2021 New Guitar Prototype Previews

2021 New Guitar Prototype Previews

Hey ESP All Access Members and Friends! Here's the forum post where you can discuss your thoughts on the "New for 2021" prototype previews that we're starting to send out each week... with the first one going out tonight (Friday October 9, 2020). If you're an ESP All Access member, you should be receiving Preview #1 in your email inbox sometime in the next 12 hours or so. Feel free to tell us what you think here! Thanks.

Brian W.

Beautiful guitar. I don't play much guitar anymore (primary Bass). I hope this is a sign the bass line will get the Fishman pickups too! I have the B4e, so neck-thru construction, string thru body, 24 fret bass with Fishman pickups, Natural wood finish would be the ultimate!

Brian W.

Once again, another beautiful instrument. But lets get to the really important stuff.......THE BASSES!  And why the monthly tease? Can't we just see the line-up so we can get the budget ready for pre-orders?

Sam P

No lefty.... no interest..!!

You had better start offering all your guitars in LH models.!!!! 

Steve g.

Love looks great...... i hate to rehash this but it would be real nice if you ditched the E-ll this and put ESP back on the head stock.... I guarantee you would sell alot more!!!!! I do belive, after talking to many people that the name does mean alot.... i own several and i got ALL when the standard series was around!!!!!! I will say it still.... ESP MAKES THE BEST GUITARS ON EARTH..... PERIOD!!!! And i will never play ANYTHING ELSE!!!! just put the the name back on the headstock.... most people DO NOT react well when they see E-ll .... but ESP ... they get it, its a top quality guitar.... i had an E-ll,loved it but when frinds come over all they want to play are the ESPs....... its just a name that’s known and respected......... i dont want a logo on a ferrari that says” red car” it better say ferrari..... its a respected name...... like ESP...... well enough of that... the new guitars look great

Ron M.

Love to see some vintage and relic finishes too. 


Absolutely gorgeous guitar! Fishmans, carve top, black binding, all great. I would personally dig it even more if it came with stainless steel or jescar gold fret wire. I’m usually not a fan of gold hardware but it works so well with the finish. 

Brendan Breakdown

This is my favorite time of year. The exclusive preview emails! Very exciting

love the andromeda finishes


It's time to lose the pickup rings.


They're such an eyesore lol 

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Michael L.

Yeees, the exclusive preview emails are back

An EC-1000 with Gold Andromeda ? Interesting, really interesting

Kyle M.

Will the email be sent if I signed up just now lol


We definitely need more pics. SS frets would definitely be a thing 2021 is calling

Jin V.

Would be cool to see a bunch of new LTD arrows

Clever Johnatha da S.

I loved the ESP 2021, I'd like to see more ASAP.
I want some ESP guitars haha, but in the moment is only a dream that I will soon realize.

I had the same friend. For some time I have been thinking about new models ... And here it is. I hope ESP will pay attention to what people write to bring out the models people really want. greetings  

marco o.

Ok. That’s exactly THE guitar I’ll buy in 2021

Counterpoint Punk

Do I see stainless steel frets on this one? That would be a very nice addition to the lineup. The color looks great too!

Nathan M.

Really hoping for an LTD version of Alexi's new purple custom shop! Also hoping to see more stainless steel frets on top tier LTD! Love these previews.

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