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Heavy Metal Music
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Marshall Jvm, Mooer preamp 005, Cleartone, ENGL Fireball, and EVH 5150 III
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
GARY HOLT, andy james, andy timmons, and jeff waters
About me:

Heavy Duty band lead guitarist Jin Yan:

One of the band founders. In charge of guitar writing, have contributed many brilliant Solos.

In 2016, planed and released “Heavy Duty Test” program. The program mainly introduces and test guitars, effectors, and amps. Have a certain group of fans and influences.

Heavy Duty was formed in 2012, it’s the only Pure Metal band in China! The band is positive, filled with energy, and many other aspects are appreciated by fans. High vocal, smooth melody and powerful rhythm are becoming their symbol. The intense live performances have won a massive amount of fans.

Released the debut album “Loud and Proud” in 2015;

Released concept EP “Keep metal and carry on” ,and toured China;

New album“Heavy Duty”is in the recording session, is planning to release in the mid of 2018.

Cleartone Guitar String Artist Since 2017

Mooer Music cooperated artist in 2017

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