Ibanez ar-30, ESP Hybrid II, EC-401VF, and Ovation Balladeer
most forms of metal, stoner rock, rockabilly, and Funk
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Mesa Boogie DC-5, Mesa 2x12 Halfback, Korg Pitchblack Tuner, Ibanez SC-10 Chorus, Ibanez FLL Flanger, Danoelectric Pepperoni Phaser, and Morley Wah-SP
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Jimmy Page, Tonny Iommi, Josh Homme, Mick Mars, Scott Ian, and Brian Setzer
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ibzespguy posted a comment on the video Live at NAMM 17: Alex Skolnick plays ESP USA

I would so love to have his Eclipse model. Sorry Gibson but ESP is making better LP's than you are these days. I have a Chinese 401vf and love it more than any real LP or Epi I've ever owned. Nice to hear Alex play some non......MORE »

ibzespguy replied to the forum post ESP Hybrid II Pickguard

I had another Hybrid II but sold it before getting this one. This was someone's project guitar and I don't believe the neck was shimed correctly. A tele pickup always hits the strings unless you raise the action really high.......MORE »

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ibzespguy replied to the forum post Help me buy an amp!

On the budget end I would have said a Line 6 Spider but it sounds to me you should listen to the rest of the posts and just save up for a Mesa, Blackstar etc. If you can't get a sound you like from the Spider then you're not......MORE »

ibzespguy replied to the forum post Noise Gates

When I used a gate I preferred the Boss NS-2. Silenced the noise without the annoying gate cutoff. I cut my gain back more these days and have much less FX so it's no longer necessary. BTW it was very feedback friendly live. ......MORE »