(When the oppertunity finally opens I will own a George Lynch tiger guitar)
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Boss Katana Mini
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George Lynch (guitar)
About me:

              I am a huge diehard Dokken and Lynch Mob fan and I was blessed with the gift of seeing Lynch Mob live at B.B. King’s club back in November 2016 and George was awesome as always. 

             The main reason I love ESP and wish to endorse them is because ESP prioritizes DEDICATION; in everything they do. I’m not saying that to flatter them or get free stuff, I mean it from the entirety of my heart and soul. 

             George Lynch was one of if not the first music god to endorse ESP and he is still here with them to this day all the way from decades ago and never had even a brief change in endorsement. In a recent interview he said that if he ever retires from touring the universe and making hit after hit songs, the first thing he would do was become an official ESP representative. ESP succeeding in keeping the loyalty of their first endorsed artist to the point where said artist would happily become a future employee of the very brand he endorses? That’s true dedication and if that isn’t convincing enough to show ESP’s mastery of Dedication, Quality, Care, and Innovation; then I don’t know what is. ESP has done everything right. ESP=Electric Strumming Perfection. 



               I hope ESP (the company itself) reads this because I want to show the world (and yes my parents are part the world too ) the power of ESP and prove that they truly do care about everyone and everything that goes into and out of ESP. 


Very nice collection sir. I have been a George Lynch fan for years now I also have an GL20 model.

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