flying and esp e2 frx
star trek and jericho
voivod(early) and metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
fractal audio systems, morley george lynch dragon ii, shure glxd16, peavey 5150, tech21 midi mouse, klotz cables, elixir strings, and dunlop picks
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
blues saraceno
About me:

Guitar (& Bass) player since 1988
From the southern France (Marseille Area), but moving to Paris, and Est France…

Live Session since 1998
Jazz School (IMFP)

Bands from Rock to Grind-Core
Gigs on Over Europe since 2001

To name some last Acts (2015 to nowadays)
MASSIVE CHARGE [since 2014] : Grind-Death / French Band
> Guitars

NO RETURN [2013-2015] : Thrash-Death / French forerunner
> Guitars & Composer / Arranger
* Tour accross Europe
** Release Fearless walk to rise 2015 (Mighty Music)
Recorded at Hansen Studio (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Doro, Destruction, Pretty Maids...)

MERCYLESS [2016-2017] : Death-Metal / Cult French band
> Live session as Bass player
* Spain Tour with Putrid Offal for promoting the release "Pathetic Divinity"
* Some gigs in France (Festival
** Lead guitar on Mercyless release "Pathetic Divinity" song "How Deep is your hate"

LOUDBLAST [2017] : Thrash-Death / The main French Band
> Live session at Guitar (begining 2017) for the "Sublime Dementia Tour"
> Guitars since may 2017

** Lead guitar on War-head, song "Apocalyptic Thunder" coming soon
* Guitar Teacher
* Stage manager
* Runner for bands
* I shared stage with lots of bands during Fest (metal Fest in Hungary, HellFest France, and so on…).
More than 50 Live session up to 2006 (stop counting) !

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