M-10, Viper-256, EC-256FM, XJ-6, MH-350NT, H-202, ST-213, Schecter Deluxe 6, Ibanez RG3, Charvel DS-1, Ernie Ball Sterling JP-60, Ibanez AM-73, Ibanez RG-421, Ibanez S-520, Ibanez RGAT62, and Ibanez SRX-300
Playing guitar, Surfing, and writing/recording/playing/listening to music
Yes please!, Family Guy, Bully Beatdown, and MTV Live
Documentries, Action, Adventure, Educational, and Educational
An eclectic rock mix and Hard Rock
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Peavey Triple X head, (2) Egnater 2x12 cabs, and Egnater Tweaker 40 Head
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Eric Johnson, Yngvie Malmsteen, Guthrie Govan, George Lynch, Joe Satriani, Rick Graham, and Andy James
About me:

I have been playing guitar for 33 years and I still suck! Well actually I've learned a thing or 2 but not nearly enough to begin to satisfy me. I like many guitar styles but hard rock and metal have always moved me like no other genre. The musical journey continues.

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I hate the look and feel of the Tele body. Very unbalanced design. When you let go of the neck it falls to the floor. One has to hold the weight of the neck up while playing. Horrible. Please discontinue. ......MORE »
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I totally agree with Andy G. Don't need any more budget floating trem models. More fixed offerings, reverse stocks and colors. Purple please. Thanks to Andy and Todd B. for the comments and feedback!......MORE »
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very pity that LTD does not give a damn about producing decent lineup of M series guitars. There is only one LTD guitar with a reverse head anda fixed bridge. Only one! This one here. But not everybody wants HSS. Not......MORE »
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