verlichte Deathfest 2013)
- Portugal (Barroselas Metalfest 2013, XXXapada Na Tromba Open Air 2016)
- Austria (Mosh Insanity II 2010, Rape The Escape Fest 2012)
- Czech Republic (Obscene Extreme 2012, Nice To Eat You Deathfest 2014)
- Ucraina (Kiev Sonic Massacre 2011 and 2012)
- USA (Las Vegas Deathfest 2010, 2011, 2012 e 2014, Minnesota Murderfest 2012, Milwaukee Murderfest 2012, Phoenix Deathfest 2014)
- Spain (Move Your Fucking Brain 2014)
- United Kingdom (Brutality Over Sanity 2015)
- Switzerland (Carnage Feast 2014, Rock The Hell 2014, Monthly Assault 2014, Borderland Metalfest II 2015, Hellvetia Day 2015)
- Grecee (Brutality Over Sanity 2015)
- Hungary (ShowBarlang Fest 2015)
- Slovakia (Gothoom Open Air 2016)
- Indonesia (Hellprint Day 2016)

- USA West Coast Tour 2011 with Vulvectomy: California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado (including Las vegas Deathfest 2011);
- USA West Coast Tour 2012 with Vulvectomy: California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin (including Las vegas Deathfest 2012, Minnesota Murderfest 2012, Milwaukee Murderfest 2012);
- USA Comatour Tour 2014 with Devangelic: South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina (including Las Vegas Deathfest 2014, Phoenix Deathfest);
- Euro Tour 2014 with Devangelic: France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy (including Monthly Assault e Carnage Feast 2014/Svizzera, NRW Deathfest 2014/Germany, Unholy Brutal Fest IV/France);
Euro Tour 2015 with Vulvectomy: France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia







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