"I need more Esp's in my life. Add a RS320 Star and youre set"- Wise man, 2019. - updated
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LTD Arrow Black Metal, Edwards Syu Crying Star, Ibanez GAX70 doublecut, Lyon by Washburn Scott Ian Sig SI-10, and Dean Dave Mustaine Zero "In Deth We Trust"
Rockin out, Jamming, Metal, and viewing guitars all day lol
Smallville, Burn Notice, and Initial D
anything that leaves you super confused at the end
Tallica, metal, heavy metal, mettle, mital, and jazz fusion
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Raven Halfstack, Marshall JMD:1, and TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Kirk "The Ripper" Von Hammett, Joe Satriani, Dean Deleo, Saki Kaskas, and Jun Senoue
About me:

"does buckethead still play live?" . Californian guitar-wielder with a love of guitar, metal, and music. also crazy esp guitars! 

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