Update: I fall in love with my ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo guitars every time I pick them up. It might be the tone coming from my Marshall JVM410H adding to the love, but I still love them just as much when i'm playing through my Code 50. I chalk it up to an ESP thing because they are such killer guitars, I mean, absolute shred machines, built to kill tone and shred sounds coming out of them. I'm proud to be an ESP owner....Now back at it.... - updated
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ESP LTD MH330FMFR and ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo 2 of em
watch anime, surfing the web, playing guitar, shouldn't you be playing guitar, really playing guitar, oh come on playing guitar, omg really come on playing the guitar, Writing music, recording music, listening to music, and messing around in the studio
samsung 40”, not much maybe adult swim, toonami, and scifi channel
pulp fiction, kill bill vol 1 & 2, outlaw star the series, fear and loathing in las vegas, any bruce lee flic, apocalyse now, and cowboy bebop the movie
megadeth, sepultura, as i lay dying, cannibal corpse, cavelera conspiacy, deftones, Slayer, pantera, lamb of god, chevelle, and all metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Marshall MX412A/B Cabs, jim dunlop wah, tc iron curtain noisegate, Marshall JVM410H, Marshall Code 50, various boss pedals: eq, dig delay, flanger, wah, ng, comp, and boss ps-6 harmonist
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
marty freidman, dave mustaine, kerry king, jeff hanneman, dave ellefson, stephen carpenter, dimebag darrell (pantera), and max cavelara
About me:


I’m not perfect, nor ever claimed to be..i’m Just a 45 yr old shredder from Circleville, Ohio on an endless path of execution on the guitar.  I just want to execute properly from Lydian to Dorian, from Slayer to Megadeth.  Execution on the guitar is the key to a great sound and tone every guitarist is looking for.  Sure you gotta have the right equipment for the style you play, I mean you wouldn’t have a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Dual Reverb amp to play Slipknot or Slayer style tunes would ya.  Ha ha. I personally own a Marshall JVM410H w/MX412A/B cabs, and also own 2 ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo Guitars does it sound like i’m playing or covering Stevie Ray Vaughn to you....huh?  I’m not dissing any style but it’s pretty clear that I am a metal man, love metal, live metal, dress camo, long hair, beard, and style metal.  No tattoos though, don’t like needles, hate em.  I’m a veteran, love the American way, signed a check payable to the government of this great land once for my life if needed, but that day never came.  It did for a lot of my other brothers and sisters, so love them.  I do.  Well Rock on ESP!!!





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I love my 2 ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo guitars, they are both shred machines!!!  The quality and workmanship put into these guitars is unmatched, I can't find anything wrong with them, their perfect!!(And I inspected them well) ......MORE »

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I hate thieves to man, karma will catch up to them, if my 12 gauge doesn't catch them in the act first!!LOL......MORE »

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This is a touchy subject, I own 2 ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo Guitars and they blow my LTD MH330FMFR out of the water in craftsmanship, tone, and playability.  The LTD was made in Indonesia, and the two E2's were made in Japan. ......MORE »

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Cool man, ESP makes some quality stuff, I know you'll be impressed with your axe!!!!......MORE »

Jshannon3 replied to the forum post E2 M1 to Horizon

Hey man, if you check the specs on both of those guitars they both have a 305 mm radius on a thin u neck with a 42 mm nut.  The specs are the same for the  E2 horizon FR model and the M1 model, you can google the specs if you......MORE »